Recently, Mozilla released Firefox 22 browser, added support for 3D games, video calls, and file sharing capabilities. Now users do not need to install additional plug-ins or third-party software to use all the above features. In order to encourage more developers to develop high-performance add-ons and plugins for Firefox, Mozilla also committed that the browser development has become more easier, fun and efficient.

Mozilla introduces a a powerful subset of JavaScript (asm.js), which help developers creating high-strength applications such as 3D games, image processing, etc. It can be dealt with directly in the browser, and does not need to install additional software or plug-ins. Using Emscripten cross compiler, developers can directly generate asm.js, so that the browser-based high-performance native applications like games and other can easily be developed.
  Mozilla and Epic jointly launched Unreal Engine 3, to increase the performance at near native speeds. So developers can use JavaScript, Emscripten and WebGL technology at lower cost to developer high performance games for browsers.

Mozilla also provides support for video calls, voice calls and file sharing through browser native application. You can now use real-time video and audio communication using WebRTC technology within the browser, You can developer this through a few lines of code and can easily be integrated with a browser application. Thus, developers can also develop more rich and interactive applications for their users.

WebRTC technology will work for mobile device and for desktop operating system, browser, initiate and receive video calls on either system, or share a videos with your friends and family. You can also do file sharing using browser.Mozilla and Ericsson together demonstrate this technology, using Firefox users can seamlessly connect mobile phone for voice calls, video calls and share files. WebRTC joint TokBox’s OpenTok live video platform technology that allows many potential developers and businesses to create powerful and innovative real-time video applications.

Mozilla said that they are committed to promoting the forefront of the online world, the use of new technologies to improve the interactivity of your browser, they introduced a program called BananaBread single player demo game design, they use WebGL, Emscripten, asm.JS and WebRTC technology to developer which demonstrate how to write a high-end 3D multi-player games.
bananabread demo game for firefox