FIFA_online_freeWith only a few days to go. The fever is building up. With all eyes on Brazil which is hosting the FIFA 2014 World Cup. It’s THE event for all football addicts and sports lovers, who wait for 4 long years for this action. The tournament will have 64 matches, starting 12th June to 13th July 2014.

Revered almost as much as the Olympics, fans want to make sure they see every ball, every goal, very pass and every miss. But if for some reason you can’t be in front of the television or do not have subscription to the required channels to watch the FIFA 2014 LIVE, there are numerous sites that will be streaming new-to-live or live telecast of the matches totally legally and FREE.

Here is a list of 5 websites where you can catch the LIVE action online for free:


This is the official website for Dutch public broadcast of the FIFA 2014 World Cup. Along with showing all 64 matches LIVE online NOS also has a number of other services like the FIFAWK2014 App, HbbTV and Google Glass to give you all the action. There are highlights (catch-up), stats, schedules and player info. NOS is a very dependable source and can be accessed from anywhere.


FIFA.Com TV TV is one of the official website you can catch the LIVE telecast of the action. They also have a number of short videos that you can check out to get into the mood of the World Cup in the next few days, as you countdown to the 12th of June. They have team profiles, press releases and player interviews that will really get you going.


SRF Player

This is the official live stream of the Swiss SRG SSR (a non- profit broadcaster for the public) public telecast. They mostly survive via licensing fee so are free to watch online if you have a Swiss IP. They too have numerous videos that you can watch before the tournament starts to get informed or brush up knowledge on your favorite player.

ZDF and ARD (Das Erste)

ZDF corporate and German public broadcaster Das Erste (ARD) have collaborated with Belgacom TV to show all 64 matches of the FIFA 2014 World Cup live. So make sure you see the first kick of match between Croatia and Brazil and the opening ceremony on ZDF on 12th June and the final game and closing ceremony on ARD (Das Erste) channel on the 13th of July. Since this is a collaboration some matches will be shown on one site some on the other, make sure you know the exact schedule before the matches.


For all the fanatics in the United Kingdom BBC (iPlayer service) and ITV (ITV player) will be sharing the broadcast of the FIFA 2014 World Cup from Brazil LIVE. Since the matches will be split between these two make sure to check the shared-schedule before the matches begin from here.

Wiziwig TV

A known name in sports broadcasting, Wiziwig is another good website to catch the FIFA 2014 action. They collect live broadcast from different sources (on the internet) and put all the links in one place. Catch their FIFA action here. There are a lot of ads that are seen on the site but that is a disadvantage you just have to live with to make the viewing free.

There is also a dedicated official YouTube Channel where you can catch the FIFA 2014 videos and post-match highlights if you happen to miss the actual match.


There are surely other websites too that may be streaming the LIVE action, but because of last minute issues stick to accessing the FIFA 2014 from legitimate sites so you are sure to see all 64 match without any issue.