Surfing the internet for meaningful or even interesting content can be a real daunting task. Especially if you just feel like browsing or discovering something new but don’t have very specific needs or descriptions in mind or even time at hand.

StumbleUpon is a tool that can help you do just that, discovery content on the internet as per your personal interests. It is a social bookmarking website that is operated and driven by the huge number of users (25 million) it has. The users itself share the links of online content, videos, webpages,blogs, photos etc.  that they may have liked or found interesting, for other stumblers to explore on this site.

You just have to visit the StumbleUpon site then create a log-in, and select the categories that interest you and simply start ‘Stumbling’. They are innumerable category options to choose from like health, design, humor, travel,  business, photography, fashion, sports, technology, animation and many many more, you can select as many categories as you wish and start discovering content under them. And when you happen to like certain content Stumbleupon will have it stacked away so you can come and visit it later whenever you please.

How exactly does StumbleUpon Work?

StumbleUpon is based on social bookmarking and is driven by a user voting system. The users simply share or submit links to online content that they wish to share or stumble. Then other users either like by giving it thumbs up or dislike by giving it a thumbs down to this content, using the toolbar of StumbleUpon. (This toolbar is installed as part of the registration of an account with StumbleUpon).

Socializing via StumbleUpon

If users are already there how can socializing be far behind? StumbleUpon allows you to create an online network and add ‘friends’ to it. This is a great feature as it helps you share content with other users who think like you and have similar interests too. Also allowing you to share your own content or blog posts with them.

Pluses of using StumbleUpon

It’s a very easy to use website, with an almost self-explanatory toolbar that is designed to post, like, dislike, stumble all in a single click. You can also use this tool to drive traffic to you website or blog, if your submitted posts are liked by co-stumblers. A lot of people use it as a platform to look for new and interesting blogs, network with other  bloggers, find new or fresh blog ideas to write on or just browse when they are bored.

Minuses of using StumbleUpon

There are a few disadvantages of Stumble Upon too. If you end up posting or sharing your own content rather frequently the Stumble community frowns on you, as is the case with most social bookmarking websites. So be sure to stumble content from other website and blogs too. This will really help you to grow and maintain a good reputation on this site. It is only over time that you will be able to build your own community of Stumble friends and reap the benefits of StumbleUpon for your own site or blog.


If you haven’t already tried it, give it a shot. It is like an adventure or a step into the unknown world of the internet. And you are sure to StumbleUpon some fascinating and interesting online content and its only a mouse click away. StumbleUpon even has a FREE mobile app that can make stumbling even more easy and way more convenient (along with being a good pastime).

So go on start STUMBLING!