“How do I print from my iPad” is the first question arise in your mind if you are a proud owner of iPad. In this technology age, iPads are becoming commonplace for homes and for many businesses they are becoming essential tools. In order to print from iPad effectively and easily, there are different ways to print. If you are willing to print from your iPad, then you can use iPad’s own wireless printing feature or can done that by using any third party application program. In addition to this, you can also use cloud printing and email printing too.

How do I print from my iPad

In this article, I will explain each method in detail so that you can easily use any of these methods to print from iPad.

  • Native Print From iPad

In iPad software iOS version 4.2 and all upgraded versions have their own in-built capability of printing wirelessly. But there are limitations in term of features or options for printer through Air printing from iPad. You can only have the availability to set the total number of copies which you want to be printer. You can easily print your required photo, email or any website page.

How do I print from my iPad

While using Safari browser, Mail app or Photos app in your iPad, you will see a little button with arrow on it. All you need is to tab that button and the printing dialogue box will pop-up on the screen. To get your printer material successfully, you have to follow the below described steps to get print from iPad.

  1. In the dialogue box titled “Printer Option”. First of all, you will have to select your printer from the list of available printers. For first time, your iPad will search for all available printers for printing. Tap on the name of printer, which you are going to use.
  2. After selecting your printer, the next step is to tell your printer how much copies you want to be printed. You can use plus and minus signs in the dialogue box to increase or decrease the number of copies for printing.
  3. The last step is to tap on “Print” button and all done.
  • Print From iPad By Using Third-Party Apps

The second method for printing from your iPad is to use any third-party application for this purpose. The advantage of using any third-party will be that you can have more options available for printing instead of only option to increase or decrease the number of copies for printing. All major printer manufactures are now offering apps for printing through iPad or any other iOS device. The printer and your iPad must have to be on same Wi-Fi network in order to make your printing process successful.

  • Cloud Printing From iPad

How do I print from my iPad

The third method is to avail cloud printing feature for you to print your documents and photos from your iPad. Different cloud services such as Google Cloud allow the user to send their required document from iPad to their cloud storage service. The server will process the doc into a printable form and then it will transfer it to the printer assigned by you.

The advantage of using cloud service is that you can print through cloud printer from anywhere. In addition to this, you can also print your data files from different platforms like Laptops, desktops and mobile phones running iOS or any other operating system.

  • Email Printing

How do I print from my iPad

The last but not the least way to print from iPad is email printing. HP provides facility for their users to print their documents by emailing the required files to the printer. Epson Connect email printing is an amazing solution for printing from your iPad or any other device. Your printer will be assigned an email address on which you can send your documents, photos to be printed. The printer will automatically print your photos and documents after receiving email.

So, these are few ways to print from iPad. If you know any other way better than the described ones, then comment below in the comment section.