15 Best Free Alternatives of Photoshop in 2021

Why spend 600 to 700 dollars just for editing your photos? Adobe Photoshop CS6 cost around 600 bucks. We know it has unlimited features but why spend hundreds of bucks for editing your family Photos?

Here these best and absolutely free alternatives will make you smile. Remember we still prefer you to use Photoshop because it has almost every feature. But we should try something new. Although these Photoshop alternative might not have all the features like flipping image but they are free and best alternatives of Photoshop.

Pixlr.com (Online) – Online Alternative of Photoshop

pixkr Online Alternative of Photoshop

Pixlar.com is an online photo editing tool. It is not like other online useless photo editors that asks to pay to download the edited photo. Pixlr.com has hundreds of free built-in effects that will give your photo a new look. Pixlr.com has 3 types of photo editors Pixlr Editor, Pixlr Matic and Pixlr O-Matic. Pixlr Editor looks absolutely same like Photoshop 7.0, you can choose any type of photo format from your PC.

It has crop tools, move tool, marquee tool, wand tool, gradient tool, paint tool, smudge tool, dodge tool, red eye reduction tool and many other useful tool. In Pixlr Matic, you can adjust your photo in just one click, it has some useful fonts and stickers and the best thing about this mod is that it has some one click special effects.

Pixlr O-Matic has some 1 click editing effects. Overall Pixlr is the first and best alternative of Photoshop, which is totally free of cost and online too..!

GIMP – Open source Photoshop Alternative

Gimp Open source photoshop alternative

GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP is the one of the best free open source alternative of Adobe Photoshop. It has many features like support for system fonts. GIMP is available on almost every platform including Windows, Mac and Linux. GIMP is totally free of cost and an open source software without any limitations, we can perform all major editing tasks in GIMP.

GIMP features Digital Photos retouching, customizable interface, image resizing, photo enhancement, hardware support and GIMP supports all major file formats including JPG, PNG and GIF. These formats are very common. GIMP is great photo editing software, if you just want to try something new.

 Inkscape – Vector based graphics Photoshop alternative

Inkscape Vector based graphics alternative

Inkscape is another open source software. Basically Inkscape is a vector based graphic software. It can be compared with Adobe illustrator. Inkscape is good alternative of Adobe Photoshop for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Inkscpae features pencil tool, pen tool, shape tool, text tool, easy transformation of objects, group and ungroup function that are while making a logo, layers, color picker, gradient tool and many other useful tools. Inkscape is ideal for designing life like graphics. Inkscape is a good alternative of Photoshop.

Paint.net – light weight Photoshop alternative

paint.net light weight photoshop alternatiive

Paint.net is another great photo editing software. Currently it is only available for Windows users. Paint.net has some free tutorials from which you can easily understand all features of it.

Paint.net features low CPU power consumption, easy to use interface, aero glass interface if you are using Windows 7 or vista. It is one of the best light weight photo editing software alternative of Photoshop.

It has a lot of photo editing tool including pen tool, pencil tool, layer lock unlock tool, paint tool, gradient tool and some other useful tools. Paint.net can make your old school photos totally new. Paint.net is a good and simple alternative of Photoshop.

Photoplus Starter Edition – Free Photoshop Alternative

Photoplus Starter Edition - Free Photoshop Alternative

Photoplus starter edition is not an open source project but the starter edition is a free version that comes with variety of photo editing tools. Photoplus features many basis tools including photo adjustment tool, professional photo editing tools and a cut out studio tool that will let you remove unwanted objects from your photos. If you are looking for simple and free photo editing tool then Photoplus starter edition is for you.

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Pinta – Light weight Photoshop alternative for Windows

Pinta – Light weight Photoshop alternative for Windows

Pinta is a tiny (the latest version of the program for Windows distribution takes only 2.5 megabytes of hard disk space) raster graphics editor. The program was conceived as a simpler and faster version of Paint.NET not only for Windows, but also for various platforms: on the download page, versions of the editor are available for Ubuntu, MacOS, FreeBSD.

The developers tried to make the editor simple and straightforward, so they did not overload the interface and brought it closer to the standard Paint supplied with the Windows operating system. Pinta’s icons and panels are made in the same style that users are familiar with.

The editor is fully Russified, processes all popular graphic formats, remembers the stages of working on an image, supports working with layers, has more than 35 built-in effects, which are quite enough for simple editing and processing of images, creating simple collages.

The Pinta editor failed to install on a test computer with outdated Windows 7. As with Paint.NET, this program requires a global system update (Service Pack 1).

Photopea – online poster painting and photo editor

Photopea - online poster painting and photo editor

Photopea is  best for editing DTG,  and creating graphics for social media. It is good alternative of photoshop if you work with Cut & Sew, Poster & Poster Printing, Sublimation, UV Printing, Photo Editing, etc .

Photopea is a great free Photoshop alternative. It got many similar features that Photoshop has, with extra features like templates for posters, graphics designing for social media etc. 

Pixia – Photoshop alternative with Wacom graphic tablets support

Pixia - Photoshop alternative with Wacom graphic tablets support

The first release of the Japanese editor Pixia took place on November 12, 1998. The program was marketed as a tool for graphic designers, anime and manga authors. Later, the project became widely known and, accordingly, attracted a mass audience.

