17 Top Free Color Palette Generators Online

When it comes to graphic designing, the thing that matters the most is using the right colors. This has a huge impact on the overall design and ends up making it look exceptionally well. 

Now, coming up with a creative color palette is a hard task. It is pretty time-consuming, and if you have got a busy schedule, this will become a nightmare for you. However, this is where we help you out. 

Here we have shared some of the best color palette generators that you can use to create great color palettes for any design! The best part is that they are free of cost!

List of color palettes generator:

BrandColors (Search from multiple Brands palette)

Ever noticed that top brands out there use amazing colors? Wondered about what color palettes they use? Well, BrandColors has now got you sorted. 

The platform offers a huge range of color palettes that are used by many popular brands out there. This allows you to create incredible designs that your audience will surely love.

You can create a similar design according to one of the most popular brands out there and give your design an impressive look. This matters a lot when it comes to gaining a larger number of audience.  

Coolors.co (Fast color scheme generator)

Are you a beginner? Well, this color palette is the right option for you. It allows you to create color palettes from scratch and the fun part is that you can even check out other color palettes made by different people. 

Moreover, it allows you to save your palettes on the cloud as well. This way, you can check out your collections or access them whenever you want to. 

Color Hunt (Color Palettes for Designers and Artists)

This tool allows you to explore color palettes based on the latest trends and the ones that are the most popular ones out there. Moreover, the color palettes are already created by designers out there, and you can easily choose one. 

However, if you want to create your own color palette, that is possible too. It is a great tool if you want to follow the latest trends and come up with something exceptionally well for your audience. 

Colormind (Color Palettes from image)

Are you a beginner? Well, this generator called Colormind is perfect you. It comes with some unique features that allow you to live preview your color palette when it is applied to a design.

Basically, this design is just an example however it gives you a better idea of what you are exactly going for and whether it looks good or not. 

Moreover, it also comes with a feature that allows you to create color palettes from images as well. 

Color Designer (With Color picker and Mass editor)

This is an advanced color palette generator that comes with some amazing tools used by professionals out there. You get to create color palettes using three different systems that include Swatches, Color Picker, and mass editor. 

Paletton (Palette with Color Picker)

Here we have yet another advanced level generator. It comes with a set of complex options that you can choose from and create some amazing color palettes. 

This tool is best for experienced designers out there as beginners may not understand it at first.

Canva Palette Generator (color palette from Photograph)

This tool is quite simple as it allows you to upload a photo, and it automatically generates colors based on the main colors on the image. You can easily copy the color codes with just a click. 

It comes with lots of features. Some of them need to be purchased, while many are free of cost as well. 

Adobe Color Wheel (Create or Explore popular Palettes)

This allows you to create color palettes based on various different palette types, including monochromatic, triad, and analogous. Moreover, it can extract colors from an image as well. 

Khroma (Create multiple Palettes Combinations)

This palette uses AI technology in order to create great color palettes. It is pretty interesting and generates color palettes based on your choices. 

ColorSpace (color palette generator from hex)

Here we have another color palette that’s quite great. Simply enter a main color hex code, and it will generate different styles of color palettes for your convenience. Moreover, it also creates matching gradients. 

Color Tool (With live preview)

Here we have got yet another advanced level color palette generator. It makes it possible for you to create material design color palettes based on different accessibility categories. 

Moreover, one feature that makes the generator quite amazing is that it comes with a live preview feature as you select different colors for your palette. This ends up making your task a lot easier. 

Collor (random color palette generator)

This generator is quite simple beginners can easily use that. All you have to do is select the main and secondary colors. The next thing you mole is that it will end up generating a selection of color palettes for you to choose from.

Makeover, it also allows you to customize the palettes generated. However, one thing you might not like is that it requires flash to be enabled in your browser. 

ColourLovers (Community with shared color Ideas)

This platform consists of a collection of color palettes that are created by different designers out there. It gives you an option to choose from these palettes, or you can even create your own.

Moreover, it also offers options that allow you to create basic and advanced palettes. 

Colour code (With Color Gradient)

This is a very simple color palette maker that makes it possible for you to create some unique color palettes. Moreover, you can even find colors based on various color palettes such as monochrome, analogic, triad, and more. 

Data Color Picker (color scale generator)

Moving on, we have got Data Color Picker on our list. This tool allows you to create color palettes that fit in with different backgrounds, be it light or dark. Moreover, it also comes with an option to select different color schemes. 

Colorkuler (color palette for Instagram)

Looking for a color palette generator for your Instagram account? Well, Colorkuler is a great option. The generator ends up extracting colors from your latest and most popular posts. 

This way, you can easily maintain your brand identity. However, in order to use the tool, your account needs to be active as well as public. After that, the tool does its magic and ends up providing you with an amazing color palette. 

Designspiration (color palette from Picture Upload)

This generator is something you will love for sure. It allows you to select about 5 colors and then browse different designs. The tool is pretty easy to use and provides you with some excellent work. 


Here comes an end to our list of the 17 Top Free Color Palette Generators out there. Choose the one you love the most and create some magnificent designs! 

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