The 7 Best Budget 32-inch 4k Gaming Monitors of 2022 (Top picked)

Do you want to see what are some best 32-inch 4k gaming monitors under budget? Then i’ve got you covered. Note: The monitors are worth buying in 2022.

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When we talk about gaming monitors, 4K screens are usually a hopeful endeavor, and I mean, why not? They run almost any title at the highest settings and can make your gaming worthwhile. And watching movies at 4k graphics gives a theater-like experience.

Well, these days the monitors cost quite a lot that not everyone can afford their hefty costs. But the blog post is only about the best 32-inch 4k monitors under budget. Suitable for gaming, programming, or office-work, and sure for entertainment purpose.

At a glance: Our top picked.

  1. SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 (Check latest price on Amazon)
  2. ASUS TUF Gaming VG32 (Check latest price on Amazon)
  3. LG 32GN Ultra-gear (Check latest price on Amazon)
  4. GIGABYTE M32Q (Check latest price on Amazon)
  5. AOC C32G1 (Check latest price on Amazon)
  6. BenQ EW32 (Check latest price on Amazon)
  7. Acer Predator XB32 (Check latest price on Amazon)

Read on the read complete reviews on each product. Read more: Best Budget monitors for programming in 2022.

1)  SAMSUNG Odyssey G7

image - The 7 Best Budget 32-inch 4k Gaming Monitors of 2022 (Top picked)


  • Refresh rate of (240hz)
  • It provides 1000R panel & WQHD resolution
  • Its equipped with 1ms response times
  • Both G-Sync and FreeSync enabled
  • Ensures perfect pixel alignment & a detailed visual experience

The first one our list is no other than from Samsung’s brand. It’s cheaper and suitable for gamers as it’s equipped with the latest gaming needs, i,e, 240Hz is a proof.

It’s a 32inch display screen with a 1440p resolution and a fast response time which won’t disappoint in those intense PVP battles.

Due to its premium hardware and a solid price to performance ratio, it is something that is definitely worth your hard-earned money.

The gray and black colorway is properly complemented by turbine RGB lightning on the back. It comes in a plastic case, which makes it somewhat lightweight. Thus, if you prefer a light weight 32 inch monitor, here’s your ideal deal.

4K panels are undoubtedly sharper but what truly separates it from the rest is its 240Hz refresh rate and 109 PPI pixel density. This ensures that you get plenty of on-screen real estate on your favorite titles.

Another cool feature gamers seem to love about the SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 is its G-Sync & Free-Sync compatibility. These innovative technologies will give you a clear advantage over your competitor. Even being extremely curved, you won’t face any nuisance, especially after long hours of gaming. It just feels like a flat Samsung monitor, which is great for an FPS rig.

In terms of IO, it features two display ports, along with a single HDMI in the bag. All in all, for those you looking for a premium gaming experience, make sure to check out this beast!

                  PROS                     CONS
Crisp and clear picture qualityThe black-light bleed in this unit is quite concerning
Super-fast response times with MBR supportRequires a high-end GPU for the utmost quality
Enabled with adaptive Sync 

2)  ASUS TUF Gaming VG32

813VOQwrNtL. AC SL1500 - The 7 Best Budget 32-inch 4k Gaming Monitors of 2022 (Top picked)


  • A 144Hz gaming monitor
  • Fully-featured Adaptive-Sync technology ensures that your FPS remains smooth
  • Provided with Shadow boost to automate the brightness, especially in those dim scenes
  • Around 1ms response time and QHD resolution for better clarity

If you’re looking for a 1440p 32 gaming monitor in a budget-friendly lineup, then worry not, as the ASUS got you covered.

This model is one of their mid-range display screens specifically targeted toward gaming audiences. Like the Odyssey G7, it delivers superb colors and a dynamic pixel alignment that separates it from the rest.

Now, looking at the screen itself, you will find that the whole thing is nicely laid out. Its edges are curved and provided with a VA panel operating at 144Hz.

Conversely, the casing is ergonomic with an intuitive color pattern to give it a modern look in a variety of gaming setups. Dimension wise, it measures 2560 x 1440, with two HDMI and a single DisplayPort 1.2. Honestly, at just under $500, it couldn’t get better than that.

Alongside, it also features AMD’s FreeSync technology, which is compatible with even Nvidia cards for balanced performance.

