Almost everyone in this era needs video editing software to make their special moments memorable in different style. But this process can be very costly as video editing process includes involvement of money in corporation with high performance computer systems and large free space in hard disk. In this article, I will try to describe free video editing software which will be easy to use and free of cost. Yes, free of cost without paying any single dollar. So, read the full article and choose from the list of easiest free video editing software programs according to your needs.

Free Video Editing Software

I have further sub-divided the list into two categories. One is online video editing software and second one is downloadable video editing software. You can choose anyone of your choice.

Online Free Video Editing Software

  • Jumpcut

It is an online video editing software program through which you can edit your videos easily. There are different functions included in the software such as transitions, effects and audio dubbing feature along with titles creation. You can also create slideshow of your pictures and can post them on any website.

  • Eyespot

Eyespot is another great online software to edit your videos. The interface is easy to use and user-friendly. One can easily create mixed video of own choice through the help of different effects and transitions.

  • VideoEgg

Free Video Editing Software

VideoEgg is amazing browser based video editor which will allow you to create any movie with the help of pictures or can edit any video. You can upload your mixed video directly to your blogger blog or on Ebay. Mash-up creation and slide shows can be developed by using VideoEgg.

  • YouTube Remixer

Free Video Editing Software

YouTube Remixer is an official remixer for editing and creating your videos directly from the browser. You can edit your videos by adding different transitions effects, audio, text and different graphics.

  • PhotoBucket

Free Video Editing Software

PhotoBucket is amazing free video editing software which will allow you to edit videos using flash. You can add cool effects along with audio songs of your choice.

  • Movie Masher

If you want to trim your video clips and want required sequence of video playback, then you must try this one. It is super cool timeline browser based editor to apply awesome effects and transitions to your videos. You can also add titles of your choice in start and can apply favorite music in the background.

  • One True Media

Free Video Editing Software

Your life happy moments can be perfectly mixed by using one true media online browser based software. The video creation by using this one is easy enough and you can create something worthy in minutes.

Download-able Free Video Editing Software

  • Windows Movie Maker

Free Video Editing Software

In our list of easiest free video editing software programs, the best, easy and free to use download-able editing software is Windows Movie Maker. The interface is user-friendly by using which you can edit your videos. You can add titles in the start or can add credits at the end of the video along with different effects and transitions. The timeline at the bottom of the software is pretty handy to manage your content properly.

  • ZS4 Video Editor

Free Video Editing Software

Another amazing download-able software through the help of which you can create videos by combining different video clips and photos. Almost all favorite video formats are supportive and you can get your output in any format you want.

  • VideoSpin

Free Video Editing Software

The last but not the least video editing software in our list is Videospin. The software is easy to use and you can create your output video file by combining different video clips and photos.

These are some of the best free video editing software programs available on the internet. You can choose any of them to perform editing of your videos in easy way. If you are using any other program, then feel free to tell us by commenting below.