Android and iPhone platform has given a whole new world of opportunities to the people. Whether a person is deprived or comes from an affluent background, all can take advantage of these platforms. Especially when it comes to gaming, you don’t have to lurk around or even don’t  have to own either of these smartphones. There are plenty of popular games you can play in your web browser without feeling discontent. Here are a few.

Don’t have a smartphone? Need not worry: Here are the top mobile games to play via browser

Angry Birds

Let’s start with one of the most downloaded games in the history of smartphones. A few people know that Angry Birds was first launched as an experiment by the Chrome web team of Google to exhibit its web browser’s HTML 5 engine capability. But it now works on almost any modern web browser with HTML 5. Just open and you can start playing either online or install it to play offline on your Chrome web browser.


Cut the Rope

The same story goes with this game. As Google hyped Angry birds to flaunt its Chrome browser, Microsoft chose Cut The Rope game to show off the potential of Internet Explorer. We don’t have to worry as this game can be played with any browser having HTML 5. The physics based puzzle video game has been very popular on Android and iOS devices. The hungry candy monster game has been downloaded more than 100 million times. So enjoy feeding the monster!

cut the rope

Bejeweled 3

Candy crush fans! Just have a look on the game that was the pioneer in this genre. Bejeweled was the first game that created the idea of ‘getting three gems in a row’ and it was successful game on the Flash platform. But gradually its many iteration have been developed on Android and iOS platforms. Bejeweled 3 offers four game modes Classic, Zen, Lightning and Quest. The Classic mode continues to run endlessly until no moves are left, Lightning allows you to collect time bound gems to charge up bonus rounds, Zen is an endless mode that keeps on playing and the Quest mode contains 40 different mini-games based on the same Bejeweled.


Plants vs Zombies

The popular tower defense game is no longer restricted to mobile and tablets. The sequel to the game isn’t available to play online, but the original game can be played in your web browser. The gameplay and the graphics remains the same as on the mobile. But you will not find the different game modes available on the Android and iOS platform like Survival mode, Puzzle and normal mode, but still campaign mode is there to quench your thirst.

plants vs zombies

Need for Speed

For the hardcore gamers, the popular and engaging online racing game Need for Speed has vast amount of users. There are several events to unleash in the game like Race, Pursuit and Explore catering to the needs of all players. It’s free to play and have tons massive selection of cars and other aftermarket customization options we find in the PC and Android versions.


In order to run most of these games, you would require HTML 5 and as long as you have latest browser installed in your system you won’t be having any compatibility issues. Have fun playing.