Data Visualization Tools are used to create cool and beautiful infographics. Infographic is “graphical representation of information and data”. Infographics are often generally used to represent concisely data and statistics, or relationships or differences between two or more issues.

When reading an article, it is always desirable to find the information visually since our brain is always going to digest and remembered it more easily. Moreover, the data representing graphically will allow display more information in less space.

We all know that no longer people show interest in reading long and detailed articles, So we use data visualization tools to represent the data in more concise way in a graphical format so that users can scan and recall the information quickly.

What can you Draw with Infographics using data visualization tools?

  1. Chronology: Typically, to illustrate the history, evolution and changes of a brand, a product or a problem at the time.
  2. Camemberts: The Camemberts is use, for example to compare parts of a budget granted to certain positions, parts of certain sectors in an economy, an ecosystem of sale, etc..
  3. Bar charts compared:Comparative bar graphs for comparing percentages expressing different opinions in the context of a poll or survey .
  4. Profiles compared: Combined with text, allow to answer the question: “What type of user are you?”
  5. Comparative tables: The comparative tables are used, for example to compare the costs of some consumer products between countries.
  6. Tree maps: The tree maps are used, for example to make a contrastive analysis to visualize at a glance the relative part of an element in a set.
  7. Organizational: Organizational charts are used, for example to perform a logical demonstration, a report of causes and effects.
  8. Venn Diagrams: Venn diagrams are a geometric patterns (circles) intended to show the relationship between different items that can be contained in one or more sets usually represent notions.
  9. Annotated maps: The maps are recorded, for example, to create maps to demarcate different situations or data from several countries (with the aid of color, text section, etc.).

Why use  data visualization tools to create cool Infographics?

  1. Data visualization tools are simple to use, and are very quick in creating infographics.
  2. Any complex issue with an infographic is simple
  3. Infographics are quick, easy reading
  4. Users love to see infographics and share them on social networks
  5. The use of infographics can be more effective than any text
  6. They can be used for any sector: education, science, marketing, medicine, journalism, etc …
  7. They are a very practical mechanism to entice readers
  8. They help reduce the amount of informational text

Tips to Create Effective Infographics using data visualization tools.

  1. Define the purpose of an infographic : Translate only the complex data value to compare the information or clarify a trend or evolution, creating a balance, etc.. And all this in a single image.
  2. Choose an idea or theme clearly : What computer graphics to display or show.
  3. Favoring simplicity : A classic mistake is to overload the computer graphics for information, making it difficult to read at end. It is important to plan and strict while selecting the data and items that must be put into the graphics.
  4. Relying on data achieved from (public) reliable sources: which are listed at the bottom of the infographic.
  5. Check the format: Vertical or horizontal.
  6. Caring visual storytelling: The elements of computer graphics should allow capturing the general sense within seconds. The text should be as small as possible.
  7. Conclude : The elements of conclusions help to give a clear sense about infographics.
  8. Sign infographics : To care for your reputation and show their origin.

Here are a number of freeware data visualization tools to create our own original infographics. Depending on the needs us more fit either, and basically all are easy to use without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

PowToon: free business presentation software animated video maker and PowerPoint alternative

data visualization tools - powtoon

A web application to create video presentations and infographics designed for dummies. Everything is simple and convenient. Now comes with gallery of icons but you can also upload your own images and even audio.

Once you sign up and create your account you just have to choose to create a new presentation and put all the textual content you have and decorate it with icons and music. Once finished you can export it to your social networks, Youtube or download it to your computer. Create Infographic and Online Chart

infogram - free data visualization tool

One of the most interesting tools is available for free on the internet is, that lets you create a variety of computer graphics with many personalize options.

With, creating the data flow is very simple, and you have a large number of designs to choose from , with different ways of organizing information that will depend on what we capture on our infographic.

Data is added via form, which is very convenient and you end up saving a lot of time. The form is like using Google Docs, so if you have used Google doc you will find it very convenient When we have to make some eventual report with concrete data. Being free, it’s an interesting way to apply computer graphics to individual businesses. Infographics and Data Visualization Tool

visualy - Online data visualization tool

This is another data visualization tools to create customized infographics based on one premise: to tell stories with specifics detail. This tool is ideal for those who do not want to waste too much time in creating infographics, since it comes with preloaded templates.

One of the most interesting infographics is what allows you to compare different Twitter accounts, allowing you to make good competition analysis without investing too much time. Such reports can be very useful.

You have a total of about a dozen templates that you can use for different purposes. The Facebook Insights is also one of the most useful tool, making a quick and visual analysis.

Exclusively for creating infographics related to performance in social networks. The data are obtained automatically from our accounts, so we have almost no way to edit, but to have a fast panning, it’s very interesting. Create and Share Visual Idea Online

easelly - data visualization tool online

This data visualization tools is a favorite of many to create infographics quickly. As the name suggest, the task of Easel.lyis providing a free web-based software to create the data information we want in infographics.

Although it is still in beta stage, and could see some improvement with the passage of time, the interface of this tool is very simple and minimalist operation is to drag and drop items to form the structure according to our need. You can also make some customizations in design.

