4 Online Resources to Convert a PDF into an E-magazine

Have you ever had an issue of sharing or viewing a pdf document with the client or publishing it as a link on-line? Well fret no more, now for no cost at all (yes free) you can simply upload your pdf and share it as a link to be viewed as an e-magazine.

The following 4 sites allow the user to simply upload pdf’s (some may have a weight limit though if you wish stick to the Freebie’s) and publish it as a link that will give you access to that document in a lovely 3-D looking e-magazine, complete with the ability to turn pages and enjoy the document visually.

Meant mostly for publishing of documents that are visual heavy like magazines, reports, catalogs or even flyers(since reading is bit of an issue), these tools really bring the pdf’s to life.

Axmag (data.axmag.com)

Topping this list is Axmag, with a very simple to use and get around UI. It has a 3 step easy to upload >view > share principle and is by far the best site for this purpose. No login or sign-up is required on this site which saves a lot of time, just share your email and you are done. The site sends a url to the published pdf via mail, simply click and view the pdf as a flipping style e-book, and share the link to impress client or catch the eye of a potential customer its sure to increase the visual impact of the original pdf.

Issuu (issuu.com)

This is a great online publishing platform that is extensively used by the professionals. It can be used for sharing links or embedding report, magazines, catalogs and papers as flip style e-publication wherever you want – on social media pages, company or personal websites or even blogs. A lot of serious publishers also put this tool to play for this very purpose and share the material with mass readers.

Page Flip Flap (pageflip-flap.com)

The online service at Page Flip Flap is another great place to turn boring pdf files to interesting looking flipping books. The added advantage with this site is it gives you more freedom with options of viewing – the ability to change parameters of height of the page, width of the page, zoom scales, colors of background, color of panels, viewing language and more (and well who doesn’t like options). And what’s more you can download the converted file automatically to your desktop, so it does not require any sign-up or sharing of emails.

Flipsnack (flipsnack.com)

Another good tool for this purpose, which is easy to learn, simple and gets the job done in a no fuss manner is Flipsnack. Turning your document or magazine into a rich media that is sure to be a delight for the reader is simple as a click here.

There are numerous other sites that offer these services but most require some sort of a login. I suggest you explore your options and see which fancies you liking and save it as a favorite.

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  1. This was really helpful. I’ve been looking for a good way to send a creative version of my resume to perspective clients. Thank you!

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