List of PDF Editors you can explore baring Acrobat

Some pocket-friendly PDF Editors worth exploring

A PDF or a Portable Document Format is by far the most widely used file format today. It makes sharing files between various media and emailing files, very easy. The output file format is handy for editing and printing purposes too.

How To Edit PDF Files in Adobe Acro...

The only issue is that the most common PDF editor is Acrobat which is quite expensive, $299 for the standard edition, and $499 for the Pro edition. Though Acrobat reader which is meant for just viewing PDF files is free to download and use.

But there are a lot of less expensive PDF Editors too that you can choose to explore and use for the same purpose. They turn out to be cheaper both in terms of traditional software and cloud-based service options.

These options work very well for a so-called light user, a user who requires more features than what a PDF reader provides and needs editing functions such as markup, inserting signatures, adding watermarks to pages, annotations, exporting document into a PDF format, using information from a PDF document, spitting documents, deleting pages, rearranging or combine PDF files.

Such a user doesn’t usually create documents from scratch in PDF Editors. For uses like this, these 5 options are perfect and more pocket friendly for sure.

  5Great PDF Editors to explore

1. Nitro Pro 9

pdf editor nitropro9 - List of PDF Editors you can explore baring Acrobat

Cost $140

Surely the second-best only to Acrobat when it comes to PDF editing in Nitro Pro 9. It offers a lot of advanced features such as a quick turning of scanned files into editable and searchable text format, splitting large PDFs into smaller ones, page numbering, and adding watermarks. All this is easy to use and find UI.

Another really useful and rare feature that Nitro has is the ability to export a PDF file into different Microsoft Office file formats (including PowerPoint). Nitro also offers a cloud system, with basic sharing options.

2. PDFescape

PDFescape free pdf editor - List of PDF Editors you can explore baring Acrobat

Cost: Free

Here is another PDF editing option that is FREE, that too without installing any third-party software on your computer.

PDFescape is a cloud-based PDF editor, that allows the user to upload a maximum of 10 files, each must be 10 MB or less and 100 pages or less. And the other shortfall is the system deletes files after 7 days of no activity on them so you must work fast.

But once you have kept to the basic rules there, you are good to go, upload files and edit them as you please. You can create basic pages and forms, add text, create fields to enter data and graphics.

It allows the user to share files via its server (but not work on them collaboratively). If you choose to upgrade to a Premium option the file limit to upload and file size restrictions are reduced. Perfect for a user who only occasionally needs to edit PDF documents and needs only limited features.

3. Qoppa PDF Studio

pdf editor - List of PDF Editors you can explore baring Acrobat

Cost $129

Another PDF editing software worth trying out is Qoppa. Qoppa Pdf Studio comes in two variants, the Standard option (for $89) which has the basic features: the ability to import Word documents, annotations, combining or spitting, and adding watermarks.

The Pro version (which comes with a bigger price tag) comes with OCR and added advanced tools for editing and page manipulation. Which one you choose to use depends entirely on your need.

4. PDF-Xchange Editor

Cost $44

A great option that does all the basic editing work is PDf-Xchange. It comes with a smart-looking interface similar to the Nitro editor.

The perfect tool for marking up documents that are scanned and inserting comments on documents. Though it is a bit limited when it comes to creating a PDF document from scratch but is surely worth the $44 you need to pay to get it.

5. CutePDF Professional

 Cost $50

CutePDF is an alternative for basic PDF Editing too, that comes with a small price tag of $50. Great for a user who wants the basic markup tool, merging and splitting PDF files and more than just a PDF reader.

The toolbar is easy to comprehend, get around, and do work. Though not as advanced as the other Editors it works well for basic editing needs.