In addition to some templates that allow you to save time. If you do not have time to create your templates, you can use those already on hand. is a recommended tool for those who does not have any previous experience in creating infographics, but do not want something completely automated as, it allow you to do customization after creating your infographics.

Creately: Online Diagram Software to Draw Flowcharts

creatly - data visualization tool free

Now delve a little deeper into what the collaborative work to create infographics. Creately is must tool for you, which allows you to work with others and create charts and tables of data flow easily.

At an intermediate point between a fully automated tool, and more personalized, with Creately you can choose between different types of diagram to create an infographic. Of course, you have their details, and you will have to have some aesthetic knowledge to get a good result.

This tool is for people who have a relatively basic design knowledge and they don’t want to create an infographic absurdity with accurate data. The idea is to do something good looking, so we have to consider that we are not going to have an automatic thing to help us.

Dipity: Find Create and Embed Interactive Timeline

dipity -data visualization tool best

Dipity is a friendly service that allows you to do something a little different.Unlike previous tools, the differential value of Dipity is that you can create a timeline in which you organize your information.

Dipity is the idea of ​​being a supplier to provide organized information differently than can be inserted into web pages, which in turn can be consumed strictly in visual form allowing users to have to do prolonged use of text.

Timelines can be considered as something boring, but this tool does put some fun. We have different designs to choose from and put it in a  fine display of data that will not be missed by anyone.

This tool is for those who are looking for a different alternative that is not related to the typical infographic always found on the internet. (Best Data Visualization Tools to create free resume in single click)

visualize-me - data visualization website
To give an original touch to your resume with a fun and professional design , this online tool allows you to all those with just one click. It allows you to display your professional achievements with a simple custom design and compelling turn as you generate an excellent visual summary. Ideal to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

INFOTO: Free Android app for Infographics


If you use your android to take lots of pictures, Free INFOTO can be a very interesting tool for making photographs. This tool takes the EXIF ​​data associated with your pictures and make them into fantastic infographics. Its interface is really exciting and they also have the paid version which cost 99 cents.

Wordle: Beautiful Word Cloud Data Visualization Tool

Wordle is defined itself as a tool to create ” tag cloud “with bunch of strings. You may use different fonts, templates and color schemes.

Stat Planet : Interactive Map Visualization

Download free tool to create fully customizable maps and interactive charts.

PiktoChart: Infographics , Graphics Designing for non Designers

PiktoChart allows us to drag images to the browser to easily create our own charts and graphs, or use some of the predefined themes.

From different templates you can   develop infographics online. offers various graphic elements that are integrated into computer graphics by simply dragging and dropping them in the desired location. The free version offers few templates with limited features. Infographics can be downloaded in PNG format.

Hohli (Online Data Visualization Tool )

Hohli is a simple online graphics generator. It allows you to create diagrams, figures and graphs.

Google Public Data: Google public Data explorer

Another interesting tool if you need to show Google public domain information in your infographic.

ManyEyes (Simple and easy Data Visualization Tool)

ManyEyes tool is a proprietary of IBM. It is a powerful tool to create infographics based on our personal or public data.


Some more data visualization tools to create easy infographics:

  • Knoema : Huge database, environmental … economic data exportable data.
  • Databoard Google : Google Information on mobile devices.
  • Google Think Insights : Tendenciasde marketing, technology and internet collected by Google.
  • Azure Data Market : Database microsoft payment.
  • Crunchbase : Database opened businesses, individuals and investors in the technology world.
  • UNData : An information service containing the databases of UN information.
  • Mailchimp : Not only is the ideal place to send mails to a specific group of users but contains information metrics e-mailing campaigns by industry tool: bounce, open rate, etc..
  • SurveyMonkey : It’s a great way to generate surveys for a particular segment of your user-community, your company, your friends, to gather information about a topic.Other options are Typeform and drive through google.
  • Social Bakers : Statistics and metrics about Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin.
  • Datamobs : A variety of open data sets of different themes: art, crime, health among many.
  • Infochimps : Specialists in Big Data with lots of case studies, whitepapers and resources.
  • Market Data : Upload and download data sets and create open views.
  • Google: If all else is missing, a specific search can give you the information you seek.

Information marketing, advertising and Internet

  • Comscore : One of the main gauges Internet audience. Ask some of the information it collects.
  • Nielsen : Market Information
  • Alexa : It gives you an idea of traffic a website receives.
  • Open Site Explorer : To compare the authority and external factors of a website.
  • Google trends : If you want to compare search trends.

Social and economic information:

  • INE : Demographics Spanish: from unemployment to middle age.
  • CNN Money : Financial information concerning a major media worldwide.
  • Worldbank : Economic data, development and poverty on countries.
  • USA Census : All information on U.S. government census

Ideas and Websites infographics

Websites with high quality vector images for infographics:

Some Desktop Data Visualization Tools

It seems obvious, but the best way to create some infographics that fit exactly what you want to work with design tools that allow you to move your idea just like in your head. The problem is that they require more time, effort and knowledge, but if you dare, here are some tools:

  • Adobe Illustrator : vector design software excellence. Ideal for infographics.
  • Adobe Photoshop : Indispensable if you need to work on photographs or images.
  • Adobe After Effects : If you’re into animated graphics, this is your program.
  • Sketch : The alternative to Photoshop that is gaining much market relevance