5 Best Ark Server Hosting Providers for Premium Gaming In 2021 – Reviewed

I hope that I am on the right track when I say that,

Finding the Best Ark Server Hosting setup that offers a low latency gaming experience is a tedious job in 2021.

ARK Survival had been of the greatest hits in the gaming world since its launch back in 2015. It has currently sold more than 10million copies on the platform alone, and that’s without taking into consideration the console sales. This game was a step-up for the open-world crafting genre like Minecraft, allowing players to tame wild dinosaurs and build powerful weapons and strategic defenses, unlike any title before it.

When Ark was first dropped with its complex multiplayer mechanics, the server hosting world had to adapt quickly. They were charged with the task to provide hosting to the game that wasn’t much appropriately optimized. On top of that, what made things harder was the massive server resources Ark utilizes due to the higher player count.

So, with all these factors taken into consideration, today we will discuss some of the best ark server hosting 2021 that you can avail yourself of without breaking the bank. They are known for their quality, prime hardware, and supreme customer service that you simply won’t find anywhere else. So, let’s get into it!

1) ScalaCube

ScalaCube: Ark Server Hosting


  • It comes equipped with a Free domain
  • Known for its top of the line DDoS protection
  • Fully accessible custom launcher

Starting our list at number one, we have ScalaCube, our pick for overall Best Ark Server Hosting in 2021. If your searching for a fast and reliable server while still maintaining your budget, then you can’t go wrong choosing ScalaCube. They are industry-leading when it comes to hosting multiplayer titles such as Ark out there for quite some time. Let’s take a look at what they have to offer,

Ease of Navigation

ScalaCube provides premium hosting to gamers worldwide. You can avail of their service for games like Minecraft, Hytale, Rust and ARK within no time. Their website is straightforward to use and navigate. You will get direct access to most of its options right on the homepage.

The control panel might not be top of the line, but it thoroughly covers all aspects, which you won’t find in any ark: survival evolved server hosting free. Similarly, most of the features are simply labelled for the user’s convenience that can be used after quick signup.

Quality of Hardware

Their servers are majorly located in four areas, including North America, UK, Australia, and Europe. This means that if you’re looking for an ark server hosting Australia, then you’re better off with ScalaCube. Their servers are based on the current-gen Linux-based systems, i.e., Ubuntu 18.04, so you can get the ultimate robustness in a single package.

Additionally, it relies on versatile management to help you out in CPU-related performance issues. This also makes it versatile so you can adjust your server functionality according to your requirements.

General Reliability and Perks

ScalaCube gives you thousands of mod packs covered within their subscription plan. You can also create custom mod packs using built-in utilities like Forge, which further adds a bit of taste to your ARK Survival journey. On top of that, they offer industry-leading 99% uptime so that you can stay connected with your ARK group most of the times.

If that’s not enough, you will definitely love their down-time agreement policy in which you will be refunded the amount of time suffered in down-time. It even protects your server from any potential DDoS attacks, which are pretty standard these days.

Ultra-low latency for smoother gameplayTheir server locations are pretty limited
Protection from unwanted data losses through automatic backupsModerate subscription plans
Receives payments in multiple currencies

2) Nodecraft

nodecraft Ark Server Hosting


  • Premium hardware for no input lag
  • Intuitive control panel with easy setup
  • A wide variety of games to choose from

We all know how frustrating it can be to get constant interruption while playing your favorite mod on ARK survival. It can ruin your gaming experience entirely and hinder your competitiveness concerning other players. On top of that, blockage of routers and additional security issues can further hamper your match.

To free you from all these complications, we present you with Nodecraft, which is another prime Ark Server Hosting that can get you up and running within no time!

Added Versatility

Nodecraft started back in 2012; it has become one of the Best Ark Server Hosting markets. Currently, it offers popular game server hostings for almost everyone. Their compact in-house development team is based in Arizona and offers 25 online games to choose from, including 7 Days to Die, ECO, and, of course, ARK Survival.

In addition to that, their well-designed control panel lets you navigate and deploy your server instantly. You can get the ultimate online gaming experience without any lag issues. Besides that, they have a dedicated support staff that is available to hear your queries 24/7. It’s a complete all in one unit.

Available Slots

There is no doubt that Nodecraft is one of the most used hosting sites for gaming. The features they offer are present at an exceptionally low price, perfect for those with tight budgets. The thing which I like the most is that they provide unlimited gaming slots for their customers. Overall, the ram size varies from 1GB to 4GB, while the SSD averages 5GB to an astonishing 20GB.

In contrast to that, they offer dedicated IP as well as DDoS protection within the same price tag, which is truly remarkable. Due to their simplicity, ease of use and high-end procedures, they have the upper hand over competitors.

Level of Security

Nodecraft prioritizes the safety of their customer data by ensuring that their servers remain invulnerable to any hackers. You can play with players beyond the borders thanks to their implementation of servers worldwide. This is something that helps you enhance the gaming experience and challenge players of various nationalities.

