25 Best Slick Slider in JavaScript

Slick sliders are new plugin of jQuery that help in creating a customized experience of sliders which can function on any elements of HTML. It is made mobile friendly and is responsive enough to produce the appropriate work.

They are usually used to make the experience of a website or an application better. They make the overall app or website very appealing and attractive.

The best slick sliders are discussed below in this article so if you are someone who is looking to customize their website experience then you have come to the right place.

Powerange (iOS style UI Slide):

powerange-ios7 style UI slider

Powerange is a popular slick slide control which is effectively adjustable and is intensely inspired by Power Rangers, a tv show and by iOS7. You can customize it with the help of either CSS or JavaScript.

It has a huge amount of features which can customize the whole experience. It includes the feature of altering color and tone and even the style of the website.

It also lets you change the style from horizontal to vertical and vice versa. It helps in displaying decimal values and is also an incredible instrument of UI to be utilized on the website.

Multirange(Bootstrap Slick Slider):

multirange - bootstrap slider

Multirange is another slick slider that doesn’t depend on anything. It utilizes the detection of features which lets it stop if there are more than one sliders supported by the website.

it has the accessibility of keyboard. It also helps in having a customized experience and it also features Js properties poly filled as well.

Rangeslider.js (jQuery Slider for HTML5):

Rangeslider.js jquery slider for HTML5

Range slider.js is a basic, quick and small JavaScript polyfill for slider. There are many examples of it available on the web. It has a number of features including the ability to be used with the help of touch screen.

it is also smaller and quicker or faster than other sliders. It can be used on all the famous browsers and is supported by them.

Round Slide UI (jQuery Circular Slider):

roundslide jquery sircular slider

Round slider is another jQuery module that permits the client to choose in between a wide scope of values. It not only bolsters a round slider but also supports the quarter, half and pie circle shapes.

There are three sorts of sliders accessible like default, range slider and min range. Default and the min range sliders are very much alike and is utilized to choose one value from a range of minimum and maximum values.

Many transitions effects can be used on it to create an animation in it.

No UI Slider (JavaScript Range Slider) :

no ui slider javascript range slider

noUiSlider is another range slider used by many websites. It is a lightweight range slider and functions on almost all the devices whether they are operated via touchscreen, by a mouse or by both.

It works on many browsers including chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari etc. As it is an open source platform so it can be utilized for free by anyone.

Ion Range Slider (Cross-Browser Range Slider):

ion range slider - cross browser range slider

IonRangeSlider is a simple to utilize, adaptable and responsive slider with a variety of highlights. It is very cool and can be customized in any possible way. It adapts onto anything and is very flexible.

it can be fully customized. It is a cross browser range slider and can be utilized on many browsers including Opera, Safari, and Mozilla Firefox etc. It also is adaptable to touch screen devices and is licensed under MIT license.

R Slider.JS(Pure Javascript Slider):

Rslider pure javascript range slider

rSlider.js is another range slider which is independent and is used typically by Java Script library for customizing and change range slider with labels and other scales.

Rangeslider-JS(light weight and touch friendly slider):

Rangeslider.js jquery slider for HTML5

It is a mobile friendly range slider that helps in changing a usual range into a very responsive and clear range slider that can even be used via touchscreen.

D3.js Range slider(Bar based Range slider) :

D3.js Range slider

D3.js range slider is a JavaScript range slider that is not only lightweight but it also lets you to choose some numerical value range by only dragging and dropping it.

Fluid Range Slider(Javascript and CSS3 based Slider):

Fluid range slider - js and css3

It is another range slider that can be used with the help of JavaScript or CSS and helps in changing normal range into a very fluid range slider which is also very fancy.

Bootstrap slider(Simple Bootstrap slider range):

bootstrap simple slider range

It is another jQuery plugin which utilizes the basic Bootstrap customization to produce a touch friendly and easily accessible value slider. It is highly customizable.

jQuery UI Price Slider(multiple range slider JQuery):

This slider is used in e-commerce websites where buyers want to sort the list of items according to their price range. It can either be from low price to high or high to low, depending on clients’ demand.

Slider 89.js (Custom range slider):

It is another range slider of JavaScript which can be customized just the way you want it to be and it is very simple looking.

Modern Range Slider (Modern Javasctip CSS Slider):

Modern range slider is used to produce a slider which is not only modern but also helps in managing tasks using a roller, also showing the present value that you are on. It uses both JavaScript and CSS.

Wrunner (Multi range Javascript slider):

wRunner is another range slider plugin which aids in adding up a slider in order to choose a value. It can set themes and maximize or minimize values. It can be executed on JavaScript.

JQuery time Slider(JS Slider for Time):

it is a slider that helps in setting an extension based on choosing date and time.

RS Slider Lens (Advanced range javascript slider):

rsSlider Lens is another slider control that lets you increase the present value. You can either use the sliding or the fixed slider to do this.

Range Touch Slider (Multi themed Range Slider):

It is a slider library that helps in creating sliders that are more appropriate and user friendly on touch screen devices. They are small in size and there’s no need to set them up.

Flat Javascript Slider (Simple multi range Slider):

It is a web based tool to convert a usual slider to a pretty looking and appealing to the eyes slider. It can be fully customized and helps in easily copy pasting the changes to the website.

Toxin Range Slider (Customizable multi range slider):

it is another range slider tool that lets you to choose in between value or a scope of values.

JQuery Range Picker(Date range Picker Slider):

it helps you in picking a value from two numbers or even dates. They can be positive or negative. This selection is done by dragging the arrow key.

Pro Range Data Slider(Light weight HTML5 base slider):

it is a lightweight range slider which is based on HTML5 and can be used both on touchscreen devices and the conventional ones. It can also be customized and restyled.

LCN Circle range slider(JavaScript Circle range slider):

LCN slider is the one which lets you select the range from a circle or a 360 degree.

Range Stepper.js Slider(CSS Style JQuery Slider):

it is another jQuery plugin that produces an experience similar to CSS style.

Hosting Slider(Javascript Range slider for price):

It is said to be the best for hosting websites and is very lightweight. It adds a brand new experience to your website with the customization that it makes. It is SEO friendly and can add up loads of prices to it.

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