2 Ways to copy and paste on Asus Chromebook

Asus Chromebooks allow you to copy and paste different files, including text, images, videos, folders, and other documented files. Below are a few ways to do it. On Asus Chromebooks, You can either use a mouse to copy and then paste a file or simply use the keyboard commands (CTRL+C for a copy) and (CTRL+V) for pasting. Let’s explore the more ways below.

What to know:

  • Long-press CTRL and C will copy a file on your Asus Chromebook.
  • Long-pressing CTRL and then V will paste the file.
  • You can copy bulk items by long-pressing the CTRL button and A, and again pressing the CTRL+C command to copy.
  • Select specific files on Asus Chromebooks, long-press CTRL, and Shift button, and use a mouse to select the specific files you want to copy and paste e,g pictures, videos,. Copy the files using the same method (CTRL+C for a copy) and (CTRL+V) for pasting.
  • You can use the (CTRL+X) command on your Asus Chromebook to cut the files (pictures, audio, video) and paste them where you want.

Copying and pasting text on Asus Chromebooks.

Using the mouse: Press and hover the left-mouse button onto the text you want to copy. Press the right button of the mouse and select the copy option. The text has been copied and stored on the Asus Chromebook’s temporary memory, paste the text on the editor by clicking the right mouse button and choosing the Paste option to paste the text where you want.

Copying text on Asus Chromebook using a keyboard (Without mouse)- Highlight the text you want to copy and press (CTRL+C) to copy it. To paste it, press (CTRL+V).

Copying and pasting Pictures on Asus Chromebooks

Using a mouse: To copy a picture on your Asus Chromebook, press the right button of the mouse on the image and select copy. Simply right-click and select “paste” to paste it anywhere you want.

Using keyboard shortcuts: Copy and paste pictures on Asus can be done using shortcut keys. Select the pictures and then press (CTRL+C) to copy the images and use the command (CTRL+V) to paste where you want.