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Google is Testing New Mobile Search Interface

Google is testing new mobile search interface, each search result looks like a card. There are separate cards for Knowledge Graph results, results from specialized search engines and for related searches. This interface also restrict user to skip pages and jump to random page. They can only go to previous or next page in this(…)

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NerdyData: A Search Engine for Developers

Traditional search engines only allow you to search for text within a website, rather than the page’s source code. Using NerdyData, you can search keywords within page’s source code, for example you can find Google Analytics code embedded in the site, or you can search for particular CSS code for a websites. NerdyData website have(…)

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Google Search Engine New Feature: In-Depth Article

Google recently announced new feature in their search engine; in-depth articles. Google said that the search “arrange the quality of the searched result based on the depth of the content”, and these high-quality content will help to better understand or explore the topic. Google said that although many users just want simple answers, but the(…)

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