List of 10 Best Open Source PDF Editors in 2022

So if you are looking for some open-source pdf editors, you have landed in the right place. We, in this article, are going to share some best open-source pdf editors that can help you edit your pdf files more like a pro.

The list include the following open source PDF editors.

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Here is a list of some top pdf editors that are open source and easy to use. We have picked them up from thousands of other pdf editors because we found the best in every way.

1. LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw is one of the best free yet open-source PDF editors developed by The Document Foundation. This editor allows you to edit your pdf document that includes vectors or graphics. It is also considered to be perfect for beginners who are just starting as a pdf editor. 

With its help of it, you can easily understand and edit complex documents. Also, you can break your documents into several smaller parts by using LibreOffice.


  • Easy to use.
  • Simple to understand.
  • Free and open-source.
  • Customizable. 
  • Text search function.
  • Requires less storage.


  • Incompatible with MS office.
  • Manual File Sharing.

2. PDFescape

PDF escape comes with hundreds of exciting features and allows you to add new texts, images, and graphics to your pdf document. Unfortunately, it doesn’t allow you to edit the previously written text, but you can add more text to your files for sure.

There are multiple downloadable fonts and colors that you can easily use and customize according to your requirement. Hence you can do a lot in this application and change your old and boring document into a brand new exciting, colorful and better version of the previous one.

Using this editor, you can also produce strike-through texts and sticky notes in your documents. Also, you can easily download the edited pdf file version and save it on your device.


  • Varied advanced options
  • Easy uploading and downloading of files.
  • A large number of fonts
  • Multiple colors
  • Best for Windows


  • It’s not free
  • It’s only compatible with Windows.

3. Scribus

Scribus also reserves a good spot in some best open source pdf editors developed to design and prepare pdf files. Moreover, you can also make animated pdf presentations using this advanced tool. 

The tool was introduced explicitly for Linux users and is now being loved massively by its users. It gives you the option of importing a wide variety of formats, and thus you can edit your document the way you want. 

Another great thing is that you can download Scribus for both Windows and Mac. Isn’t it a perfect pdf editor? 


  • Free and open source pdf editor
  • Offers multiple editing options
  • Allows you to import various fonts
  • Let you edit the document directly. 
  • Perfect for speedy page layout work.


  • GUI is not so praiseworthy 
  • Incomplete Documentation. 

4. Apache OpenOffice

If you are looking for a free PDF editor with advanced editing options; Apache OpenOffice has got you. It’s not only an advanced program but also free and open source. Hence you can easily download it on Windows and edit your documents in various formats, including PDF, TXT, DOC, DOCX, and HTML. 

For PDF editing, you just need to download a pdf extension, and the editor is all set to support the editing of your pdf documents.

In short, you can edit, draw and manage your files and databases using this great open source pdf editor.


  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, and OS X
  • Enhanced Color Pallet and Gradient.
  • Supports Extensions
  • Toolbar Management
  • Python Support.
  • High User Ratings.


  • The theme is not so attractive 
  • UI is not as good as it could be.

5. Formulate Pro 

Formulate Pro is considered to be the best pdf editing software for Mac users. You don’t need to look for the best editors for Mac because we know that not every editing application is compatible with this operating system. Hence, your search is coming to an end.

Formulate Pro is an excellent pdf editor that is developed with a striking yet simple-to-use UI. Also, it provides you with variant options to edit your pdf documents like a pro.

Another great feature is that the application is beginner-friendly, and you can quickly learn its usage even if you haven’t used it before. So if you are new to this field, you must use it to edit your pdf documents.


  • Best open source pdf editor
  • Compatible with Mac operating system.
  • Simple user interface
  • Beginner-friendly.
  • Various options for editing the document.


  • Only saves the document as a PDF.

6. PDFedit

PDFedit is an excellent open-source pdf editing tool that is used massively all over the world. The tool is free to use and provides you with multiple options to easily edit your documents the way you want.

With the help of this pdf editor, you can quickly analyze your documents and check out the lacking sections of them. The editor is perfect for updating pdf documents after making all the necessary editing. You can add or delete elements from your pdf document.

Moreover, the editor is easy to install and doesn’t take much storage. You can encrypt the application by using a password so that your sensitive information remains safe.


  • Easy conversions of files
  • Password protection
  • Advanced editing options
  • Lightweight
  • Easy-to-install


  • Beta version.
  • Technical issues.

7. PDF XChange Editor

PDF XChange is an open-source editor with many extraordinary features. It is a mash-up of some free and paid features. If you don’t want to get paid features, there are still some good editing options you can go with.

Its exciting features include precise highlighting of form fields that can help you spot the areas that need editing.

You can also edit existing text or add new to your pdf documents using PDF XChange Editor. You can also install it in portable mode to use it on a flash drive.


  • Best PDF editing software
  • Allow you to download it in a portable version
  • Perfect for adding QR codes in the document 
  • Filled with good features.


  • Only for Windows.


If you get irritated by making user accounts and want to get rid of them, PDF BOB has solved this issue. It is free to use pdf editor that doesn’t require any user account but gives you equally impressive features.

You just have to choose the PDF file, upload it in the editor, and that’s it. Now start editing it with customizable elements and tools offered by this great editor. You can also use it to add or delete pages from your document. 

After editing, you can easily save your edited file on your computer or laptop. You can also save the files directly to Dropbox or Google Drive accounts. What more could it be?


  • No user account required
  • Super easy to edit with
  • Ad-free
  • It’s easy to download edited files
  • No watermark


  • Less number of fonts

Bottom Line

With the advancement in the forms and modes of databases, there is a high demand for their editors. It’s pretty challenging to find the best open source pdf editors for editing the bulk of pdf documents. 

That was the main reason why we formulated this detailed guide. Our core purpose was to provide you with some best open-source pdf editors, and we hope that these editors will help you edit your documents much more efficiently than ever before.

Also, please share your valuable feedback about this post with us. We are more than happy to hear from you.