7 Best coding gift for 10 year kids in 2022

Want to gift your 10 years old child a coding toy. Here’s the best one we’ve found for you.

Every field in the industry, from zoology to robotics and everything in between, is rapidly becoming a data information field.

Gifting a coding toy to your 10 to 12 year kids is a good way to let them take interest in coding.

As with the help of the best toys to teach coding, your 10 year kid will learn how to code in a fun and exciting way.

This will boost their creativity and confidence and prepare them for the future.

So, without wasting much time, let’s take a look at some of the best coding gift toys for 10,12 years old.

1)  Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar

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  • Easy to connect scratch programming toy with a unique set of action
  • It helps improve creative thinking & problem-solving skills
  • The expansion set work with almost any combination
  • Ideal for preschoolers thanks to its innovative design
  • Not hazardous for your kids

Appropriate Age;- 10 years.

In coding, there isn’t a right way to do things. It is always based on different strategies, backed by logic.

If you agree with me, this is one the best coding gift for your kids. Altough it’s more funable for a 5 year kid but for beginniers kids 10 years old will also love it.

It will help your young one go through the learning process by methods of trial and error. Its simple, fun, and curiosity-driven will provide your kid with the basis to learn to program.

Design-wise, the Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar is a complete unit.

It comes equipped with a motorized head and eight different segments that make silly sounds and actions depending on the arrangement.

It’s cute and colorful enough to be loved by preschoolers who are looking to entertain themselves for long hours.

Your child will easily be able to connect the parts and move the whole caterpillar left, right, and forward.

image - 7 Best coding gift for 10 year kids in 2022

The quality of this coding for a 4-year-old toy is also superb, and the lightning it gives upon movement is bright and colorful.

One of the things I personally like about this product is that it is focused on practical skills.

Rather than some tablet-like environment, your kids will be able to put together its pieces in real-time and get the subsequent results.

Heck, they can even get the toy to follow them as long as they can provide an ideal sequence.

Adding the pieces together is based on trial and error, so in the end, no matter how they arrange the parts, it will provide them a small boost of motivation.

So, what are you waiting for? Get this today in just under $50 and create a better future for your kid!

                  PROS                     CONS
Easy to play withNot the cheapest option
It gives out endless combinationsCertain packaging defects
It comes complete with the expansion pack 

2)  Ozobot Evo: Coding robot

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  • A branded coding robot with a simple yet distinctive foundation
  • It comes pre-assembled and can be used straight out of the box
  • Two-way coding modes with an online OzoBlockly editor support
  • Bluetooth compatible in both android and IOS devices
  • Optical sensors for accurate motion and a USB Type C charger

Appropriate Age;- 10 years.

Programming has never been so easy, thanks to the innovative technologies that are currently in the market.

One such option is the Evo Ozobot which has a lot to offer even in a small form factor. This miniature robot can move according to the provided color pattern by your kids.

It’s easy to code, and your kid will be quite hooked on playing it in the years to come.

image 3 - 7 Best coding gift for 10 year kids in 2022

What makes it the best STEM toy in 2022 is its unique design and proper system.

With Ozobot Evo, your child can learn the ins and outs of how to code.

It has a couple of sensors on the bottom, which sit in different colors on the paper.

This is why it can pick up that color and perform the command. So, in a fun way, your child can tell in which direction to move next.

The device itself is packed with a couple of exciting features. It’s got a hard polycarbonate shell that protects it from wear and tears daily.

Similarly, there are around seven bright LEDs and a micro-USB charger for the comfort of the user.

You will also praise its built-in speakers and Bluetooth compatibility, which are always nice to have in modern coding toys for 12-year-old.

Each Ozobot Evo Coding robot is packaged with a different set of skins to make the overall process even more fun.

You can also control this gadget with your IOS or Android smartphone device.

Just download the OzoBlockly app, and you are good to go.

With this particular editor, your child can customize exactly what they want the EVO bot to do. So, there is also the benefit of a first-hand block coding experience with this toy.

                  PROS                     CONS
One of the best toys to teach coding under budgetThere is no instruction manual
Two separate modes (Music & finger)OzoBlockly app can get quite buggy
Works both online & offline 

3)  Osmo – Coding Starter Kit

image 4 - 7 Best coding gift for 10 year kids in 2022


  • A puzzle-like coding kit that provokes problem-solving skills in young minds
  • Quite straightforward to adjust and not particularly challenging to use
  • Blocks-based pattern recognition games
  • It gives the end-user a highly interactive experience
  • Well-suited for kids of all ages

Appropriate Age;- 10 years.

image 5 - 7 Best coding gift for 10 year kids in 2022

If you’re a concerned parent out there looking to use screen time to teach the basics of programing to their child, then the Osmo Coding Kit is just the right product.

It’s basically a tablet toy that uses both digital and physical components to teach kids academics and a variety of cognitive and social skills.

