improve_iPad_productivityWe do most of our daily tasks via our iPad or smartphones today. With all the devices that we have and the amount of time we spend on them it is extremely important that we become more efficient and productive with our device time.

The iPad is much more than just a good looking device to watch movies, play games and browse the net. Quiet a few people have actually given up their computers and do it all on the iPad itself.

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Here is a list of some tips and tricks for you to improve iPad productivity :

1. Have a better net browsing experience: Just click on the ‘Reader’ button in the Safari URL bar to better view web pages on your iPad. This will show the same page with bigger text, no adds and a less cluttered layout. This is one of the simplest ways to improve iPad productivity while surfing the internet.

2. Typing shortcuts : Another great way to improve iPad productivity is to learn shortcuts to punctuate as you type on your iPad. If you tap the space bar two times a ‘period’ appears. Just double click the Shift key if you want to type in capitals. Press on some keys to see the other options they have hidden in them.

3. Get two keyboards: A superb way to type faster is to type with both your hands. You can do this on your iPad too, simply place two fingers on the iPad Keyboard and then drag them apart. To go back to a single keyboard just pinch the figures together.


4. Search easily on the iPad: A good amount of time is wasted if you are looking for a particular app on your iPad or some particular data. But don’t fret you can improve iPad productivity by simply swiping the home screen to the right. You see a search box here, enter the app or data you are looking for and the iPad will quickly look for it in your emails, music, messages, contacts notes and calendar and pop up the results.

5. You can easily protect you iPad data: If you have sensitive data on your iPad and worry it may fall into wrong hands if you ever lose your iPad. Just go to settings > general > pass code lock > erase data. This tells the iPad to erase all data on the device if someone enters the wrong pass code for 10 consecutive tries.

6. Lock the iPad on Landscape or Portrait view: In order to lock a particular view for the iPad,  in settings > general > use side switch just select ‘Lock Rotation. This will lock the rotation and make sure the view doesn’t change as you rotate the iPad around.


7. Change the default search engine in Safari: In order to change the default search engine (which is Google)in the Safari browser , in settings > safari > search engine select Bing or Yahoo as an option.

8. Easy way to restrict the access to sensitive data: If you are sharing the iPad with someone else and fear that they may snoop around your personal or sensitive data or certain apps, in settings >general > restrictions, select ‘enable restrictions’. Then set an access password and choose the accessibility setting that you like.

9. Going back to the top of a page or document: Some webpages are very long and just never seem to end. If you are at the bottom on a page or document on the iPad, you don’t have to waste time in scrolling all the way back uo. Just tap on the black title bar on the top of the screen and voila the iPad will take you to the beginning of the document or the top of the current page.

10. Place the frequently used or your favorite apps on the iPad dock: A good way to improve iPad productivity is to save the time you spend in looking or swiping to your most used apps. Just press and hold the app icons that you wish to move and drag it to the dock. There is space for six of your favorite apps here.

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