Lately, Firefox have become a forgotten web browser with Google Chrome crawling to the top position and Internet Explorer being on the second spot. Firefox is still used by millions of people worldwide and web statistics measure roughly 20 percent of web browser usage across the world while most of the people today use Chrome web browser which is faster and lighter than the two others. But still improvement is going on to enhance the web browsing experience in all of them. Today we will share some of the best Firefox and Chrome add-ons which would definitely increase browsing experience of the user.

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Xmarks Sync: Today many of us use multiple devices for browsing and it could be very difficult to maintain bookmarks on all of them. Some important bookmark is bound to be missed on the other device. Xmarks Sync is a tool that help you maintain bookmarks across multiple PCs or Laptops through up to date synchronization. You just have to install this add-on on all your PCs and Laptops, log in with your Xmarks account and it will synchronize all your bookmarks and passwords into the current browser and vice versa. A person who works on several virtual private network machines, Xmarks can prove to be a lifesaver for him.

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Fastest Fox: A quick virtual researcher or can be called a Swiss Army Knife, the add-on allows to save on-page video to your computer hard disk, even if there is not any download link. It also highlights on-page text and gives instant Wikipedia definition of the word or phrase as well as provides multiple search engine links for better search on the web. Moreover, if you query a lot on Google, you don’t have to move on to the next page, Fastest Fox automatically loads the next page for you so that you can scroll seamlessly without waiting for the next page to load and without going back to the previous page in case you want to go back. It shows all pages on the current tab. You can also save your precious time by accelerating repetitive tasks and get downloads parallelized. For the regular searchers, this is one of the best tool.

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Copy Plain Text 2: As the name suggest, the add-on copies text from the web page without taking any type of formatting like bold, italic, font size, underline, etc. Very simple and handy tool to copy or quote online text to someone without those redundant decoration.

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Session Manager: Bookmark the web pages and save them all with Session Manager. Some of us will wonder what’s the difference between these two? Session Manager is a great tool through which you can save the current session of multiple tabs before closing and reload them exactly as they were. Not only the tabs but with all your logging credentials, filled form fields and other preferences.

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Pocket: The most popular ‘Read it Later’ tool also comes in the form of plugin. Pocket saves web pages in the form of bookmark to a reading list to read them later whenever you get free. It also have offline reading mode which let you save all the web pages on your local hard disk or storage and you can later view them without connecting to the internet. The most interesting part of this add-on is that it comes with synchronization option through which you can access all the content from any of your devices whether it is mobile, tablet, PC or Laptop, as far as you are logged on with the same account on all the devices.

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AdBlock Plus: : Last but not the least. A very important tool to get rid of annoying flash advertisement on the web. Most of the time when we are browsing, we would come across irritating and unwanted image and video advertisements on websites. And some of the videos would play automatically without clicking on them. Here Adblock Plus comes into picture. The add-on blocks auto playing ads and other malwares on the web so that we can browse stress free. Auto playing ads are not only annoying but also eats up a good amount of internet bandwidth. The add-on can also block video sharing websites like YouTube to play video automatically.

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Add-ons, Plug-ins or browser extensions are great productivity tools that can change the way we browse the internet. They enhance user interface and extend the functionality of a web browser. If we have missed any important add-on you can share with us in the comment section below.

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