How to Add Thumbnail in YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the most accessed and liked video platforms of today’s digital world. People not only use it to see the unlimited content uploaded there but a large number of viewers themselves have turned into content creators.

Looking back, it hasn’t been that long since the number of content creators started increasing on YouTube. With around 31 million channels, more than 500 hours of content is uploaded on YouTube every minute! And the content creators are increasing with each day.

We all know there is always a first time for everyone, and so there is a first time for a YouTube creator as well. And this article is for all those people who are starting or have started their own channel recently.

Here you will find all kinds of tutorials that will help you kick-start your channel by uploading the content you create.

This how-to guide is to teach you to add thumbnails to your YouTube videos. Since thumbnail is the first thing viewers come across when they are about to play a video, and if the thumbnail is attractive enough to keep them hooked, then only they will play the video.

At times thumbnails are more important than the title of the video itself, so the success of a video lies in the thumbnail that must be good enough to bring in the viewers.

And for all the beginners out there, given below are the few easy-to-follow steps that they can go through while setting up their new YouTube channel.

Steps to Add Thumbnail in YouTube Videos

To begin with, if you haven’t already made your channel, as a plus in this blog, we’ll also guide you to make one. You can follow the given steps and it won’t take you very long to have your own channel.

15 mins 15 minutes

  • Open the YouTube webpage by clicking

    You will be taken to the official webpage of YouTube of your region, wherever you are, depending on the location your devices are set at.

  • Click on the SIGN IN button in the left sidebar of the webpage.

    You will be redirected to the Google sign-in page because YouTube is a Google product. So you can simply set up your YouTube account by connecting it to your Google account.

  • Create Your YouTube Channel

    create youtube channel

    Once you are on the website, log in with your account, follow the given steps to finish setting up your channel. Click on your profile button in the top right corner of the webpage. Select Create Channel from the drop-down.

  • Click on the Get Started button.

    getting started with youtube channels

    You will see another dialog box asking you to choose a name for your channel.
    You will see two options, you can make the channel with your name, that is your Google account name, or give in any other name.

  • Select Button for your Youtube Channel

    button for youtube channel

    Click on the Select button under any option you want to go ahead with.

    Next, you will see your channel has been created and you will be asked to upload a profile picture, channel description, and links to your other social media accounts if any.
    Once you’re done setting everything, you will be redirected to your channel’s webpage, where you can upload videos, access settings, see your subscribers, and whatnot.
    You can immediately start uploading content from this page. To do so, move on to the next heading.

  • Uploading your First Video on YouTube

    select youtube studio

    Click on your profile button in the top right corner of the webpage.
    You will see a dropdown menu.

    Click on the YouTube Studio button.  
    You will be redirected to the YouTube Studio where you have tools to keep a check on the progress your content is making such as views, watch hours, and many more things at your disposal with just a click.
    To upload your video,

  • Click on the Upload Videos button on the left side of the webpage.

    upload video on youtube

    You can also upload a video by clicking on the Create button on the top right corner of the webpage and clicking on the Upload Videos button in the dropdown menu.

  • Select a file from your local drive to upload the video

    Click on the Select Files button.
    Choose the required media file from your device.
    Click on the Open button.

  • Add the title and description of the Video

    add title and description

    While it is being uploaded, you can change the file’s name; and to do so,
    Click on the Title bar on the extreme left corner of the dialog box.
    Type the name.
    You can also add the description of your video and give some details about the video. To do so,
    Click in the Description box under the Title box.
    Type in the details you would want to add.
    After this, wait until the video is uploaded, and once you see it is, the final stage of the process comes.

  • Add a thumbnail to the video

    add video thumbnail

    Once the video has been uploaded, scroll down and see the Thumbnail option. You will see a number of suggested thumbnails provided by YouTube to make your work easier, but you are suggested to upload one of your own.

    To upload the thumbnail,
    Click on the Upload Thumbnail button.

  • A First-Time Concern: Verify your account

    Since the account you just made is new and isn’t verified, you will need to provide your contact number to get it verified, it is a two-step process and will never be an issue again. Hence, for the first time, when you’re uploading a video, when you try to upload a thumbnail from your device, a popup will appear asking you to verify your account.

    So, to verify the account,
    Click on the Verify button in the popup menu.
    You will be directed to another webpage that will require you to mention your country and contact number, and input the verification code you will receive on your phone. 

    Once you get your account verified, you can move back to the YouTube Studio, and continue where you left off.

  • Upload Thumbnail for youTube Video

    upload thumbnail from local device

    Click on the Upload Thumbnail button.
    A dialog box will open, allowing you to upload an image from your device.

    Choose the required image file from your device.
    Click on the Open button.
    The thumbnail will be uploaded and it’ll be visible on the video preview to show you how it looks.

  • Select video made for kids or not

    You will be asked to answer a question before you proceed.

    Click on the option depending on your target audience.
    Click on the Next button.
    You will be taken to the second last step of uploading the video. Here,
    Click on Learn more if you want to add an end screen or cards.
    If not, then,
    Click on the Next button.

  • Publish YouTube video Private/Unlisted/Public

    publish youtube video private-unlisted-public

    You will be asked the final questions before uploading,
    Select the desired options after reading the points carefully, and
    Click on the Save button.
    Your video is ready to be accessed by the audience as per your chosen settings.

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