Almost all of us are photographers today. Fooling around with the camera of our smart phones or clicking away with the handy digital cameras. And our photos are all about sharing the moments captured, whether it be candid or professional.

Most people just upload some selected images from their collections onto social networks to share with their friends and families. They do not usually upload entire albums, this may be because of an issue with the time this process takes or the limitation the social media sites pose as per storage space or features. But there are numerous image hosting sites on the internet that can come to your rescues. These sites make sharing,  editing images, making albums, creating galleries, tagging photos very very easy. And make managing images almost like child play.

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Here is a list of 5 such FREE image hosting sites, to organize and share you photos online:

1. Photobucket

One of the most popular image hosting sites is Photobucket, it allows easy online  haring, storing and editing of both images and videos. The service is free of cost and gives every user a 5 GB storage space with no ads at all to irritate you. You can upload images up to 5MB and having a dimension of 2048×1536 pixels. Photobucket is also available as an iPhone and Android app which makes photo sharing even easier for you.


2. Imgur

Amongst other good image hosting sites is Imgur. It does not require any login or signup. Some of the noteworthy features of Imgur are, along with being FREE it allows very fast uploading of photos from your computer hard drive( within seconds) , sharing of photos on social networking sites is possible with a single click, 10 MB is the maximum file size you can upload and the files do have any expiry date or time limit. So you can host images on Imgur as long as you wish.


3. Flickr

Owned by Yahoo, Flickr is a well known name when it comes to image hosting sites. This site has a host of great features that enable you to create photo galleries via social networks, rate photos, chat and make groups too. The maximum file size that Flickr permits is 15MB (per file) with 100 MB of free uploads per month. There are privacy options that let you share your images with selected people if you don’t want them to be public and also the ability to upload images to your account from various sources.


4. Smugmug

Smugmug is another good place for your photos. This site will preserve and safely store all your photographs with extreme care. Sumgmug gives its users unlimited storage space, easy social media sharing, amazing customer support and various galleries to keep your photos. So if you really care for your precious photos choose Sumgmug to host them and share them with ease.


5. Image Shack

Another FREE and great way to upload and mange images online is ImageShack. It allows easy image resizing of uploaded images for sharing via email or posting on the web. With a simple user friendly interface and easy navigation this is surely amongst the best image hosting sites available to you. As a free user you can upload up to 500 files every month and a file size of 5 MB.



All these free images hosting sites are the best in their trade and know exactly what they are doing. So you can go ahead and choose any one of the 5 according to the features you prefer. And if you want more, simply upgrade to a paid service with any of these sites and enjoy a plethora of features.

Happy clicking!