What is Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)?

A new principle of the search engines, which leaves behind all who are not updating their knowledge with fast changing SEO. latent semantic indexing (LSI) is a method of indexing web pages or documents, which involves mathematical calculations leveraging the singular value decomposition (SVD). It identifies the patterns and the relationship between the terms and concepts contained in the unstructured text block, in other words, synonyms or terms related to keywords.

how to do LSI keyword research

LSI is part of the newest modern algorithm, which adds keywords in the matrix for analysis to identify semantically related terms. Search engines use this process by linking the words together in the sense to analyze how certain keywords on Web pages appear in conjunction with other relevant keywords, the correlation to the particular topic or concept.

Search engines like Google use LSI to include synonyms and related terms while ranking a page for any keyword. LSI keywords thus not only speak words that searchers is looking for, but also talks about the theme of the page.

How to do LSI keyword research?

How to find LSI keywords related to the site or business is the question that comes to the mind while writing a post for a blog.

yahoo keyword suggest tool

There are many tools you can use to do keyword research. I have listed few of them that focuses LSI keyword research. First and most important is to find the keywords that best define your business and relevant market. The LSI keyword research is done according to a correlation between different factors. Three most important factors are as follow:

Search for relevant keywords

These are the keywords that align with your business objective. Search keywords related to your website theme, the industry in which your company specializes. Use Google keyword planner to get an idea about relevant keywords.

Use LSI keyword suggestion tool

Google keyword suggest tool

In most cases, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo search results suggest keywords based on searched term. They also suggest keywords while you type the keyword in the search box. Those keywords are the best fit for the LSI keyword list.

LSI keyword suggestions

Use LSI keyword generator and software

Use your mind to come up with the related words. But if you are looking for LSI keyword software, lsigraph is a web application that saves you some time. There are other keyword tools available that may be useful while doing LSI keyword research such as soovle and ubersuggest

LSI keyword suggest

Google Keyword Planner

LSI keyword online tool

Another free and easy tool to do LSI keyword research is Google keyword planner. It helps you to get not only the keyword ideas, but also their respective estimated traffic and even the cost per click; in case you want to make an AdWords campaign.

How to use LSI keywords in your Post

LSI keywords can be used perfectly in the post content itself or titles. Recommended areas where you can add LSI keywords are heading tags like H1, H2, H3, etc. and descriptions or the content of the post. You can also extend the use of LSI keywords by leveraging them for offline link building or referring to your blog post.

LSI keywords WordPress plugin

If you are a WordPress lover and uses WordPress for the content management, it’s hard to get a good LSI WordPress plugin. But there are ways around to use different WordPress plugins to optimize the article for LSI keywords. Here is the one WordPress plugin that helps you in optimizing the post for LSI keywords


There is no doubt that this plugin rank top when it comes to optimizing the WordPress Post. The only problem is that SEOPressor is not free.

Among some spectacular features below are few of them that I love most:

  1. Optimize the page for several similar keywords
  2. Do LSI keywords research
  3. Do step by step optimization for newbies
  4. Intelligent automatic internal link building
  5. Boost content for social network

What are the Advantages of using LSI keyword in your Post?

  1. The first advantage that come to my mind is that you enrich your content with your industry related keywords.
  2. Remember, the higher the density, search engines like Google may consider the entry as not legit and may penalize. As you are using related keywords, you are not focusing on increasing the keyword density.
  3. Using LSI keywords in your post opens up another ways of positioning your content in search engines.