The 7 Best Chrome tablets in 2022

Here are the very best 7 Chromebook tablets we’ve picked for you that we think are suitable for students and entertainment purpose.

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It can get quite overwhelming to find the best tablet for your needs as there are dozens of brands and their respective models.

One such option is the Chromebook tablet, which has gained quite some reputation recently. They do much more now, are available in a greater variety, and are good enough to meet the needs of most people.

Here is the list of the top 7 Chrome tablets in 2022.

I have chosen each one of these on the basis of their design, quality features, and budget so you can find the one specific for your use case. On amazon, the following Chromebooks have positive ratings, a plus point you can rely on the options.

So, without waiting much, let’s find out more about them!

1)  Lenovo Chromebook Duet


  • One of the Best Chrome OS tablets on Amazon with 2 in 1 utility
  • It features a 1920 x 1200p FHD display for better clarity
  • Equip with a thin and lightweight design which helps with portability
  • Unique keyboard layout that is complemented fast boot up
  • Up to 10 hours of battery usage on normal tasks

If your want a full fledge Chrome tablet experience without spending a fortune, then the Lenovo Chromebook Duet is something you shouldn’t miss out on.

This piece of hardware has all the bells and whistles which you need to kick start your tablet experience at an affordable cost. From display to design, even the touch panel is on par with some of the top-rated models on the market.

Instead of being limited to the pre-built operating system that most of the tablets have these days. The Lenovo Ideapad provides the user with a full-fledge laptop experience.

This means not only you can enjoy your favorite android apps but also make use of several Chrome-based utilities.

  • The model itself is ultra-portable and lightweight, suitable for you if you have to travel quite often.
  • Another cool feature about the Lenovo Chromebook is that there is a detachable keyboard with a 5-point pogo pin. You can detach it anytime and can use it as a large-screen mobile phone.
  • This is quite handy when you enjoy YouTube videos in your free time.
  • In terms of display, it shares a 10 1″ FHD IPS screen. That means that it provides you with a crystal clear and smooth watching experience.
  • The touchscreen display is also quite responsive for most users. There is a pen sold separately for each model for those who do click-sensitive work like designing.
  • If you can pay extra for that pen, good for you as the pen works just so fine, you won’t complain.
                  PROS                     CONS
Bestselling Lenovo Chromebook in 2022The cloud-based storage takes a bit of time in getting used to
Up to 128 GB of storage spaceYou get only a single USB-C port
Easy to store and use 

2)  Google Pixel Slate 2 in 1 Tablet


  • High-quality Chromebook tablets that are made from a prestigious manufacturer
  • It features automatic background updates with the latest security protocols
  • Superb battery performance that can last you at least 10h on a single charge
  • 12.3-inch molecular display that can tackle up to 6million pixels
  • Available in a split-screen setup

You will definitely love the up next gadget on our list that is the Pixel Slate 2in1. It’s a well-defined ChromeOS tablet that can do much more than your traditional laptop machine.

  • With a Core m3 processor and 8GB of memory, it can tackle even the most horrendous applications.
  • On top of that, it’s one of the few options we have in the market that has an ergonomic body.
  • Its lightweight and intuitively designed that doesn’t take much space on your backpack.
  • Another cool feature about the Google Pixel Slate is its multitasking functionality.
  • It uses split-screen technology so you can work on a wide range of applications at the same time.
  • If you’re into google’s products, good for you it has all the necessary applications such as Google Sheets, Slides, and the doc is pre-installed on the package. That’s something the most students prefer.

But even if you factor in this drawback, it’s a professional-looking tablet that deserves your hard-earned money.

                  PROS                     CONS
Keyboard & pen-style setupThe display is a bit off
Premium audio with dual-coil speakersPoorly optimized software
Great for productivity and web-browsing 

3)  HP Chromebook 11


  • Operates under a powerful Snapdragon 7c processor
  • A high-resolution 11inch edge to edge display with robust bezels
  • Included with a USI Rechargeable pen that is easy to store
  • An oversized touch-pad as well as a fully-detachable keyboard
  • ‎64 GB of flash memory out of the box  

It’s challenging to imagine HP adopting a full-fledged Chrome OS system in today’s world. That isn’t the case with our current top selection, the HP Chromebook 11.

It comes equipped with a quality hardware solution that is relevant in modern times. With a well-crafted body and a superior design, it is sure to fulfill your daily needs.

What users truly love about this product is that it’s made from high-quality aluminum that not only resists fingerprints but also provides weight to it.