You will also love the fact that the ASUS TUF Gaming VG32 offers a versatile height adjustment. It’s VESA-compatible, meaning you can transfix it on your wall and upgrade your viewing position. Build quality has never been an issue in the TUF series, and this display is no exception.

The plastic material is quite reliable and will be able to resist even the harshest conditions. ASUS also provides this gaming monitor with a dedicated joystick for easy navigation.

Now for gamers, this isn’t a deal-breaker when we have samsung’s Odyssey G7, but if you want to use it as a side-rig, it’s good to go.

Overall, for 1440p gaming, this monitor is an ideal option. There are little to no negatives to it, and you won’t be disappointed in the long run.

                  PROS                     CONS
Monitor with low input lagIts motion-blur is not worth the tradeoff
Adaptive Sync enabled with ELMBDead-pixels can be quite troublesome with some buyings
Easy to adjust & use 

3)  LG 32GN Ultra-gear

image 1 - The 7 Best Budget 32-inch 4k Gaming Monitors of 2022 (Top picked)


  • A 2560 x 1440 QHD display that offers crystal clear images without any tradeoffs
  • 165Hz refresh rate that is enabled with motion blur technology
  • Greater color accuracy & 95% SRGB color Gamut
  • AMD FreeSync support for gamers convenience

When it comes to 4k gaming monitors in 2022, manufacturers such as the LG are killing it, and their latest model i.,e the LG 32GN Ultra-gear, is truly a masterpiece that deserves a spot on this list.

It’s an all-in-one 32inch display that has all the bells and whistles that you need to kickstart your gaming venture. The screen size is phenomenal, and the colors are amazing since it’s an IPS panel.

On top of that, it’s both wall-mountable and has an adjustable stand for users with different tastes.

If you want a gaming peripheral that covers both price and performance, then this display is something that I definitely recommend.

Now moving on to its design, anyone can probably tell that it’s nicely built. The LG 32GN Ultra-gear is available in a stylish borderless body that is eye-catching for every gamer.

Another thing that amazon reviewers praised about this product is its top-of-the-line color accuracy. It has a 95% SRGB Color Gamut, which is awesome for a 1440p monitor.

At the same time, the brightness levels are just insane and can give you superb visuals even in dimmest environments.

Like any other 32-inch monitor for gaming, its response time stands at 1ms. This is great for those who mainly enjoy competitive titles.

Additionally, there is support for AMD FreeSync Premium. It will make your gameplay smooth and minimize any kind of screen tearing or stutters.

Crosshair compatibility is available if your GPU supports it, which further boosts accuracy in first-person shooters.

                  PROS                     CONS
Super cool design & an adjustable standTruly not an “HDR” monitor
Excellent picture quality without any stuttersMounting it on the wall can be a bit flimsy
The sweet spot for resolution 


71YfF0aFv+S. AC SL1500 - The 7 Best Budget 32-inch 4k Gaming Monitors of 2022 (Top picked)


  • 2560×1440 screen setting with great contrast ratio & color accuracy
  • A high-quality VA panel that ensures a smooth gameplay
  • Operates under 165Hz for a well-defined online experience
  • FreeSync compatible with HDR support
  • Decent FPS by motion blur enabled

The category of 32inch gaming monitors is evolving day by day, with new models being introduced to us almost every month.

Thanks to this rapid adoption, more and more manufacturers are now starting to build ergonomically pleasing displays, have better screen real-estate, and, most importantly, hold a decent refresh rate. But the problem with that is, they cost a whole lot of money.

In fact, the MSRP for the past year’s 1440p screens stands at just around $500, which isn’t fascinating to hear.

However, there are still certain best budget 32-inch gaming monitors, which strike a nice balance between quality and performance, and the M32Q from GIGABYTE is definitely one of them.

With fast response times, low input lag, and eye-catching colors, it will make your gaming experience worth a while. On top of that, it’s rocking a 1440p super speed IPS panel, which readily separates it from the rest of the competition.

The GIGABYTE M32Q stands at 350nits, which means any type of content on it will be pretty good. Similarly, color-wise, it records at almost 100% SRGB spectrum, which is more than enough for AAA titles. When it comes to FPS performance, there is almost no competition with the M32Q.

Thanks to its 165Hz operation, the screen will be responsive, while the overall gaming experience will be top-notch.

