is Apkpure safe and secure?

Let’s take a review of the apkpure store and know why it’s safe to use

I’ve read dozens of reviews on different sites about the safety and privacy issues regarding the site, just to see what others comment on that. Fortunately, I didn’t find any bad reviews pointing to the site, like something that the website is harmful or contains viruses.

If you don’t want to install apps from the play store, you might have some reason. The app may have been taken down by Google for containing adult or illegal content, or the app may not be available in your country. 

Still, you could still get that app.

There are websites or stores like apkpure that offer free apps and games in apk format. They are the go-to way to get apps without a Google Play store account.

Why apkpure is safe to use?

Following are the reasons why we trust apkpure website.

  • It’s been years since the website has been serving loads of apps and games to millions of users. And not a single person is found complaining about privacy.
  • Many android apps developers have tested many apk files available on the apkpure. They didn’t even find any sort of virus patch there, so it’s a safe website to download free apks.
  • Also, the site has been running for years, millions of users have downloaded apks from the site over the years, and you will find the majority of them are satisfied with their privacy. 
  • Thus we personally trust their apks and recommend them to you. As long as you know the app or game you are about to download from the website, you’re good to go. 

However, many of these kinds of websites are not actually legal since they let their users download mod apk files, which means providing paid apps for free.

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What is the Apkpure website?

Apkpure is a website where you can download apk files of almost every android game and app. 

It started as a website and with time it has become a well-known app store to download apk packages. Currently, it’s one of the most popular apk-store on the internet.

Also, it’s completely free to use for everyone, with no subscription instead you will have to bear some advertisement on the downloading page.

  • free to use.
  • Totally Safe and Secure.
  • Frequent updates.
  • Higher download speed.
  • Apps, games, etc. are available in abundance.
  • Extracting XAPKs does not require any additional RAR tools.
  • XAPKs are available through ApkPure. In order for any app to work, these files contain the OBB Files, which in turn are required to run any game or application.

Can apps downloaded from apkpure harm your privacy?

No, your privacy is secure with the apps you download from the APKPure store. 

However, the app you download should be trusted, meanwhile, there are apps that ask for permissions like storage, location, cameras, Google account, and many more. 

With that said, if the app is untrusted at that moment, your privacy might be at risk of being leaked.

That’s the reason why the Google play store is one of the trusted app stores. 

The store doesn’t list apps that ask for too many permissions for no reason.

What’s wrong with pure APK?

Although the website itself is trusted by many. But still, there is something bad about the store that you should be aware of.

  • There are many apps that are not safe for children, contain Illegal content, and apps that ask for permissions that they don’t require. 
  • Unlike official stores, such websites don’t really care about the kinds of apps they have, rather they just increase the number. Which results in many fishy apps also being available there.

Who owns the Apkpure website?

The APKPure store was started back in 2014 by an individual team named team apk pure.

Later after it became a brand, a company Blizzard Entertainment Inc took over it.

As of now in 2021 the APKPure store is owned by the blizzard entertainment company.

Is apkpure apps and games as safe as the Google play store?

No, they don’t. Not only apkpure but all other similar websites are not as much trusted as official app stores like the google play store.

It’s for this reason that the official app store asks app developers not to publish any app that contains illegal content or sexual content. 

In addition, their rating systems are something that makes publishers offer a high level of user experience. Otherwise, negative reviews damage the reputation of the apps.

As app owners, we tend to avoid it, which is why we strive to make our apps stand out by serving the best user experience. Unlike unofficial apps where you don’t see such an environment.

What is an Apk file?

APK (Android package kit) is an installable format of android software. You can even delete an apk file after installing the program.

This file contains an installable app that is supported by an android based operating system like android mobiles and android emulators for PC.

The point to be noted here is that an apk file might not work on an android based system if the operating system is outdated, or too latest for the apk file. 

However, you can install multiple times one apk files, they’re like executable programs which extract out the app yet don’t lose out on anything.

To download free apk files of any android software, websites like apkpure, apkmonk, apkhere and so many similar sites can be found over the internet. 

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