4 Websites for Free Web Designing Fonts

The subject of fonts and their usage is close to any designer heart. Any creative mind that is armed with the dynamic tool of typography can transform the most simple (I don’t want to say boring here) content into something amazing that any visitor to the page would love to read and mull over.
So whether you are a font junky who uses all his spare time in finding, downloading and playing with typefaces or just someone taking their first baby steps towards web designing- a good library of fun, smart, out-of-the-box, fresh and even a bunch of straight jacket fonts is sure to add magic to your concepts.
Following is a list of a few sites (in random order) that are a great source of free font’s to increase yours palette:

1. FontSquirrel

A web designers best friend this site has enough font’s to fuel any number of web projects and your imagination too. They had a wonderful library of free fonts that are licensed for commercial use for both desktop or web, and what’s more it’s packaged with an easy to get around and use UI too.

2. EdgeWebFonts


From the good old house of Adobe, this splendid resource is full of high–quality types. As is synonymous of Adobe the site is a treasure trove for a web designer that surely proves to be both versatile and easy to use. They even have a few tips and tricks to help you revamp your site.

3. FontsForWeb

This site boasts of a huge archive of free downloadable typefaces. Simply browse the different categories and find something that fulfils your design need or just catches your fancy and starts exploring the innumerable possibilities. Even if the font doesn’t match your current need its sure to come of good use later. So if you like something I suggest download it.

4. GoogleFonts

Yes! Please don’t be surprised, because this has been there for time immemorial. Fuelled by ‘the web gurus at’ – Google, this site has a collection of hundreds of open-source web fonts that are specially optimized for using on the web. They are sure to help you make a good looking site that too in no time at all.

These are surely 4 great reasons