  • Conversely, all the side buttons (power tab and volume control) are located ergonomically on the model for the user’s convenience.
  • The back hinge is fully magnetic with a reliable clasp that ensures that the HP-11 is neutral. The same can be said for the magnetically detachable keyboard for better clarity.
  • The screen size and color accuracy stand at 2160x1440p with an 11inch setup. The images are sharp with superb brightness, and it’s just a treat to look at.
  • Overall, the HP Chromebook 11 is something you don’t miss out on if you want quality and performance side by side.
                  PROS                     CONS
Light one-handed operationThe typing experience is moderate
A highly institutive 11-inch displayNot the best keyboard-trackpad combo
Magnetic hinge prevents it from wobble 

4)  ASUS Chromebook Flip


  • Provided with Intel Core m3 processor operating at 3.4 GHz max
  • Among the best Chrome OS tablets in terms of its 2in1 utility
  • An 14inch 1920x1080p display with ultra-narrow bezels
  • 2x USB Type-C ports with a backlit compatible keyboard
  • A lightweight aluminum frame body

If you are into ASUS products, one of the dominating brands in the tech industry. The Following 2-in-1 device ASUS Chromebook tablet is the thing of your choice as a bstudent.

It offers a sleek body, fast-paced hardware, you can run most games on it but it’s still a good choice for work-from-home individuals. a premium typing experience which is quite hard to find these days.

What separates it from the rest is its full aluminum body with furbished edges on the surface. Its solid and well-made side edges definitely add a visual aid.

Other than a solid design, the screen display is something to watch out for. It’s provided with a 14inch touch screen that is quite substantial as compared to the previous-gen model.

ASUS bumped the screen size without losing much accuracy. In fact, this latest Chromebook is sharp and bright, and there is a premium feel about it. Another cool feature that this Chrome OS tablet offers is the 360degree hinge.

Now you can flip the tablet into multiple modes without worrying about any damage. As previously mentioned, this beast is powered by an Intel m3 processor. This reliable CPU doesn’t need any added space for fans.

                  PROS                     CONS
14inch ultra-narrow bezel displayDifficult keyboard layout for most users
Positive Chromebook tablet reviewsLack of internal storage
All-metal body with backlit keyboard 

5)  Dell Chromebook 11


  • Fully regulated on Chrome OS for software and security updates
  • Allows you to access files via built-in cloud support easily
  • Runs multiple apps and tabs at once thanks to the dual-core processor
  • A durable body that can resist damages in the long run
  • 11.6inch screen size for vibrant images

At the number 5th spot, we have the Chromebook 11 from non-other than Dell. It targeted the consumer-line who are currently on a budget but require a robust machine to fill in the gap as a daily driver.

With that said, its performance and design won’t be something like the Chromebook duet, but for general tasks like web browsing and streaming, it’s good to go. If you’re on a budget, this might the deal you will want.

Now construction-wise, it might not be bad. Dell used a mid-range plastic casing on this device backed by a unique exterior to give it a pleasant touch. It’s pretty standard for your typical Chrome OS tablets, weighing at just under 4pounds.

You can take it on your backpack just like any other chrome book, and it won’t budge or bend. Another positive about the Dell Chromebook 11 is that it completely relies upon Chrome OS.

This is great for you if you want a non-Windows experience and likes the ability to use web-based applications on the go.

It also uses a TN panel with 1366x768p resolution, which is great for basic tasks but doesn’t expect much in the long run. In terms of hardware, you have an Intel Celeron processor accompanied by 4GB of RAM.

Again, at a $189 price tag, the offer is give or take.

                  PROS                     CONS
Ergonomic display with greater scratch resistanceThe screen resolution isn’t as smooth
Bluetooth 4.0 compatibleIt adopts a plastic body
Chrome Web apps available on the go 

6)  SAMSUNG Galaxy Chromebook


  • Available in an intuitive body with a wide range of color options
  • This device utilizes Chrome OS set up for safe and secure device access
  • Fully controllable keyboard brightness using simple commands or ALT keys
  • ‎A 4K 13inch display with vivid visuals
  • Its superior hardware provides you with faster boot time

For years, companies have made Chrome OS tablets that solely relied on outdated hardware and lacked certain qualities, making them inferior to laptops. That’s what we think!

That is not the case with Samsung devices, as the latest edition of Galaxy Chromebook demonstrates. On paper, it’s a beautifully-designed ChromeOS tablet with a solid touch display, detachable pen, and quite a lot of built-in storage space.

It also follows a powerful processor wrapped in an all-metal case.