You will also love the fact that it is enabled with anti-ghosting mechanics, and the resulting motion clarity is just phenomenal. Overall, the GIGABYTE M32Q is a great gaming monitor that is aimed at budget consumers.      

                  PROS                     CONS
Smooth & vivid 1440p gameplayIts OSD sidekick software can be a nuisance for beginners
HDR & FreeSync compatibleA number of quality control issues
Tilt and Height Adjustments 

5)  AOC C32G1

81lGKc7oDGL. AC SL1500 - The 7 Best Budget 32-inch 4k Gaming Monitors of 2022 (Top picked)


  • A sub $300 32-inch monitor for gaming that is provided with 1800R VA panel
  • Its full HD and can give you a premium 1080p gaming experience at 144Hz
  • Great for a multi-monitor setup thanks to its 3-sided frameless design
  • 2x HDMI, 1xDisplayport & several VGA outputs give you convenience
  • Reduced stutter with AMD FreeSync support

At number 5th position on our review, we have the AOC C32G1. Like its predecessor, the C32 is a budget gaming monitor at 144hz that can offer a ton of performance for mid-range PC gamers.

On top of that, it has a couple of innovative technologies, including AMD FreeSync compatibility, to further up the ante.

Now speaking about the display itself, it’s pretty responsive and can provide you with fluent visuals. The images will also be detailed and won’t feel cheap at all.

One of the reasons it can outclass its competition is its excellent brightness setup. Thanks to the 250nit configuration, it will provide clarity even when watching darker content.

The AOC C32G1 is also a great model for doing color accurate work (like Photo editing). The SRGB coverage is above 100%, while its contrast ratio stands at 1000:1.

This means gaming and professional work can go hand in hand when you have the AOC C32. Another notable feature about this display is its 3-sided frameless design. Its durably built with narrow bezels and can be tilted from -4 to 21 degrees.

You can also adjust it on your wall if needed. I’ve reviewed a couple of gaming displays over the past, and I can truly say that you won’t have to face any distortion or stutters.

As long as you go for the base 1080p configuration, you can rest assured about your gaming experience. The only thing that this budget gaming monitor lacks is HDR support, but given the sub $300 price tag, you can’t complain much.

                  PROS                     CONS
A curved gaming monitor with a decent viewing angleThe default refresh rate is set at 60Hz
Plenty of display output for 1080p gamingA small amount of backlight bleed near the edges
Minimizes eye strain or screen flickering 

6)  BenQ EW32

61spofL2amL. AC SL1000 - The 7 Best Budget 32-inch 4k Gaming Monitors of 2022 (Top picked)


  • Equipped with a high-resolution 4K screen that provides real-time visuals
  • Showcase clarity and add detail thanks to the HDR support
  • Substantial connectivity ports, including a USB Type-C
  • 300 nits of brightness accoupled with Eye-care technology
  • Fluid gaming experience through AMD FreeSync support

Now gamers might not be familiar with this brand but rest assured that they make quality products as well. The EW32 U is one of their latest innovations which is both durable and convenient for beginners.

If you want something that is flexible and can last you in the long run, then the BenQ EW32 is a gaming monitor that I can definitely recommend. Besides having superb hardware, this budget gaming display sits majestically with its sleek design.

Its bezels may be a bit overboard, but the overall layout will look cool on just about any setup.

Similarly, it comes with a flexible stand that you can customize up to your heart’s desire. You will be able to tilt and rotate this display up to 90 degrees.

Even being a sub $500 model, the images are out of this world.

It operates at a 4K 32inch setup, which is more than enough to get any type of gamer onboard. The BenQ EW32 supports 3 HDR modes for additional care.

It also has a slighly higher color accuracy and SRGB color spectrum as compared to others in our list.

Overall, the BenQ EW32 is a great 32inch display that every gamer should have their eyes on. Everything is just like what’s advertised, and there are little to no flaws attached to it.

