Ruby is a programming language which was created 20 years ago. It is now ranked in the list of top ten most used and popular programming languages. In this article, I will reveal the best and the most useful ruby on rails development environment for web developers. You can use any of these environments to fulfil your development task with ease and efficiency along with accuracy. First of all we have to understand what is ruby on rails.


What is Ruby On Rails?

Basically, ruby is a general-purpose programming language like C and Java. It is known and famous due to its use in web programming. On the other hand, Rails is a programming language library for ruby to give it some extend. It was created by David Heinemeier Hansson and gave it name of “Ruby On Rails”. Ruby On Rails which is often called as Rails is website building framework. It is used to create web applications along with the use of other web programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Rails is a server side language.

There are number of IDEs available for Rub, and Ruby on rails. Here are few best compiled IDEs for Ruby on rails.
Ruby on rails IDE

Best Ruby On Rails Development Environment For Web Development

Now, after getting acknowledged about ruby on rails. Let’s jump to our main focus for this article and that is best ruby on rails development environments for web development. Here are some of the best development environments discussed below.

  • Aptana Studio


The first one is Aptana Studio which is an open source development environment. It is used to test web applications. It is supportive to latest browser technologies such as Ruby, Rails, PHP, Python, CSS3 and HTML5. There are different useful features of this development environment which includes integrated debugger, environment customization, and deployment wizard along with GIF integration. It has the ability to publish your ruby on rails applications to different hosting services.

  • NetBeans


The Ruby IDE support was discontinued by NetBeans in 2011, but later on they introduced ruby on rails plugin for developers. The reason behind discontinuation was the Java Dev Kit introduction by Oracle. But, after the plugin introduced in their database, it is the most downloaded plugin. Ruby on rails developers, who love to work in NetBeans interface can enjoy the full featured ruby on rails development features provided by them.

  • RubyMine


JetBrains is known as the best development environment providers. RubyMine is another most used and sophisticated ruby on rails development environment. You have to pay in order to get full functionalities in this environment, however you can enjoy the free trial for 30 days. You can easily manage multiple projects at same time in this environment and due to full rails integration, you can easily create and launch applications.

  • Komodo


Every developer wish to use things which help them for long-term purpose and hence Komodo is one of them. It is the best development environment to write, launch and debugging of the code with ease. Komodo also offer support for other programming languages such as Node.js and CoffeeScript etc. If you are an experienced developer, then you have to work with different languages including ruby. So, this is the best environment for developers to work.

  • Arcadia


The last but not the least ruby on rails development environment is Arcadia. It is the only development environment which is specially developed for ruby. There is no support offered for other languages. The pure focus of this environment is on Ruby on rails development. There are number of developers using this environment to fulfill their requirements of creating web applications based on ruby on rails.

(for visual studio) This is a plugin for visual studio, don’t think I am going to use it as I will be starting with Mac, I can not install it on Mac,

( need to see it how it goes, I haven’t use it before.)

( Community also suggested to use 3rd rail)

(People also uses Red Car. Has some good features and good reviews from its customers. Just need to check if its free or paid.

( it’s a text editor, not a full IDE, benefit is, its fast, and simple and yes its free..)

( This is a text editor same like we have text mate for Mac. Have some good features like auto completion, highlighting, and creating project , aggregate all project file in one Text editor. Its not free provided by same company (text mate)

This IDE is available for mac user and has lots of good features, some of the features are Code Folding, Smart Complete, Workflow Improvements, Better UI, Super Sidebar, A new editor (or terminal, or book, or…) one click away, Code Focus, In addition to SVN, now manage source with Git, Full File Browser, Multiple and Dynamic Placeholders, iCloud Sync for Sites & Clips etc.

So, these are some best ruby on rails development environment for developers. If you think, there is any other better than the described, will be happy to acknowledged through comments below.