Best External Screen Monitor: Duex Plus Review

Duex Plus is an external screen installation that works best with PCs, Macs, and even certain Androids. It can be used for both gaming and tech purposes.

Are you also considering buying Duex Plus to improve your work ethic? Well then, you need to read a thorough review of its multiple features, pros, and even cons. Then only you’ll be able to reach a conclusion regarding its efficiency! 


Setting up Duex Plus does not require professional help at all. If you follow the instructions closely it will do the job. Follow these steps:

  • Take the metal plates out of the box.
  • Place these metal plates on the magnets on the back of Duex Pro.
  • Make sure that these metal plates are positioned right in the center and they need to cover the magnets on the Duex Pro completely.
  • Once this is done, close your laptop’s screen.
  • Now place the Duex Pro on the back of your laptop’s screen.

This was how to set up your Duex Pro. Now to make it work follow these steps:

  • Now, all that you need to do is connect your Duex Pro to your Laptop through port cables. 
  • If your laptop has a Type C port then you can connect the Duex Pro directly.
  • But if your laptop has USB A ports then you have first to install the driver. 

If you use a USB A port then you will, unfortunately, face issues regarding flickering. 

Windows/Mac Reliability

Duex Plus is portable with both Windows and Mac! And up till now, there have been no such reviews about its bad performance or any frequent issues linked to the type of OS.

However, if you use an older Linux version/Windows/Mac OS then you have to download the codec packs. After this, your setup will be good to go! Moreover Duex Pro is also compatible with Chromebook and certain Android devices. 

Display Driver

You’ll find Duex Pro’s display drivers easily on the web. And luckily they are all designed to accommodate different PC/ Laptop models. Click here to be redirected to the page from where you can install the drivers.

Price compared to other similar products

The price for Duex Plus will vary from place to place. The product is currently at $299 on Amazon. If you search for it in different markets places there is a high chance of getting a more discounted price.

If we compare Duex Pro to other similar devices, then this one is definitely on the pricier end. If your only goal is to have an additional screen then we would recommend you to go for a screen that can sit next to your main screen.

This will bring down the price by a greater margin. One such instance is of Lepow Lite H1; it is a 14-inch display that costs around $186! Other portable screens and their prices are as follows (but keep in mind that their features differ):

  • ViewSonic VG1655 for $150
  • Lepow C2S Portable Monitor for $190
  • AOC I1601FWUX USB-C Portable Monitor for $224

The aforementioned prices are estimated! Of course, the delivery charges will also add to the final price. But make sure that before you decide on any product, you have also compared the specs and not just the price. 

Best for programmers/gamers

Duex Pro is an additional screen. As it is easy to use, attachable, and detachable it works best for all purposes. Those who work from home and need to attend meetings while having to use other tabs can make the best use of this portable screen. Even gamers who want an enlarged view can use it! 

If you’re someone whose job requires creative tasks then Duex Pro might not be the best choice. Because its average Delta E is 5.04 which does not tick off accurate colors.

And if you want to view the output on the Duex Pro then you’ll be disappointed. In that case, you can prefer Lepow Lite 1 which is known for better output displays due to its slightly larger size. 


Here are some of its impressive features which make it stand out from other portable screens:

It is very lightweight (around 1.5 pounds) so it is easy to carry around. It can be rotated 270 degrees! It is just 24 inches but despite that, the video quality is 1080p. So, in terms of resolution, the screen has the best to offer. 

As it uses IPS technology, the view from any angle will be the same. It can be upgraded up to 3 screens. 


The metal plates have a 3-hour curing time. And even after this time, the portable screen needs a hard surface to stay in its place.

So, if you are someone who works best from a comfortable space (like a bed or couch) then it might become a problem for you. It works best with a USB C port. 

The Duex may not attach securely to certain notebooks which makes the job harder and riskier. Due to its maximum brightness being only 171cd/m2 the monitor can not thrive in outdoor conditions. It will work just fine in indoor conditions. 

So, in conclusion, Duex Plus is only great for those who need a screen attached to their main setup. Else it does not have much to offer in this price range. You’ll have to compromise a lot so it is better to go for independent screens!