Here are easy steps to Download WhatsApp for the Computer!

With the coming of the social age, platforms like WhatsApp have gained mass appeal and popularity.

WhatsApp is a messaging App that provides an amazing service of sending and receiving text, videos and audio message totally free of cost from and to anywhere in the world.

With the largest user base of over 300 million fro all over the world, it is surely one of the most popular cross-platform messaging services for any kind of mobile device, whether it be an iOS, BlackBerry, Android or Windows device. It allows you to send unlimited text messages, audio recording, photos, your current location or even videos to the contacts on your mobile. Whether your contacts are local or international, WhatsApp is FREE either ways. And to top it all now you can even go on and download WhatsApp for the computer and access it from you PC with ease. (that too free of cost for ever)

What you need to be able to use WhatsApp on a Computer:

  • A computer or laptop with Windows OS
  • An good internet connection to instal and later use WhatsApp

Here are easy to follow steps to download and use WhatsApp on your PC

You do not require any in-dept technical knowledge to install and use WhatsApp on your computer, simply download an AppPlayer on your system. Then search for WhatsApp in  the App Player and your work is done.

Steps to download WhatsApp for the Computer

Step1: Download Bluestacks App Player for FREE (if you system has 2GB RAM) or download YouWave App Player ( if you have lesser RAM, this is free for a trial period) on your iOS device.

Step 2: Now go on and install the Bluestacks or YouWave App player that you have downloaded. (So this by clicking on the downloaded file> click continue>click install)

Step 3: After that download the WhatsApp PAK file.

Step 4: Now double click the APK file that you have downloaded.

Step 5: WhatsApp will now automatically install on your system

Step 6: Next go on and open BlueStacks by simply clicking the BlueStacks icon that appears on your Desktop.

Step 7: In BlueStacks click on My Apps

Step 8: There you will see WhatsApp go on and click it. And accept the terms and conditions.


Step 9: Just type your Mobile Number in the space provided. (make sure you type your country code and then the mobile number)

Step 10: WhatsApp will try to do a verification but that will fail, do not worry.

Step 11: Just click on Call Me, and you will then receive an automatic call giving you a confirmation code. Make sure you write this number down that is told to you.

Step 12: Next type that verification code in the ‘verification field’ , and voila you are done.

Steps to add your Contacts to WhatsApp on the computer

If you use WhatsApp via a mobile device, it automatically reads your contact list. And you just have to find someones name and start messaging them. But while using it on a computer you need to add each of the contacts manually. Yes this is a bit of a hassle but has to be done.Here are the steps to follow in order to do so.

Step 1: First open WhatsApp in Bluestack

Step 2: Then click the Menu icon which is at the Bottom

Step 3: Next click the Contacts Icon

Step4: Now again click the Menu Icon and click on Add contact.

Step5: Add all the details in the field i.e. contact number and name and then click on Done.

Repeat the above steps to add more contacts.

Now just enjoy WhatsApp for free from your computer.