Another thing to note is that your data will be backed up every day, with 10GB to 40GB storage based on personal preferences. You’re in-game folders, and every other detail is stored every day to ensure that you don’t lose any vital data during the procedures. The layers of provided protection will be all that you need to safeguard yourself on the internet.

Provides free trial without the need of a credit cardAs compared to competitors, their shared RAM is a bit low
Technical support is available 24/7Max 12 players for each device
Affordable and easy to use hosting

3) Shockbyte

Shockbyte Ark server hosting


  • 100% up-time on almost every game
  • Auto-updates and installation
  • FTP access with server console

If your planning to hit your PC for a hunting expedition on ARK survival, then finding a fast, reliable, and secure server should be the number one priority in your to-do list. Although, as we know, getting the Best Ark Server Hosting is no easy task as there are dozens of options on the internet.

To streamline your selection, I present you with Shockbyte, one of the leading Australian-based gaming hosting providers on the market. Their servers are intuitive, responsive and performance-driven, separating them from the vast competition.

Overall Layout and Policy

Like Nodecraft, it came into existence back in 2013; it provided quality hosting for premium games like Minecraft, Rust, and ARK. In the last couple of years, they have served more than 100 thousand customers worldwide, enhancing their stance. Clients trust them because of their powerful and effective governing tools such as automatic updates and 24-hours refund policy.

Their website promises a speedy and ultra-responsive setup. Besides that, Shockbyte incorporates high-end screen savor visuals on the home page, making every aspect aesthetically pleasing. They even feature a live-chat option to connect with customer service within a short amount of time.

Control Panel Adjustments

The control panel that Shockbyte offers is highly reasonable in every aspect. From visuals to adjustability, you won’t find any complications. It is also widely renowned as multi-craft, making it a one-stop solution to solve any issues related to ARK Survival. Speaking of which, their customer support team can guide you even without logging in so you can have additional ease of mind.

With the aid of state-of-the-art equipment, Shockbyte provides the best service to its gamers. It features DDR4 RAM regulated with highly potent Intel Xeon processors that operate at 4GHz of the base speed. Moreover, they are equipped with NVMe SSDs, which are some of the premium hardware in the tech world, if you haven’t noticed.

Mods and Pricing

Shockbyte has 40 different mod packs that are regulated in various categories. Whether you’re looking for Steam Workshop mods or Expansion packs, they got you covered. Besides that, you can install the mod pack of your choice using their sublime one-click installer.

There is an added flexibility in plugins in Shockbyte, which is hard to get these days. You can explore the versatile list directly from the control panel, but if you are still confused, you can download plugins from multiple sources.

Moving on to the pricing, they offer three main subscription plans. The most basic one is the Raptor, starting at $15/month with 30 players slots. At the same time, the high-end category regulates at $50/month that can support up to 125 player slots.

Shockbyte boasts a free MySQL databaseTheir premium plans aren’t actually cheap
Low-latency connection, with instant setup and auto ModdingSpecific issues related to dedicated IP addon
Wide variety of server locations

4) HostHavoc

HostHavoc Ark server hosting premim game servers


  • One of the high-end Niche providers
  • Self-managed with API plugins
  • It covers more than 10 Global locations

ARK server hosting 2021 comes in various categories and subscription plans, each with its own set of pros and cons. However, when we talk about quality and experience, non-other can match the resilience of Host Havoc.

They’re a Canadian-based hosting provider that thrives in providing high-performance hosting service at a budget-oriented cost. No matter your ARK gaming preferences and server requirements, they will have you covered.

Personalized Dashboard

HostHavoc uses one of the most flexible and powerful ARK control panel in the industry, known as Multi-craft. This fully functional C-panel is used to perform a variety of admin tasks with ease. Just signup for their service, and you will be immediately provided with credentials and be prompted to log in to your server.

Now, if you’re a prime ARK player and wants to tailor the settings for your convenience, then you will definitely enjoy Multi-craft’s intuitive setup and features. Some of these perks include Full FTP access, automatic backups, auto-mod packs installer and many more. Plus, this multi-craft compatible server hosting supports all type of mod packs, including Vanilla and FTB.

Across the Board Performance

Over time, HostHavoc has servers located in more than 11 data centres across the Globe. All of which are contributing to their guaranteed up-time of 99.99%. This is made possible by keeping the data centres up to date with the latest hardware on the market. The core of their performance resides in Xeon based processing chips, with a core clock of 4.5GHz.

While for storage, they utilize NVMe SSDs, which on average are 7X faster than their traditional counterparts. This functionality helps you to immediately jump into your ARK game with your invited friends and enjoy hours upon hours of excellent open-world experience.

Additional Functionalities

Its also worth noting that HostHavoc furnishes hosting services for a wide array of other online games as well, just if you want to get a bit of variety of taking an occasional break from the harsh environments of ARK survival. Additionally, they offer Webhosting, VPS and dedicated servers. All of which are known for their excellence. Their safety procedures are regulated Source Engine query intrusion so that you won’t be disappointed in the long run.

