This article gives you a list of 5 tried and tested Web Colors that get more clicks!

The saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ is something we have all heard time and again. But if you ask me in the digital world we are judged by the cover. The appearance and look of a webpage, design or mailer is as important as the content itself. This does not mean you will not care about the content. This only means you will care as must for the look and appearance of the content as you will about the content itself. Today most internet traffic is very visually driven. And this must be kept in mind while launching anything online.

Here is how to make the cover attractive so someone picks it up or in this case visits the site. Let’s get some eyeballs and make them click.  Colors play a vital role here. Choosing the correct web colors. And placing them at the appropriate point is important.

What one means by the appropriate point is ‘the particular step that you would want your visitors on the website to take’. It could be to click the subscribe button, or click ‘buy’,  ‘follow’ or ‘like’ button. These must be given their due importance. The clicking of the call-to-action button depends on how your visitors feel when they are on your site.

The correct Web colors will engage the visitors, make them feel welcomed and leave them wanting more from the site. Therefor make them CLICK on the all the important button.

Here is a list of  tried and tested web colors that work:

Orange (as used by Amazon)

This is warm and energetic color not hot (like red). It is the most vibrant of web colors that also connotes friendliness. It invites traffic but does not show urgency or pushiness.
It is considered to be aggressive and so must be used for call-to-action buttons like buy, subscribe, and follow. It will surely make your visitor feel cheerful and stimulated.

Orange is associated with :
Autumn, compassion, optimism, religious, determination.

Red (as used by Pintrest)

pintrestBy far the most hottest of web colors. Red is all over the internet. Pinterest uses it very successfully. A color associated with love it make the user feel passionate about buttons and things placed close to this color.

Used a lot in sales and promotions to give a sense of urgency. But be careful this strong and dynamic color must be used in correct proportions  or it can also turn off some visitors. Use it to accent the design,  you may use it with a pallet of silver, grey and  white

Red is associated with :
Blood, anger, energy, passion, fire, seduction.

Green (put to good use by Groupon)

Green is  amongst the pallet of web colors that makes you feel optimistic and calm. Websites like Groupon that deal directly with cash/money use a lot of green. It’s relaxing to look at green, it’s really easy and refreshing for the eyes. And adds balance to any design.

Green is associated with :
Greed, Money, health, spring, youth, growth

Blue (used by Facebook successfully)

facebookOne of the most popular web colors is blue and its associated tones. It works well in giving a sense of safety, security and dependability. That is why a lot of businesses use blue to assure brand loyalty. It give a feeling directly opposite to red, calming you down visually, so use as much as you want. No design can have too much blue!

Blue is associated with :
Royalty, friendliness, truth, boys, magic, winter.

Purple (extensively used by yahoo!)

yahooThere is no end to web colors that are available to you to splash on your webpages. Here is another one ‘Purple’, it is a strong color that also means creativity. Used a lot by fashion brands, beauty products and romance related stuff. Because of its quality to stand for luxury and calm. It’s a strong color (so may be overpowering if used in huge quantities) so just like red use it in correct amounts may be pair it with black and white in designs.

Purple is associated with :
Nobility, luxury, feminine, exotic, spiritual, romance, imagination