Angular Vs angularJS Diffference

AngularJS and Angular are both frameworks. Especially brought in for Client-side programming. They use HTML structure as the template language and are proposed to build dynamic web pages. However, AngularJS had been overtaken by Angular 2 in 2016.

Despite the fact they overlapped yet have many differences between them, we will head over in this blog post.

Why are Angular and angularJS different?

AngularJS is based on JavaScript, while Angular on the typescript. You can say that Typescript is the latest version of JavaScript. Similarly, Angular is an advanced version of AngularJS, with enhanced speed, extensive tools support, a few additional concepts. AngularJS uses an MVC controller, while angular uses components that reduce complexity in coding.

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Differences between Angular and AngularJS

Release date and Introduction of angular and angular js

Angular 1, also known as AngularJS, first released on October 10, 2010, by Google LLC. Its core is based on JavaScript.

Angular 2, Also known as Angular, was later released on 14 September 2016 by Google. It is based on JavaScript/Typescript.

Different architectures  of Angular VS AngularJS

AngularJS uses the Model View Controller.

Angular Uses components and directives.

Binding Data in different ways

AngularJS uses ng-bind & {{}} to bind data.

Angular uses (), [] (braces) to bind data.

Dependencies Injection in AngularJS VS Angular.

AngularJS Dependencies injected by link function, directive function, controller function.

Angular uses Hierarchical dependencies function by declarations, constructor functions, and providers.

Mobile Support

AngularJS is not fully compatible with building mobile apps.

Angular is compatible with tools like native that are fundamental to develop mobile apps.


AngularJS does not support CLI. It provides only GUI.

Angular has both CLI and GUI. However, CLU is generally preferred by expert developers.


AngularJS gained popularity when it was released. It dominated the tech industry for a period between 2010 to 2017. Later, when the rewrite version of AngularJS had been put forward. That was Angular, with incredible improvements in it.

 popularity Angular Vs angularJS

 It took over AngularJS popularity. Soon Angular became the most popular java framework. However, nowadays, many frameworks are doing well out of there.

Angular VS AngularJS Performance


AngularJS and Angular both are well secured. Google first uses itself before launching it in the world. This approach makes them trusted.


The speed performance of Angular and AngularJS is not a one-way decision. As for great web apps that needed millions of lines of code, developers use Angular. It is because Angular’s component-based architecture turns out to be easier to handle large codes. On the other hand, for small SPAs, the AngularJS are still taking forward leaps around. Since it uses MVC, that is somewhat preferred when coding a small project.

Which is better, Angular or AngularJS?

Angular is a far better choice to learn in 2020. It is advanced, and the main thing about this is it is still being supported. The new versions are just coming out as the tech industry moves forward.  While AngularJS, unfortunately, is no longer supported by any community. It means if it catches any bugs or needs improvements. No one is going to do something about this.

However, for beginners, AngularJS is still considered as the better approach because it uses JavaScript only. In contrast, angular uses JavaScript too, but you have to learn typescript as well, which is nothing but just a pain for a few days to get through.

Typescript code does not manipulate in a browser unless you transcribe it into JavaScript. It is because the browsers still support the only JavaScript for SPAs. That’s why we recommend beginners to start with angular. Later they can move on the angular, which will not require much effort.

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Advantages of Using Angular over AngularJS

Many factors make Angular a better choice. However, let’s head over some of the most significant advantages you will get if you learn and use Angular.


The most significant advantage of angular over angular js is that angular has support for typescript. Not to mention Typescript is the most updated version of JavaScript. It is  Known as a powerset of JavaScript.

Advantages of Using Angular over AngularJS

Coding in typescript is made easier. It finds out real-time bugs in code. The developers can quickly fix that in no time.

Therefore coding in angular is also more comfortable than AngularJS.

AOT- ahead of time Compilation

AOT compilation that angular offers put together developers to run code in a browser.

Basically, it is related to typescript. What AOT does is transcribed your .ts file into .js while loading in a web browser. It works for components too.

That makes it easier to run a partial code directly in a browser to see if that code is working all fine.

CLI (Command Line Input)

Another significant advantage that comes along with angular is CLI. It saves time by automating many tasks. For Instance, In GUI (graphical User Interface), we have to create folders for a project. That indeed reduces productivity while we try to focus on coding.

