Google recently announced new feature in their search engine; in-depth articles. Google said that the search “arrange the quality of the searched result based on the depth of the content”, and these high-quality content will help to better understand or explore the topic.

all about google new feature in-depth articles

Google said that although many users just want simple answers, but the data shows that about 10% of the users search to find the depth of the analysis of the article. This feature was originally only available on search site. Google also cleared that publishers need to ensure that the long articles should meet Google’s general principles, while making attractive deep content.

  According to the Google Webmaster blog reports , site owners need to do the following things in order to provide qualified article:

  1. Using the “article” tag.

  2. Use of authorship tag.

  3. Paged article should uses rel = next and rel = prev tag.

  4. Should provide author information and LOGO.

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