People usually compare it with Google’s due to its higher degree of performance and 2in1 functionality. However, that’s just an understatement in regards to this beast of a computer.

Now what I truly like about the SAMSUNG Galaxy Chromebook is its ergonomics. Its designers have done a great job in putting it together, and you can easily see why.

The light red color throughout the frame creates a sense of aesthetic for this device. It’s also available in several colorways (Mercury gray) if that’s your jam.

In terms of connectivity, this Chromebook tablet comes equipped with a wide range of ports.

For starters, you will get 2 USB-Type C outputs, along with a micro-SD card slot. The tablet itself isn’t detachable, but there is a 360degree hinge so you can get the most out of your time.  

                  PROS                     CONS
Most attractive Chromebook tablet in 2022Poor ventilation, which isn’t ideal for its Core i5 processor
Quite a thin and lightweight modelThe trackpad is a bit small
Ample storage space (256GB) 

7)  HP Chromebook Tablet x360


  • It offers 360degree operation so you can enjoy both tablet and laptop mode
  • Powerful i3 processor that is incorporated with Intel’s UHD graphics
  • Think and light bezels with a full HD display provides beautiful visuals
  • Touch screen interface for a multi-functional use-case
  • Instant access to Google Play Store and many convenient apps

Finally, we have the Chromebook x360 from HP at the end of the list. If you’re looking for a fast, reliable, and classic ChromeOS machine without spending a fortune, this particular model is something I definitely recommend.

With all its awesome features and superb design, it can easily beat even the Best Chrome OS tablets on the market. Whether you want something for your daily use or looking to upgrade your professional equipment, the Chromebook x360 should definitely be in your arsenal.

Being an entertainment device, it comes equipped with pretty much every modern hardware you could think of.

From Intel’s Core i3 processor to 8GB system memory and ‎64 GB of hard-drive space, it’s good to go.

On top of solid hardware, the design is something you will definitely love about the Chromebook x360. It comes in a compact form factor that is comfortable to hold onto, especially during long hours.

For users who completely rely on Chromebook tablets, this is something you don’t want to miss out on. There is also the extra effort put in the display screen, which is bright and has an optimal field of view.

If you want sharp and crystal-clear images, then it’s one of the Best Chrome OS tablets in the business. All in all, for a reliable 2 in 1 chrome experience, the HP x360 is a great unit.

                  PROS                     CONS
A minimalistic designThe touchscreen lacks a bit of sensitivity
Intelligent hardware and software solutionThe audio experience isn’t that great
Provided with a nice-looking keyboard 

Chromebook Vs. Laptops – Which One Should You Choose?

Dell Launches Premium Support Option For Consumers

Just like anything else, computers have changed drastically over the years. Now you don’t have to dedicate a whole lot of space to their usage and can take them in your pocket without any issue.

This holds true for laptops as well, which are now lightweight, portable, and efficient as ever. You may take them wherever you want and use them straight away.

Although laptops have become a norm these days, a subset of computers has changed how we perceive technology i.,e, Chromebooks.

These are the devices that are available in 2in1 form factor and combine the best of both worlds. This means not only will you have the performance of a full-fledge laptop but also be able to enjoy the benefits of a traditional tablet.

They were released back in 2010 and have taken the market by storm since then. Even being multi-use case machines, most of the Chromebooks are affordable, and you can definitely find the model which suits you the best.

Now, when we talk about Chromebook Vs. Laptops, there is not a single winner.

The only difference between a traditional laptop and a Chromebook is the operating system. All most all laptops these days are based upon Windows, while as for Chromebook tablets, the system software is ChromeOS. This means you won’t be able to run most of the applications in each category.

So, to recap it, if you are someone who uses professional software and applications such as Adobe premier or likes to enjoy AAA titles in your free time, then a mid-range laptop will work best.

But for those who just want to surf the web or utilize productivity apps like Google Sheets, the only option is a Chromebook or ChromeOS tablet.

Each of these computers excels at a specific task and is best suited for a specific purpose. Just double-check your personal needs and preferences before shopping, and you are good to go.


All in all, this was my two cents on the Best Chrome OS tablets in 2022. I’ve picked each one of these after going through quite a number of Chromebook tablet reviews to ensure that you get the best deals. In the end, Chromebooks are evolving with time, and there may be a period when they completely outnumber Android notebooks. I mean, why not? They are fast, reliable, and provide decent storage and battery life. On top of that, they can be quite inexpensive in contrary to high-end laptops, so you won’t have to spend a fortune.

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