inteligent_iPhone_coverHere is an intelligent case for your iPhone that actually uses the electromagnetic energy of the phone itself to glow when the phone has incoming notifications.

Yes is true and not Sci-Fi!

All smart phones give out electromagnetic energy in some amount, that are of no use as such but are more of a byproduct of the device technology itself. And it’s a team of  brilliant entrepreneurs from Ukrainian who have actually put this energy to good use and created the Lunecase. An uber smart case for your smart phone.

Powered by this electromagnetic energy the Lunecase displays notifications in a very unique and fascinating manner. Simply snap in on the back of the iPhone and whenever you get an incoming text message or call, the associated icon on the back of the case lights up, now isn’t that an intelligent iPhone case!



Team behind Lunecase

The team behind the concept of the case is Concepter, a start-up from Ukraine. They are currently seeking funding for the project via Kickstarter. Click this link to read more about it, and maybe you too can put your name down in history by contributing just $5 for this hi-tech innovation.

Initially prices at 29$ (black Lunecase) until the first 200 pieces of the case  are sold then the price is proposed to go up to $35. Concepter had successfully raised a whopping $200,00 via Kickstart for iblazr iPhone camera flash back in 2013. So Lunecase is their second shot at crowd funding.

Uses Free Energy

Almost all electronic devices emit electromagnetic energy. And this energy surrounds the technological products we use every day. The Lunecase is powered by this very electromagnetic energy emitted by the iPhone, that usually goes to waste. The case’s electronic circuits use these emitted waves to detect activity of the phone it covers and to power itself too. The technology behind this intelligent iPhone case is both innovative and extremely eco-friendly. And what’s more it doesn’t need any kind of battery or cumbersome components to charge or work. It is extremely handy and easy to carry along. And works anywhere and everywhere with the iPhone, on a GSM network.

Easily snaps on the iPhone

The case simply needs to be snapped onto the iPhone (like any other ordinary case) and it will start its job. It requires no connection to the device, since the technology behind the case is based on the emitted waves being converted to energy to power the case too. So just SNAP>CLICK>GO



The Intelligent iPhone case

The case has two displays built into it that look like the call icon and message icon’s of the iPhone itself. These are designed to illuminate when the phone receives a call or a message respectively. The icons glow before the actually notification appears on the screen of the iPhone. So the case is even smarter than your smartphone. The design of the case is sleek, slim, elegant, uber smart, protective, durable and totally self-powered.


This innovative and functional case looks as thin as any other case in the market but does much more. It will surely increase your cool quotient in any crowd and is surely a must have next-gen accessory!