Being a starter kit, it is both educational and entertaining for kids under 12, and by using it, your child will be able to move forward in this digital world.

Each Osmo Coding Starter Kit is provided with a basin reflector, storage box container containing all the plastic coding blocks, and an instruction manual.

All you need to set up the coding games is an iPad tablet placed in the Osmo base and the slider reflector connected at the top.

This reflector has a couple of built-in sensors to respond to the camera movement of the tablet, which faces directly below.

image 6 - 7 Best coding gift for 10 year kids in 2022

Now the coding blocks represent separate actions or commands. When connected in a specific manner (In front of the iPad), the playable character responds in the virtual in-game world.

These endless interactions will really benefit your child in problem-solving, which is an important component of coding.

The great thing about Osmo Starter Kit is that it lets your kid learn at their own pace.

Each of the three games that come with the set is unique in its own way. So, no matter what level your child is at when they begin to play Osmo, they can take it out at a rate that is ultimately going to benefit them.

                  PROS                     CONS
Hands-on physical commandsSome of the Osmo games are complex, for starters
Great audio and real-world feedbackRequires a functional iPad  
Boost creativity & critical thinking 

4)  Kano Computer Kit

image 7 - 7 Best coding gift for 10 year kids in 2022


  • One of the best toys to teach coding that makes use of creative teaching
  • Compatible with 100+ apps and hone dozens of programming challenges
  • It makes learning Python, Javascript, and terminal commands
  • A premium visual coding environment in a Lego-like setup
  • Raspberry Pi 3 hardware in a DIY wireless casing

Appropriate Age;- 10 years.

At number 4th spot, we have the Kano Computer Kit, a unique DIY product that allows children how to build a computer and then program in different languages like Python.

Its primarily marketed toward kids but can also be used by those who maybe want a lighter introduction coding concept.

It’s a fascinating product, and your young ones will definitely enjoy the overall experience because it was so simple to set up and use.

So, in a nutshell, the Kano Computer Kit is a fully working laptop or computer that you can create by wiring all the components together.

This will help your kid learn about electrical engineering in addition to programming.

Each unit sells for around $150 MSRP, which isn’t that much considering the learning platform it provides to young minds.

You will also get a separate display and a wireless keyboard inside the kit to further enhance the experience.

image 8 - 7 Best coding gift for 10 year kids in 2022

The Kano Computer kit uses a Raspberry Pi3 microprocessor which is to be connected to WIFI, and as a result, you will be able to access different apps like Google Maps, WhatsApp, and YouTube.

So, it provides a pretty functional experience and some custom software that is useful in programming the device.

Speaking of apps, it supports 100+ coding programs within the Kano app store. They are all curiosity-driven and will help your child in developing a variety of skills.

Another thing that I personally like about the Kano Computer Kit is its straightforward instruction booklet.

It goes through all the assembly steps and is fully colored, so even kids should be able to complete the kit.

                  PROS                     CONS
Build and code functionalityIt does not support Macs – no HDMI video input
Easy to assemble within minutesDefective memory card
Step by step disclosure to Python & JavaScript 

5)  Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit

image 9 - 7 Best coding gift for 10 year kids in 2022


  • Harry Potter series aspired coding toy with endless creativity
  • Compatible with Android tablets, iPads as well as PC
  • Easy to understand coding block challenges (+70) to aspire problem-solving
  • Great for learning JavaScript as well as acknowledging Logic gates and basic loops  
  • Codable LEDs along with replaceable batteries

Appropriate Age;- 10 years.

Coding is more than just providing a basic set of instructions to a computer system. For the most part, it can be a lot of fun if understood the right way.

That’s the concept of our next programming toy, the Harry Potter Coding Kit by Kano.

Being aspired by the Harry Potter franchise, this is a fully customizable coding wand which, by using an app, your kid can create spells that they perform in real-time.

The wand itself connects with Bluetooth to either a tablet (android/IOS) or direct links to your computer.

Packaging-wise, this kit is well laid-out, with all the DIY components equally organized.

Inside of it, you have the wand itself, which has a plastic body but gives a wooden texture for a more realistic experience.

image 10 - 7 Best coding gift for 10 year kids in 2022

In addition to that, there is a PCB stick or micro-controlled, along with a set of extra AA batteries and an instruction guide.

There are actually quite a few stickers that your kid can use to customize the wand.

They are also Harry Potter-themed to make the whole process even more fun. The only downside to this STEM toy is the fact that it runs on a tablet with a display size of 7 and above.

So, if your smartphone has a smaller display size, the app simply won’t work. Setting up the wand is literally a child’s play.

Once the PCB stick is adjusted in the wand, close the bus and pair it with your display device.

Inside the app, you have those different code blocks which can be dragged and dropped to create unique commands.

All in all, if you want to teach your kids practical coding skills at a very young age, then the Kano Harry Potter DIY Kit won’t disappoint.

