Transferring files back and forth from PC to other devices and vice versa has always been a tedious task. Are we still using the traditional methods of LAN connection, USB cables or SD cards? Common, we are now living in 2014 and today time is very precious for all of us. If you google for ‘wi-fi’ file transfer, you can find tons of applications and several methods of using them, but one of the most striking applications I came across in my lifetime is ‘IP Messenger’. Let’s find out more about it.

IP Messenger

The software was developed way back in 1997 and now in its mature form. IP Messenger is widely used in organizational levels but still unknown to many PC users. It’s a POP up styled Local Area Network (LAN) Messenger available for multiple platforms. The concept is simple, just download the software, install in desired machines, and you are ready to go. The software doesn’t require any type of server machine. It is a simple, lightweight concept and a compact sized software. There are no limitations regarding the size and amount of files and the rate at which the data is transferred is comparatively high against other methods. It is a server-free messaging and communicating tool which can also transfer large chunk of files and folders at once. We can also capture screenshots and share with other people in the network. We can also encrypt our message by using password. It also supports multiple languages and available for other platforms like Macintosh and UNIX etc.

Faster than Bluetooth

Many people will say it’s not less than a joke but many of us still use this method for transferring files. Bluetooth is no doubt is in its advance stage but still slow in transferring files and also many people don’t have such advance devices. IP Messenger working is different from Bluetooth, we just have to drag and drop the files and we will receive notification on the receiving device. Don’t have to turn anything ON like Bluetooth.

Transfer Wirelessly

Every one of us want to save time for our other engagements in life, then why to transfer files using conventional USB cables and SD cards if we can transfer the desired file instantly? This old method is still prevalent even if we want to copy small files back and forth. IP Messenger is actually a time saving application and we need not have to plug-in USB cable for that. It’s really hectic.

What do we need?

We just a need a Wi-Fi network in our home that simply means a modem-cum router through which we usually browse internet and access local area network. Wi-Fi enabled devices be it is Laptop and Android device. If you have PC with LAN connection slot, you need to have an Ethernet LAN cable for doing this task. Otherwise newer motherboards comes equipped with wireless Ethernet.

How to do that?

  1. Download and install IP messenger ( on your PCs and Laptops depending on the architecture of your PC (32-bit, 64-bit). To know which version or architecture you are using, type ‘msinfo32’ in the run command and you will see your system information.
  2. Download and install IP messenger ( for Android. I would rather prefer to download this software for Android devices as it has excellent user reviews and is compatible with several devices. You can also google for other such softwares at PlayStore.
  3. That’s it. We don’t have to do any settings. The software automatically identifies the home or work network and you are ready to transfer files between PCs, Laptops and smartphones.






Note: If a window message appears for access in PCs, you have to allow the software for networking in your home and in case if the file transfer doesn’t work, you need to check the firewall settings of your PC and Laptops.
Conclusion: There are several softwares for transferring files via Wi-Fi like Airdroid, Wi-Fi Droid, Wi-Fi File transfer, etc. but the I have seen IP Messenger the most time consuming. Besides these softwares, there are number of newer technologies such as Wi-Fi direct which can transfer files within no time but this technology is still out of reach for many of us. You may disagree with me or want to share your experience in the comment section below. We would love to hear that. Stay tunes for more updates.