Highly-quality hosting service at a reasonable price tagPerformance can significantly vary on server location
Added protection from typical UDP floodsLimited slots for ARK lovers
Supports DLCs like Ragnarok and Genesis

5) GTXGaming

GTXGaming game server hosting


  • Equipped with both off-site and on-site backups
  • Includes all current ARK maps and DLCs
  • Low latency connection in 3000+ servers

Finally, we have GTXGaming, another Best Ark Server Hosting for high-end gamers and enthusiasts. It might not be a top-end choice for users, but it’s certainly not the least for delivering quality. Let’s take a brief look at what does GTXGaming have to offer,

Ease of Use

GTXGaming has tons of navigation options on its websites than any of its competition. The main reason for that is because it provides a lot of services for your buck. The home page is clearly lined up with the perks that you will be getting on your purchase. Overall, aesthetic wise it is a flexible option on the market.

All the necessary information is at the primary setup for users’ convenience, so you won’t need to spend much time navigating. Again, it might be something like ScalaCube or Nodecraft, but it’s good to go for fulfilling general needs.

Mod Installation and Specs

This featured Ark server hosting gives you dozens of mods and DLCs, out of the box. If there is a new map released for this game, they will be quick to set it up for you. With that said, you can’t add mods by yourself, though, which is a bummer. Although, they do offer one-click installation with their reasonable looking control panel. When it comes to server locations, they simply stand out from the rest.

GTXGaming has server locations in Europe, Asia, North America as well as South America. Similarly, they boast huge promises performance-wise. They feature enterprise hardware, so the given processor can range from E3 up to i7/i9CPUs.

Safety Protocols

By choosing GTXGaming, your ARK experience becomes genuine, and your servers remain safe since it has quality DDoS protection on all data centres. While for additional safety, they feature automatic off-site backup of your game, so even if the system’s overall security is compromised, your data and dedicated plugins will be up and running.

Additionally, they boast 24 hours refund policy, so if somehow you don’t like their service, you can get your money back without any complication.

Compatible with CROSS TRAVEL support so that you can merge unlimited serversMeagre player slots even in premium plans
Game-switch feature incorporatedMoney return policy is limited to 24 hours
Based on top of the line E3 processors

Things to Consider While Buying the Best ARK Server Hosting 2021

Things to Consider While Buying the Best ARK Server Hosting

Before you get yourself the best bang for buck gaming hosting service, there are a couple of things that you need to take into consideration, which is under as,


The first and foremost thing to notice while buying any type of hosting plan is your budget. You need to make sure that the hosting you chose meets your requirement while costing the least. Additionally, make sure that the price plans do not limit the number of player slots you will incorporate.

Setup Procedure & Navigation

A premium ARK Survival is the one that requires a minimum amount of hindrance during setup procedures. Trust me; you don’t want to spend hours while adjusting it. Similarly, the leading website needs to stand out from the rest in terms of visuals and convenience as it gives the customer extra peace of mind.

Customer Support

Even in today’s technology-driven world, people face complications, and the best server is the one that is always there to resolve your issue. Ensure that your ARK hosting has 24-hour customer support, phone or email ticket, and live chat support for added comfort.

Overall Uptime

Uptime is the amount of given time within a day when your server will be up and running. Ideally, aim for an ARK service provider which has 100% uptime like Shockbyte. However, if your budget is short, anything between 98-99% will also do wonders.

Server Location

We all know how annoying it is to receive a high ping in multiplayer competitive games like ARK survival. Your server has to have an ideal ping rate so players can enjoy the ultimate experience. This majorly depends upon the data center locations of your hosting provider. You need to be ensured that they have servers located all around the Globe or at least close to your living space.


All in all, this was our narrowed-down list of the companies offering ARK server hosting at different price points. These Ark Server Hostings remain some of the best in the industry as they have stuck from day one. In addition, they have shown to provide a quality experience to their customers with dozens of features at the backend.

So, no matter which one you pick from the list, you won’t be disappointed. Although, some of the perks are specific for each hosting such as FTP access with server console in Shockbyte and ScalaCube with their free domain retrieval. But in conclusion, they are ideal for hosting any ARK game. If you are still unsure, we will advise you to host your game on your setup; however, this process comes with drawbacks.


Q1, What is the overall cost of availing ark server hosting?

Well, it depends from one hosting provider to another; however, the typical starting point resides from $5/month. Keep in mind that your price may vary depending on your slots and additional features.

Q2, Why my ARK server hosting has too high a ping rate?

Higher ping typically results from network connectivity related issues. If your server hosting provider has lack of or no datacenters near your living, then you might be susceptible to high ping in any multiplayer title.

Q3, Can I host my own ARK server?

Yes, you can definitely host your own dedicated ARK server in just a couple of steps. But before that, you need to make sure that your system has the necessary hardware to meet the requirements. Learn more on that by clicking here.

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