logoLogos are the visual identity associated with a company’s name. They could be graphic or text, but are integral to any business whether big or small- that aims to be and look professional. It’s is this identity that makes the company stand out from the numerous other companies in the world.

Visual Recall

The famous ‘tick’ for Nike and the big yellow M for McDonalds and the Bitten apple for Apple Inc. are just a few examples that prove how important a logo is to brand recall and loyalty. Logos are a means of visually communicating the services the company delivers or the products it deals in along with being a memorable visual reference for future associations.
Gives an Identity to the Brand

Logos help the company break from the clutter of similar generic products too, even a kid who may not know how to read – knows very well that the ‘big yellow M’ means fries and a big juicy burger for lunch. It is this visual identity that helps the company make sales. The logo acts as the face of the company, it is the first association that the outsiders have with the company.

 Important role in Marketing

Logos play an extremely important role in marketing too -because they are constantly communicating. A modern cutting edge, minimalistic, logo says the company is ahead of its times, a traditional old style says- the company has been in the trade for years and are highly experienced. The logo always has a story to tell, about the brand they depict. It acts like a sales force for the brand, when someone says Audi – you instantly remember the 4 intertwined rings. So the logo is like a constantly working marketing team- that tell the customers about you.

Logos show consistency

Whether the business is small or big, whether it is a small self-run bakery shop or a multimillion dollar world renowned brand, having a logo is very important: it shows that there is consistency in the services and business of the brand. Since having a logo says ‘we will consistently deliver customer service’. Seeing the logo of a well-established company on a new product in the market, says ‘I will be as good as everything else you have used form my mother brand’.

Visual language is far stronger

Just like the proverb ‘a picture says a million words’, a logo says volumes about the company, and not just what the company does but how is does it too. We humans are visual creatures and rely a lot on our sense of sight. It is because of this that companies put a lot of effort in making a logo because they want their brand to succeed. It is the most important element in branding campaigns and the strategy too.

Not just any logo can take on just important roles in the life of a company only a well-designed- good logo can shoulder such grave responsibility.