Adobe_Illustrator_IconSurely a gem from the house of Adobe is ‘Adobe Illustrator’. It is drawing program which is vector based and is any designers best friend . Opposed to bitmap images that store image data in the form of grids made of dots, Illustrator used maths based equations to draw shapes. It is this factor that makes the vector graphics scalable to any proportion without losing any resolution or quality.

Used extensively by designers all over the world to create detailed cartoons, elaborate illustrations, technical diagrams, simple or photo finish logos, print ready layouts and exceptional graphics, for use in multimedia or even the internet. It has a super mix of tools for both painting and drawing and also gives great control over typography and its manipulation.

It even has some cool features of Photoshop like feathering, outer and inner glow and the ability to create  drop shadows that are non-destructive. Since it comes from Adobe image linking between Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator is easy and extremely user friendly.

History of Adobe Illustrator

Developed by Adobe Systems, this software was first created for the Apple Macintosh (in 1986), as a program companion to Adobe Photoshop. Over the years many new versions and upgrade have been released the latest being Illustrator CC (Creative Cloud).

Cool Features

Power packed with a huge range of creative tools that allow the designer to let his imagination go wild and his creativity to mold.

-There are loads of effects that a new user can experiment with, create editable paths, create shaped, edit graphics, import various formats, various stroke options, allows precise positioning, eraser tools, smoothing tool, live trace, flexi brushes, 3D effects, play with cool color effects and much more.

-Some amazing typography edit tools that let the user have full control over text are transparent text effects, kerning, skewing, text wrap etc.


Advantages of using Adobe Illustrator

This program has loads of benefits over other graphic programs:

-It allows you more flexibility with customizing the workspace.

  • It comes with a user interface that allows custom viewing and enables space saving.

-Illustrator gives more control over text and its formatting with options like paragraph composing and OpenType fonts

-Using illustrator increases productivity as it allows for in-panel editing and use of multiple artboards at a time.

-As it is a vector based program it allows the creation of graphics that are scalable to any extent without losing resolution, with crisp and sharp lines that are perfect for print.

-Illustrator files are comparatively small in size so allow easy sharing, mailing and use.

Disadvantages of using Adobe Illustrator

-Since it is a design software some amount of skill or training is require to master it. A good idea is to check out the numerous tutorials that are available by adobe itself or spend some time with the tools this program is loaded with to master it.

-To create photo realistic drawing the user must have oodles of patience and a keen eye for detail.


The possibilities with Adobe Illustrator are endless, just download it and see what a new dimension all your layouts and designs will take. Once you master the drawing tools and the basics there is no looking back. And if you have worked with Photoshop in the past, it will be even easier since the palates and commands are quiet similar.

You can know more about Adobe Illustrator and download it from this link.