stumbleuponIf you have a blog and are looking at ways to increase traffic to it, Social Bookmarking sites such as StumbleUpon are your answer. Stumbling has become very popular with net surfers who love to look for interesting bits of information, websites, blogs or images that are about their specific interesting.

So StumbleUpon is a great place to look for people who may find your blog interesting and thereby increase traffic to your blog. And that too targeted traffic, because users are looking for content on specific topics here and if your blog is about subjects that interest them voila you hit a jackpot.

But be careful there are certain tricks that you must follow and some rules you must obey to actually get desired results, while building credibility for yourself on StumbleUpon:

Here is a list of tricks to use StumbleUpon as a tool to increase traffic to your blog:

Try and Stumble different types of content from different sources

The way to increase traffic to your blog is to first increase your credibility in the StumbleUpon community. Your credibility increases when other users on the site look at you as someone who submits good and readable content. Make sure you stumble good content from different sources on a varying of subjects, on a regular basis. This could be a mix of images, photos, articles, websites or anything else that will be valued by other Stumblers, and thereby build your reputation too.

Avoid stumbling your own content always

This is an unspoken rule while using StumbleUpon. You must avoid stumbling you own content all the time and let someone else first submit it. Yes you can submit articles form your own blog sometimes. But if that it all you do then users will soon realize all you wish to do is promote yourself and do not add any true value to the community whatsoever.

Make sure you use good titles and great descriptions

The title and descriptions of the content that you stumble must be good. You should spend some time on it and make it enticing enough so that other stumblers what to click it and view the submission. Using vague or generic descriptions that seem to be of no specific value are of no help at all.

Try and increase your network

Invest time in increasing your network on StumbleUpon. Try and find people with like minded interest and friend them and grow your personal network. This will help grow your presence on the StumbleUpon community and build your network. You have to work at it so making friends is important but constantly networking with them is important too, be active and share content.

Make sure you use only one name and one account

Social media sites are wiser than you think. So please don’t try and trick the community by using multiple accounts to stumble your own content or a friend’s content. It is most likely that you will be caught and that could lead to you getting banned from the StumbleUpon site (either permanently or for the time being) and your content being buried too.


By following these simple tricks on StumbleUpon with time you will surely be able to increase traffic to your blog.

Sites like StumbleUpon work on social bookmarking and are controlled by user preferences, so if you have good content you will be liked (get a thumbs up) and get new readers who are genuinely interested in your content and subject matter.