How to Unlock Password Protected PDF files

Unlock Password Protected PDF with ease now!

A Portable Document Format or a PDF as it is most commonly referenced to is by far the most used and most handy document sharing format. It makes carrying documents and sharing them on various media possible.

Most smartphones today also support PDF file formats. A document created in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or using any other program, can easily be exported into a PDF format, making it easily portable.

A lot of times important or confidential documents while being saved as a PDF format to share are made password protected. So only an individual who knows of the password can access the content of the file.

Securing the matter included in the document from probing eyes and denying unauthorized access. But sometimes this itself possesses a huge issue, say in case you may have forgotten the password and don’t know how to unlock the PDF file at hand.

So how will you unlock a password protected PDF? To save the day there are many tools and applications that can bail you out. By employing these cool tools you can easily unlock the PDF files and get access to your all-important documents.

List of 4 great PDF unlocking tools:

1.Estelar Software

Estelar Software pdf password recovery - How to Unlock Password Protected PDF files

A great tool to unlock a PDF and remove restrictions from it is brought to you Estelar. The only issue is you need to first download and install it on your computer then put it to use.

It is by far the best Desktop utility tool for this purpose, it will simply create a copy of the originally locked PDF file that is not password protected. The content from the newly created file can be copied, edited, or printed.

2. Aimersoft

Aimersoft pdf password recovery - How to Unlock Password Protected PDF files

AimerSoft is another super tool to unlock password-protected PDF documents or files. This is available online and requires no installing of third party software’s on the computer.

Simply click the link and upload the file and unlock it. The unlocked PDF file can be edited, printed, or copied too. The website also offers some other cool features like unlocking multiple files simultaneously.

3. PDFUnlock

pdf unlock software - How to Unlock Password Protected PDF files

Another tool that is great at removing restrictions and passwords from a PDF is PDFUnlock. It gives you the option to upload files from your DropBox folder, Google Drive, or any other destination from your computer.

The website also gives you an added feature to use a secure connection if the content of the PDF is highly confidential or extremely personal.

4. Unlock-pdf

The last of the list but surely not the least is This is another free online tool that can unlock a password protected PDF. Just visit the website and click the BROWSE button to find your PDF and select it. Tick the box next to ‘Agree to the Terms and Conditions’  and go on to click the unlockpdf recovery software - How to Unlock Password Protected PDF filesunlock file. And your job is done! The unlocked file can be used for editing or printing and content can be easily extracted from it too. For more advanced services like unlocking a file that has a ‘user password’ (a locked for reading PDF file) you can choose the paid service of too.

Another popular tool that also does the job is PDFMate


Now you do not have to worry or fret when you can’t seem to remember the password to an important PDF document, simply employ one of these 4 tools and gain access to the document with ease. Go on give them a try…