Google obviously draws much attention on its most famous tool which is search engine and social media, but when it comes to providing tools for marketers they are more dedicated to adwords and adsense. There are other Google products which are very helpful for maketers but are not famous like Adword. Today we will see five unknown Google tools that can help your business. It is virtually impossible not to exaggerate the position of Google in our industry, since this company touches almost every aspect of marketing.

With its extensive index, it is not surprising that Google is currently on the highest peak of its career. For example its search engine, the world’s largest and which has secured an impressive reputation when it comes to delivering data quality and their relevant search queries.

Google Tools for Marketing

Google Ngram Viewer : This project documents the occurrence of words over hundreds, thousands of years, and shows you the comparisons side by side at the request of the user. This historical context can make a big difference and when you investigate on something and want to reference its past. Also, if with Google Trends does not get the kind of vision you are looking for, Ngram Viewer could help you.

Google Tag Manager: This tool is a game changer for digital strategists and marketing managers. They could use this tool to implement tags for tracking and optimization purpose. they can implement tag manager in their website, add labels, set rules about. Your marketing will never work without labels. Google Tag Manager lets them add or update their website tags and mobile applications, easily and for free, whenever they want, without bugging the IT folks

Mobile Planet : The data use in this tool are based on a global survey commissioned by Ipsos MediaCT in collaboration with the Mobile Marketing Association (Mobile Marketing Association) and the IAB . The tool is a part of Google’s Think Insights, and is a place where you can get appointments and data on mobile consumers worldwide . You may find this website useful simply because it is highly customizable on user’s query, plus you can create table or chart with answers to your question.

Google Shopping : This is a search engine for shopping comparison, which can serve you to compare prices of different items in one place. Before you could also use this website to sell your products, but now this capability has been “transferred” to Google Merchant Center . This tool shows you all the cheapest prices for many different products on the web.