CLI Angular vs AngularJS

CLI is something that can take your coding skills to the next level. It is a modern way of writing codes in a nutshell. Only by writing a few command lines, you will get many things done instantly. For more, check out their official documentation.


Components are also another good reason to learn Angular as the first choice. The Components in angular made it easier to handle a big app partially, which is the primary approach of Angular.

component Angular vs AngularJS

Why components? It is because it is so easy to combine a bunch of different logics as an output view. A web page has many subparts. Each part is called a widget containing all properties, features, and everything needed to function it.

For instance, observe our web page. It has a menu bar on the top. And then, on the right-side, a sidebar containing some categories. Footer in the bottom,

By using components, it becomes easy to combine them all. Even they have been coded and designed partially by individuals.

Latest & Updates

It is also, I believe, a significant advantage of learning angular. The first thing you should know about AngularJS is that AngularJS is no longer supported.

updated Angular vs AngularJS

You cannot expect any changes to it. On the other hand, Angular 2 or Angular +  is being updated by Google. There are so many updated versions.

Each one precedes the previous one.

However, the AngularJS family is out of the family. Any latest version that comes out is followed by Angular and overlapped.

Less Complexity

This is the main reason why people prefer Angular to AngularJS. Writing code in angular is not so difficult. Many factors act on it. Such as typescript typing factors. CLI mode, and directives, and components architecture and things are going on… Additionally, writing a program that requires thousands of code lines is also not so complicated when you use Angular.

Advantages of AngularJS over Angular

Although AngularJS is an older version of Angular, yet at some points, AngularJS fits better—lets’ dig out some advantages.

Recommend to Beginners

learning curve in Angular and AngularJS

The first advantage of AngularJS is based on JavaScript. So if you have java, just learn the JavaScript. To implement and create the first project, you should play with this framework for a while. Later, when you get some experience from this framework, you can move on to angular.

To summarize it, JavaScript is the base. So you can learn java better with AngularJS. Moreover, you will become able to develop some SPA soon.


The controller-based architecture helps you build any dynamic properties you would have to implement on your web page.

controllar diagram Angular and AngularJS

The controller makes it possible for you, even though you have no knowledge of typescript. Not to mention, it is outdated now. Anyways you want to play with this, go ahead and check out the magic in this.

Why upgrade to Angular from AngularJS?

Back in 2010, when Google introduced AngularJS, there was no much hype in using frameworks at all. The JavaScript was only a way to go for building a dynamic web page. JavaScript almost had everything that needed to move on. It is also a fact that JavaScript is an extendable language. There are no limits at all.

However, Typescript was introduced in 2012, turning out JavaScript even better and easy to code. That took away all the complexity, and soon, it became a better version of JavaScript. The Developers found it useful.

So the AngularJS also needed some improvements in order to provide an excellent user experience. Therefore they have rewritten AngularJS, and this time they focused on the typescript as a core factor.

Hence the Angular had been put forward in 2016.

While both frameworks share the same destination, almost have the same properties, same uses, but angular is more geared towards providing a better user experience. And it is a lot easier to manage large codes in angular.

Angular Modularity is the main factor.

Angular modularity is the prime reason why developers upgraded from AngularJS to angular. This angular property lets developers build packages, modules, or you can say widgets. that later can be combined into one. It helps developers to work more efficiently. All the modules can be handled by an individual and by using the component property. Web developers found this so handy. That’s the reason many web developers prefer angular as a web framework.

Important FAQs

Are Angular and AngularJS the same?

Yes, Angular and Angular are both the same. Still, what makes differences between them is that Angular is the latest framework, while angular js has outdated.

Should I learn AngularJS in 2020?

You should learn AngularJS first if you are a very beginner. By learning AngularJS, you will learn some additional concepts like directives, modules and will become able to create some JavaScript functions that will help you a lot when you work in angular with typescript.

Honestly, AngularJS is not recommended if you aim to be a developer in 2020. However, it will improve your coding creativity and, most importantly, let you fully occupied with JavaScript shortly in a beginner-friendly environment.

When to use AngularJS VS angular?

If You want to build a small such as a single page web app using only JavaScript language. You better use AngularJS. Make sure your project does not require any additional functions, and the size should be small. On the other use Angular with Typescript to build something big which you think you will need many dynamic pages. And a bunch of functions is required. Angular will help you lessen the complexity.