                  PROS                     CONS
Great viewing angles & a solid buildThere is a little bit of motion blur
Provides appealing in-game imagesAn IPS panel would’ve been great
USB-Type C compatibility 

7)  Acer Predator XB32

71uv9qGqhHL. AC SL1500 - The 7 Best Budget 32-inch 4k Gaming Monitors of 2022 (Top picked)


  • One of the best budget 32-inch gaming monitors that come equipped with an IPS panel
  • 144Hz of refresh rate as well as 4ms of response time for FPS gaming
  • Minimize eye strain & reduce any kind of screen flickering with pixel pitch technology
  • A flexible monitor with tilt and height adjustment
  • Intuitive IO in the form of 1xDisplayPort 1.4 & 1xHDMI

Eventually, at the bottom of our list, we have the Acer Predator XB32. It comes equipped with a 1440p display accoupled with a 144Hz native refresh rate. This will definitely ensure that your gameplay remains smooth throughout the session.

On top of that, it fully supports Nvidia’s G-Sync technology for those who want the best of both worlds.

The Acer Predator XB32 is undoubtedly one of the most attractive displays I’ve reviewed so far, with a full metallic body and a robust back-stand.

Besides that, the front section is backed by a near-borderless layout which complements its red accents.

In the monitor, there is even a little bit of space left out for those worrying about cable management.

The on-hand gaming experience on this thing is also relatable good. You will definitely enjoy its 144Hz VA panel, which provides some eye-catching visuals. There is little to no backlight bleed and the level of details it produces with G-Sync enabled are just phenomenal.

Moving on to the IO, the Acer Predator XB32 offers a couple of display outputs as well as a USB Type-C connection.

You will also get two additional USB slots at the rear end of the monitor. These are more than enough to get a solid gaming experience out of your rig.

In the end, the Acer Predator XB32 is a great gaming display for its awesome picture clarity and innovative design. If you have extra bucks to spare, then you won’t have to worry about anything in particular.

                  PROS                     CONS
Great unit for high-end cardsModerate levels of color contrast
Sharp images and optimal clarityIt lacks quality control
Easy height and tilt adjustment 

Best Budget 32-inch Gaming Monitor Buying Guide

Philips 50PUS8545 "The One" 4K TV Review | Trusted Reviews

Gaming monitors vary in their performance, so it’s not easy to pick the right one. There is a lot to consider other than design and picture quality if you want to best experience. Luckily after going through the following factors, you will have a general idea of what are the things which make a 32inch monitor truly separate from the rest. These include;

1)   Refresh rate

I’m sure you might’ve been familiar with this term or at least heard it a couple of times by now. A refresh rate is basically the measure of the information displayed on your monitor per second. It’s measured in Hertz or Hz and can tell you how smooth your gameplay will be, especially in those higher settings. If you’re a gamer, try to find a display that follows a higher refresh rate.

How To Change Monitor Refresh Rate

This will smooth out any screen flickering and provide the best experience possible. Anything above 120Hz is great for 1440p gameplay. So, make sure to cover this spectrum before purchasing your next display.   

2)   IPS Vs. TN Panels

Like anything else, gaming displays come equipped with a wide range of panels, and each one of them has its perks and drawbacks. The most commonly found category include HDR, IPS, and TN panels. Now IPS screens are generally used these days since they produce far better color accuracy than your run-of-the-mill display. They can definitely enhance the image refinement with great viewing angles but don’t expect much out of them since most of them cause motion blur.

TN Panel vs IPS: a Comparison • PresentationPoint

In contrast to that, monitors with TN panels are generally cheap and are an ideal fit for those who only enjoy single-player AAA titles. They are also quite flexible and can be adjusted to your heart’s desire. The only issue that they have is poor color depth and reduced viewing angle. With that said, make sure to choose the display which is specific to your needs.

3)   HDR Support

HDR or high dynamic range is one of the features found in high-end displays which enhance the visuals without the need for competitive hardware. It combines both the dim and bright sections of the image to make it even laid out on larger screens. This will add a bit of detail to your games and make them true to the setting. If you want such an experience, I highly recommend checking the GIGABYTE M32Q out since it provides HDR support under budget.

YouTube Adds HDR Support for Live Streams | PCMag


In the end, these were some of the best budget 32-inch gaming monitors that I personally suggest for users who want to invest in reasonable hardware. They all have a decent following on sites like Amazon or Reddit, so no matter which one you choose, it will still be worth it. I picked the SAMSUNG Odyssey G7 since it has adopted all the latest features. However, you could also go for something like AOC C32G1 because of its excellent color reproduction and solid build. It ultimately boils down to your personal needs and how vast your gaming preferences are.