List of Best Animes for Programmers (MUST WATCH)

This is by far the most important thing you read because as a programmer you also need to relax and watch your favorite anime. But which one is the best anime for programmers? Let’s find out

Watching anime is subjected mostly to children but nowadays adults are equally interested in them. Anime is the best way to get out of boredom and to learn new things, especially for programmers.

They keep you glued to your TV or the device on which you are watching it and are of great interest and information.

Here we are about to discuss the list of best animes for programmers.

We are sure you will learn a lot of new coding tricks and get your mind relaxed after watching them.

List of best animes for programmers in 2022

1. System Engineer

System Engineer is basically a story revolving around two characters Shirou Oka and Momoka.

Oka is a university student while the little girl Momoka studies in a high school just in front of Oka’s university. Oka used to see her every day and hence fell in love with her.

He never tells her about his one-sided love even though he ended up with his study. 

He tried to forget the girl a lot but all in vain. Then he decided to join a job and devote everything to his coding career. He succeeded in landing a job at Peach System Co as a system engineer.

Soon he conquered that the job is much more than programming and it was not for him. 

He also got to know that the same girl Momoka was the president of that company and was hitting the ball of success quite hard as a programmer.

She was running her small business of programming, coding, and prototyping.

In short, there is a lot to learn in this best anime for programmers. 

2. Zankyou No Terror

Zankyou No Terror is another great anime show that gained a huge hype all over the world, especially among programmers. It’s because there is a lot to learn for programmers.

It’s a story of two basic characters named nine and twelve who rule over the internet world and work harder to learn the deep secrets of the internet.

The first part of the movie illustrates a terrorist attack on a nuclear facility in Japan.

Both the government and the police are unable to figure out and map the routes to the culprits.

Soon a video starts revolving around the city showing two young boys threatening to cause destruction. In short, you will see how these boys made the whole city fall around them by using their coding tricks.

3. Bloody Monday

Bloody Monday is called a super epic detective drama by its fans.

It is one of the most superhit Japanese drama seasons portraying a genius hacker, Takagi Fujimaru.

He is a master in coding and hacking and uses these techniques to save the world against terrorists. 

The Father of fujimaru gets caught in the worst terrorism mystery called Bloody Monday.

This forces him to solve it by using his special hacking techniques and clear his father’s name from this dirty mystery. The movie has two seasons and both are considered among the best animes for programmers.

 4. Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the shell is a famous Japanese anime based on hacking and cybernetics. It is portraying the future time of around 2029 to 2034 when the technology is so advanced.

People can switch their human limbs to robotic hands and feet.

This movie also reflects the investigation of a string of mysterious suicides by the refugees from the Siak Republic. 

Later on, investigators find out that the suicides are caused by a hacker named Puppeteer who knows the trick to hack the brains of people.

In short, the movie is a blend of fun and mystery and falls among the best animes for programmers.

5. Cloud

Cloud is an anime that can relate to both kids and adults. The story begins when the Tokyo Metro Central Computer gets cracked.

The story then revolves around a brilliant child who has grown up as an expert black hat hacker. 

His dream is to make a dream kingdom on the top of clouds. You can watch this movie to figure out how he made this dream of his come true.

6. Expelled from Paradise

Expelled from paradise is another mind-boggling science fiction film based on programmers and hackers. The masterpiece is directed by Seiji Mizushima and written by Gen Urobuchi. It stuns its viewers with a great story of a hacker who infiltrates the cyber universe.

The anime shows the future of earth when there is only 2% human population left and the rest all are rolled up in a disaster. Their bodies are transformed into some virtual structures that are residing in a space station called DEVA.

All in all, the movie is fun to watch for programmers and hackers and we are sure you won’t waste your time watching it.

7. Baldr Force Exe Resolution

It is a mysterious yet unique anime based on two different worlds of which one is the real world and the other one is a digital or virtual world.

Soma Toru is a member of a hacking group named Steppen Wolf which is meant to attack and hack the databases of UN forces. During this project, the group lost one member, and Toru was caught by the Army. 

The army forced him to work for an anti-hacking organization. While working with the organization Toru is finding the killer of his friend.

You can watch the anime to find out whether he found the killer or not.

8. Battle Programmer Shirase

The movie is also known as BPS and is based on a superb hacker with exceptional hacking skills.  A great thing about this hacker is that he doesn’t work for money.

He works on mysterious things and projects that you should find out about after watching the movie. 

Final Takeaways 

Anime is an interesting movie to watch and to gain some information. If you are an all-day busy programmer who wants to have fun for some time then anime is a good option.

We have given you a little idea of the storyline of each of these best animes for programmers. You can watch it all to quest the thirst of your curiosity as a programmer