Best Bluetooth Printer Apps for Android

Here is the list of very best Bluetooth printer apps for android, apps which work with most of the printers support wireless connectivity.

I understand how difficult or annoying it must be for you to use a pc for scanning and printing documents that you need instantly.

The whole process of turning the pc on and connecting the printer to it can be time-consuming and exhausting. Also, when you do not have access to a pc, having an alternative way will save your life. 

So, without leaving you in waiting mode any further, let’s talk about the best Bluetooth printer apps that will make your printing tasks fun and convenient. 

List of 10 Best Printer Apps For Android In 2021

Following are some Bluetooth printers for android that we think are the best for instant printing in 2021. Let’s have a look. 

1.    NokoPrint

NokoPrint is a user-friendly printing app. If you are looking to print images, documents and webpages, this app should be your go-to choice.

It has a clean interface, so the user will have no difficulty using the app. In addition, NokoPrint can be used on printers with a Bluetooth, Wireless, or USB system.  

The only downside of NokoPrint is that it only works with Laser and Inkjet printers. 

2.    Mopria Print Service

Mopria Alliance is responsible for the development of the Mopria Print Service. It has a universal aspect to it, and it works with many printers.

This app will allow you to print any document, image, and webpage in no time. Also, you will have an option to decide the size and color of the document that you want to print.

Besides, if your printer operates through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, the Mopria print service will have no problem connecting to it via your device. 

3.    Mobile Print

Mobile print is the oldest printing app to exist. Though working on an interface that has become outdated, this app will not fail to serve you.

Through this mobile print app, you can print anything, including SMS, call logs, webpages, documents, and images. Additionally, if you are thinking of printing anything from cloud storage, this printing app will do it for you.

Mobile print can link with your printer via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. 

4.    Star Print

Star print is another app that genuinely belongs to the best printing apps. It can print any document for you, ranging from Instagram posts to maps. 

Moreover, it gives you an option to take a picture directly through the app and print it without you needing to use any other camera app.

You can easily use this app with a printer with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or a USB connection. Also, ensure that your printer is compatible with this app before you decide to use it. 

The only drawback of star print is that it will show ads during its usage. Though a bit irritating, these ads will have no impact on how your printed document should look. 

5. Happy2Print

Happy2Print is a free printing app that gives you access to print call logs, calendars, text messages, documents, and images. Also, this app is relatively easy to install and use.

Also, if you have a photo or a copy in cloud storage, Happy2print will print it.

Any printer that has a Wi-Fi, USB, or Bluetooth connection can be connected to this app.

6. Bluetooth Print

If you need a printing app to connect to your thermal printer, Bluetooth print is the app. Printing barcodes, pdf files, or transaction receipts is possible via this app.

Moreover, this app allows you to customize the format, font, and size of the document you want to print. Plus, if you’re going to have the time and date on the printed document, Bluetooth print will print it for you. This app works with thermal printers that connect through a USB cable or Bluetooth.  

7. Simple Bluetooth Printer

Similar to Bluetooth print, Simple Bluetooth Printer works with a thermal printer via Bluetooth.

Therefore, you can easily use it for printing without any kind of hassle. This app allows you to print any text that you have on your Android device. Moreover, printing ten copies at a time is not challenging for this app. It also stamps the current date and time on the printed document. 

8. Bluetooth Printer Plus

Bluetooth Printer Plus is the app for you if you have a thermal printer in use. It is convenient to use. Also, if you ever get stuck, instructions are available for you to help you navigate.

It allows you to save the documents that you have printed. As the name suggests, this app connects with the thermal printer via Bluetooth. 

9. RawBT Print Service

RawBt print service is best for the printers which are thermal and support POS/ESC protocol. However, you will have an easy and great time using it.

With this app, you can print any image or document. It is linked via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB with the thermal printer. 

10. Printer Bluetooth 

Printer Bluetooth is a printing app for you that has easy installation and usage. It gives you an option to download any text file from your device. By connecting with your printer via Bluetooth, it quickly prints your desired file. 

Bottom Line

Winding it up, having a printer app on your phone will save you from the hassle of using a pc for printing. Through these apps, printing any sort of document becomes a task that can be easily accomplished. 

Also, we have tried to put some best applications on your plate so you may get a quick access to any of them and get your documents or images printed from your phone in no time. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Install one of the apps mentioned above and enjoy easy printing!