Most of the students and learners are eager to learn anywhere, anytime. Several Learning Management Systems [LMS] are available for crafting online a course management system. WordPress is a magnificent platform to manage an online course. It provides the whole lot you require teaching and selling online courses. With the aim of creating your website as LMS theme, you necessitate to include plugins to offer your e-course a set of functions that the students require learning online, and teachers and professors require teaching online.

Listed here are 10 popular E-learning WordPress plugins for online course management system.

  1. Sensei


Sensei is a learning management system plugin by WooThemes in order to craft and write courses and lessons. They offer WordPress fast registration facilities as well as few extensions for making things simpler. Its other features involve integration with WooThemes and WooCoomerce [e-commerce plugin] to sell online courses; quizzes with a blend of question types; free extension accessible for crafting certificates.

  1. StudyPress


Known to be an E-learning authoring tool, StudyPress generates multimedia learning content, and further published on the WordPress pages and posts. Its features cover full-screen mode selection for approaching lessons and trying quizzes; offering their feedbacks by rating quizzes and lessons; automatic reporting of quizzes to the teachers; automatic rectification of quizzes; offering multi-teachers support by incorporating WP author user role, etc.

  1. teachPress


It is a course and publication management plugin that is managed to accomplish the requirements of researchers and professors. teachPress mixes a course management system as well as BibTeX well-suited publication management. Its features include offering RSS feeds for publication; course lists exported in CSV/XLS; publications imported in BibTeX format; supporting 6 languages; simple shortcodes, enrolments and course overviews accessible for publication lists.

  1. WP Courseware


WP Courseware is a learning management tool along with unlimited courses, addition of a module and vibrant question tagging, progress page, and other distinct features. Few of its features comprise downloadable quiz results, grades tracked simply and grade books [report cards] exported, and tool accessible for crafting surveys.

  1. CoursePress Pro


Being a course management plugin, the CoursePress can spin WordPress into a strong online learning platform by crafting, administering and selling online courses effortlessly. Its features cover tools for course promotion and marketing; course teaser available for video preview, course portrayal along with other distinct elements; and 13+ payment gateway alternatives accessible for selling courses.

  1. LearnDash


Popular as one of the best e-learning WordPress plugins, LearnDash inserts all the valuable features to your site that are required to construct an online learning management system. Learning materials involve courses, lessons and also lesson topics, where courses and lessons have their individual pre-requirements to administer the development of students from one stage to the next.

  1. Educator


Educator is reflected as a course management plugin for crafting courses, including lessons, crafting quizzes, and many more. Its features cover shortcode for courses; editing of courses and lessons by lecturers effortlessly; supporting numerous payment methods such as cash, check, bank transfer, and PayPal; and slugs for lessons, courses, course archives, and course category that can be edited.

  1. Academy


Academy is an ideal theme to share and sell your information online. It is also a learning management system which creates the learning as well as teaching online much simpler for each and everyone. The online courses includes rating system, extended user profiles, file attachments, tracking course progression, inserting self-hosted media, integration of WooCommerce, etc. Thus you can begin online teaching with the help of Academy.

  1. WPLMS


It is considered as a learning management system for WP. WPLMS is also e-learning WordPress theme for course management, student management, and instructor utilizing which you can craft and sell your online courses. Its Theme package involves 8 custom plugins that are constructed exclusively for the theme to offer the entire learning experience.

  1. Guru


It is a strong learning management [LMS] WordPress theme that utilizes effectually the WordPress, BuddyPress, Sensei, WPML, Event Calendar, and Mail-chimp, and also creates the learning and teaching online simpler for anyone. This theme offers brilliant features for crafting online courses, Extended user profiles, Teacher profile, Quiz System, Lesson management, Ranking/Rating system, Video Hosting, Tracking course progress, Attachments, Buddy Press, WooCommerce incorporation, WPML Support, Event Calendar, etc. So you can start online teaching and hence put up a Training website.

Therefore, you should reflect upon the above top E-learning WP plugins that will assist you in delivering your eCourses in a better way.

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