There is little need to specify why there is a need for a more Secure Password. Whether it be our email, bank, social media, credit card or any other digital account we want them to be safe and hacker proof as far as possible. The password which is ideal is difficult to crack or guess but easy to recall.

This article lists some simple tricks and tips that you can follow to make a strong, useful and a secure password for any account.

1. Use a phrase or a name to make a secure password

A series of 15 odd character will help create a very strong and tough password. But long passwords can be rather difficult to remember. So make use of a phrase to create a string of a 15 character secure password. May be use a line from a book or movie you like, or a character from the book. This will be easy for you to recall and tough for anyone to crack for sure

2. Make use of symbols in the middle

Begin with a character name or a phrase but to make it even more secure add in symbols and numbers. And make sure the case of the letters vary (capitals and small letters) . May be change a few letters to number or the special character between the phrase itself.

3. Remember to guard the passwords – Do not write the password anywhere

Keeping your secure password- safe and guarded is as important is creating one. The password is like a key to your online account and must be kept safely. Just like you do not leave you keys lying around, do not leave your password on notes near your computer or work station.

4. Avoid using any personal information if you want a secure password

People often use personal information to make passwords, avoid this. Birthdays, street numbers, anniversaries are easy for someone to guess. Thereby jeopardize your security totally.

5. Make sure you change your password often

It is advisable for people to change passwords every month or two months max.

6. Create unique passwords for all accounts

Make sure you create unique password for the different account you have. Even if it may be the same phrase with varying numeric and symbols mix in it. This will secure you even if one of you accounts is compromised in any way.

7. Create a special email account just for the passwords

If you happen to forget your password, don’t worry. Just enter you email ID and the site will simply send you instructions on what to do. In order to keep this recovery secure and easy for you to do create a unique email address just to recover and store passwords.

8. Make sure you give extended answers to the security questions

Another great trick to create a secure password is to give long extensive answers to the password protection questions. Since another way to retrieve a password is by answering these questions. E.g. your mother’s maiden name, your first pet, the street you grew up etc. Never ever write these out as is anyone who knows you knows these answers. Instead give extended answers, like ‘black adorable Labrador’ for ‘your pet’ or ‘busy and bustling New York’ for your city. Or just have a phrase and add it to all your answers like ‘The Rock Star Labrador’ and ‘The Rock Star New York.


Try and use the tricks and tips given here to generate passwords that guard and shield your online profile. Spent some time to create a secure password. It may be a bit inconvenient at the time of creation but is surely worth the effort to keep your accounts safe. There are also some good online generators give them a try.