How to access your pc from your android phone

Just imagine if you could convert your android phone into a remote control with which you could control the operations and applications on your PC. This android phone will help you to pause or start downloading of video streaming, email a file to your boss from your computer, play audio songs from your pc and also wake up a PC from hibernate mode.

In order to convert your phone into a multi-functional remote you will have to follow certain steps. There are various methods with which you can access your computer from your Android phones. Follow the steps to convert your Android phone into remote control:

  • Changing your routers MAC addresses: Firstly, make sure that both your pc and android phone are connected to the same router. In order to connect your android phone to the pc, you need to perform the following tasks:
    • Figure out the MAC address of your pc by typing ipconfig –all in the command prompt of a windows operating system. If you are using Linux or Mac operating system then type ifconfig –a in the terminal. Now, from this figure out your router’s MAC address which will be listed as the physical address which looks something like this a3: b9: 34: 54: cc: 10.
    • In this step you need to input MAC address, its name and IP address in the static IP settings. You can find these static IP settings by typing or in the address bar of your browser. If this doesn’t work then you can click  here to get other common router addres.
    • By following the above mentioned steps your android Smartphone will now be able to smoothly connect your PC.
  • Unified Remote set up: For this method all you need is to download the Unified remote software from here

Now follow the following steps

  1. Run and install the software downloaded from the above mentioned link.
  2. Make sure you keep a difficult password rest everything is simple because you just need to stick the defaults.
  3. In case you are asked to open the firewall for this program then you can go ahead and do as it asks.
  4. Now download the android app from the play store or from the unified remote website whose link is as follows:
  5. Once the app on your phone is launched and the Unified Remote software is running on your PC plus with the help of a strong network then it will automatically configure itself
    1. If it doesn’t configure itself then you can manually add your server by entering your PC’s IP address. This will connect the two devices and now you have to open the basic input option in the app which will let your phone’ touch screen act like a mouse.
    2. The only limitation in this method is to use this method you have to be able to look at your computer screen too.
    3. VNC: VNC meaning Virtual Network Commuting is probably the best way to access your PC from the phone. With this you can convert the doc files into PDF and mail it to your client while you are watching TV in another room. For this method you need to download the VNC server software from the following link:

After successfully downloading the software follow the following steps:

  1. Install the server and set a strong password. Now you need to grab a VNC app for your phone which you can get from the following address:
  2. To configure all you need is to input the PC’s name, IP address and the strong password then press connect button.
  3. Now you can connect to your PC from anywhere. The VNC software works excellently with a strong and secure network.

Thus, you will now be able to access your PC from your android Smartphone turned remote control of your PC!

Please note all the above methods are listed mostly for PC with Windows operating systems.