                  PROS                     CONS
Top coding toys for 7-year-oldsWorks on display-size 7inch and above
Exclusive Harry Potter stickers & sound effectsRequires an active Bluetooth connection
On-screen block coding 

6)  Sphero SPRK+

image 11 - 7 Best coding gift for 10 year kids in 2022


  • A programmable STEM robot that aims to aspire coding through hands-on activities
  • Each unit is packed with UV coated plastic shells to improve resilience
  • Supports both android and IOS devices and their respective apps
  • A wide range of encoding sensors (like a gyroscope) and separate LED lights
  • Easy to code across JavaScript platforms

Appropriate Age;- 10 years.

61 UcXyK+4L. AC SL1480 - 7 Best coding gift for 10 year kids in 2022

This is fairly a new bit of gear from Sphero, who are known for making versatile educational toys and learning tools.

Compared to its predecessor, the Sphero SPRK+ is a cool circular orb-like robot with a hamster-wheel-style drive terrain.

It can be controlled via a smart device and is able to maneuver according to the commands in place.

Being a programmable educational toy, the Sphero SPRK+ has a couple of well-known features which sure to give your child that extra bit of support during his learning days.

For once, it’s coated with a plastic shell, which has anti-glare and anti-scratch capabilities. This will ensure that it remains viable even in most rowdy kids’ hands.

On top of that, it supports one-tap Bluetooth connectivity, which means whether you’re an IOS or an android user, it will have you covered.

Its end surface is covered with a bunch of precise sensors and motor encoders which means fun activities like painting, dancing, or maze running are on the go.

image 12 - 7 Best coding gift for 10 year kids in 2022

The same can be said in terms of its vibrant LED lights, which create a sense of curiosity. Sphero can even make fun little gestures and sounds that are controllable via the device app.

Speaking of which, this STEM toy boasts 100+ hands-on activities, some of which are community-driven to prepare your child for the technological era.

Currently used by thousands of schools in the US alone, Sphero SPRK+ is more than just a toy that is to be definitely used by parents to teach coding and beyond.

                  PROS                     CONS
Highly entertaining and educationalConnecting to iPod is troublesome
Scratch and water-resistantEnabling control mode can take a bit of time
Lots of inbound sensors 

7)  UBTECH Unicornbot

image 13 - 7 Best coding gift for 10 year kids in 2022


  • Fully constructible STEM robot that allows kids to personalize their learning experience
  • Teaches block coding, engineering, and problem-solving in real-time
  • A wide range of special effects thanks to the built-in color sensors
  • Everything comes pre-packaged with the kit  
  • Lego-like setup that is ideal for growing girls

Appropriate Age;- 7+

Closing the list for the best toys to teach coding, we have the UBTECH Unicornbot. It’s a wonderful coding kit that is ideal for girls who are into unicorns.

Not only will this toy teach her about the basics of coding, but it will also strengthen her cognitive skills.

One of the great things about Unicornbot is that it is extremely easy to assemble and use. It comes in Lego-like blocks, which won’t take much time and can be used on the go.

Their quality is also on the part, with some of the best STEM toys in the market. Unlike many coding toys for 7-year-old, the instructions are also thoroughly laid out.

Your kids will be able to follow each step and assemble the given pieces according to their heart’s content.

The built-in app that UBTECH Unicornbot is provided is also super functional.

image 14 - 7 Best coding gift for 10 year kids in 2022

Setting up coding commands is a breeze, and with only a bit of help, your child will be able to move around the toy as well as perform some pre-programmed actions.

Another cool feature that UBTECH Unicornbot comes provided is its multi-color sensors. They can be used with the packaged “magical cards” to carry out the specific task.

Overall, this one-of-a-kind Coding Stem Kit provides entertainment and education to young girls. It’s in no way boring and can keep them hooked for long hours.

                  PROS                     CONS
Drag and drop block sequenceOnly suited for under 10y/o girls
Step by step instruction guidePutting together the 400+ kit pieces can get overwhelming
Built-in color sensors 

Final Verdict

In conclusion, these were some of the best coding toys for 12-year-old and under. Each of them was picked on the basis of their popularity, customer feedback, and budget so that there is no bias in the end.

In general, the tech industry, especially coding, is here to stay, and you will hear a lot about it in the coming years.

As a parent, attending your children to after-school programs and summer schools may be rather costly. So, the best practice is to invest in a STEM toy.

They are suited for children of all ages and may teach them all the basic foundations of programming languages, rather in a fun way.


Q1, Is it possible to teach programming in a fun way?

Yes, programming is basically a skill, and like any skill, it takes time and effort to learn it. If the whole process is fun and curiosity-driven, the likeliness of someone understanding and sticking to it is pretty high.

Q2, What are some of the best ways to teach coding to kids?

To make coding easy for your children to understand, use techniques such as gamification and implement fun activities in their daily routine. You could also use scratch programming toys if your child feels invested in them.