A good development tools can effectively shorten the development time while a bad IDE would give you a headache, limit your choices, and even bad experience while developing an application. To became a good developer one key of success is to find an excellent development tool / IDE, which should provide you with the largest selection and minimal restrictions.

Best Javascript IDE
Best C++ IDE
Best Ruby on Rails IDE

Although most of the time, the development tool of choice depends on the company’s needs, programming language you want to use to develop your application and features you need in your IDE. This article suggestions some IDE features that can help you quickly identify the merits of the development environment, improve the efficiency of your development.

IDE should be platform independent

What features we should look when we choose the IDE

  1. Easy to use
  2. Access to Documentation
  3. Testing integration
  4. Auto-completion
  5. Code refactoring: Refactoring code should be easy, Renaming affects dependencies/Extract Method/Extract interface etc.
  6. Language support: Support for variety of programming language (e.g. If working with Ruby it should also support CSS, jQuery, HTML etc)
  7. Customizable
  8. Database support
  9. Cost
  10. Platform independent
  11. Static code analysis support
  12. Code coverage integration
  13. Subversion support
  14. Intellisense (or any other code completion functionality)
  15. Error checking (the IDE actually knows its symbols)
  16. No setup hassle: easy to install. Some IDEs can be used without installing it on the system like Eclipse.
  17. Integrated compiler
  18. Integrated debugger
  19. Better navigation to and from references/declarations
  20. Project templates / file templates for different languages
  21. GUI builders
  22. On-the-fly syntax checking and help
  23. Syntax coloring
  24. Handles projects not only files of code
  25. Finds where a method is used and draws a chart (not found in most IDEs to-date)
  26. Registers components (depending on your language)
  27. Integration with GUI Editor(s)
  28. Bookmarks code segments
  29. Source safety and sharing across developers
  30. Project restore to previous versions
  31. Multiple project configurations (test, development, production)
  32. The IDE features can be configured
  33. Intelligent source code compare
  34. How big the community / followers are: Bigger the community, more stable will be the IDE.