The main conceptual “trick” of this software is good support for Wacom graphic tablets, popular among artists and illustrators. By combining hotkeys and a tablet, you can really quickly polish photos, draw and color a simple drawing, and, if required, a diagram. Pixia is compatible with the proprietary Photoshop (.psd) format, hence the editor can be used for website prototyping, book and brochure designs. However, the Japanese program is still far from the heights of Illustrator.

Pixia’s shortcomings are mainly due to the origin of the program. The official site from which you can download this graphics editor for free is in Japanese. There are also problems with localization, only English and Japanese versions of the program are available for download.

On test hardware, the installation of the latest version of Pixia was unsuccessful. Anglicized Pixia installer in pure Japanese offered to install the latest service pack for Windows 7.

Krita – Light weight basic editor with tablet support

Krita - Light weight basic editor with tablet support

Krita is light weight with features that provides basic photo editing capability. There is some learning curve, which makes it only pro user software. It can be used for creating patterns, photo editing. This software is best for artists, they can use customized brush tool. It is also available for tables.

Krita is the only raster software on our list that is suitable for creating seamless printable patterns. The program is designed for basic photo editing, but it takes some getting used to. Because it is made for artists, it has a customizable Brush tool and can be used on a graphics tablet.

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FireAlpaca – Photoshop alternative for Windows and Mac

FireAlpaca - Photoshop alternative for Windows and Mac

The creators of FireAlpaca claim that they have created their product so that users can work with graphics for free in a user-friendly interface. The arrangement of brushes and menu items is really similar to Photoshop CS6 edition.
The program loads quickly enough, just as quickly it opens graphic files with many layers. The functional part is also in order – there is a history of processing, and standard brushes, effects, localization “out of the box” is also provided – no additional localization is required.

There are also disadvantages, where can we go without them. The developers declare altruism, behind which, upon closer examination, hides the desire to earn extra money. From time to time, FireAlpaca users will be disturbed by a pop-up banner ad.

Testing on an outdated computer did not reveal any obvious problems. The editor worked both on outdated Windows 7 and on a computer with an updated version of the OS.

LazPiant – Light weight version of Paint.net

LazPiant - Light weight version of Paint.net

LazPaint is a lightweight version of the Paint.NET graphics editor. The program allows you to work with graphics on the weakest machines. The creators did not lie – 3D bitmaps do load several milliseconds faster than in GIMP and Paint.NET. Another important plus is the support of the Russian language.

LazPaint, as expected, also contains functions inherent in Photoshop, but with some limitations:

  1. working with layers, the illustrator runs the risk of mixing up the imported objects;
  2. support for .psd files cannot be called complete – only import from Photoshop files is provided;
  3. working with textures, in our opinion, is organized too difficult, without experience in Photoshop and reading instructions it will be difficult to figure it out.

The program coped with testing on the old hardware perfectly. Windows 7 without a service pack did not cause any complaints from the program.

Photo Pos Pro – Photoshop alternative for DesignandEdit

Photo Pos Pro - Photoshop alternative for DesignandEdit

Photo Pos Pro is a mass-market alternative to Photoshop. Some interface elements are similar to Photoshop, others resemble mobile graphic editors, for example, Camly. The developers have not forgotten about newbies and offered novice designers a simplified mode with preset filters, just like in Instagram. It should be admitted that many tasks, for example, giving an image the effect of yellowed paper or removing red-eye in pictures, are solved in this mode.

For more advanced users already familiar with professional graphics editors, a more rigorous “like in Photoshop” interface will open up. However, it cannot be said that Photo Pos Pro is a complete copy of an Adobe product.

The program is preinstalled with basic image editing tools, which are sufficient for processing graphics. You will have to pay for the expansion of the functionality, however, in-app purchases do not upset or traumatize the designer’s psyche with every minute reminders.

Photo Pos Pro 3 Editor has not been tested in the field. After installation, it turned out that the program does not support the built-in graphics accelerator on the some computers.

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Digikam – Photo manager for windows

Digikam - Photo manager for windows

DigiKam is an image manager for photographers and designers. The program will help you organize pictures from cameras and gadgets, and, if necessary, upload your graphics archive to the cloud storage. The Digikam package includes a preinstalled graphic editor, and, perhaps, it is more suitable for novice users than other programs from the review.

Digikam editor supports tons of graphic formats and can convert bitmap graphics freely. Basic editing is implemented in the familiar text menu. Thanks to high-quality Russification, even an untrained user will be able to adjust brightness, contrast, white balance. Preset filters will help you stylize your photos or make them look like photos from Instagram.

The disadvantage of the program is the size of the distribution kit and the need to install additional server components (SQLite). The Digikam installer is rather complicated, and we do not recommend experimenting with the program settings during the installation process, leave the settings recommended by the installer, then you can change them.

Installation on the test computer was successful. The program coped with opening files with a large number of layers, quickly saved the edited file.

PhotoScape – Photo Manager for Novice

PhotoScape - Photo Manager for Novice

Another graphics manager for Windows with a pre-installed editor. PhotoScape cannot be called a full-fledged replacement for Photoshop; it is rather a product for novice photographers and designers. The functional of the program, to put it mildly, is not surprising. However, basic editing is well organized in PhotoScape.

The program started up without any problems on the test PC, coped with opening and saving large graphic files.

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PhotoDemon – Open source Portable software for Photo editing

PhotoDemon - Open source Portable software for Photo editing

The PhotoDemon editor differs from other participants in the review by its external simplicity of design and undemanding to the resources of the user’s PC. A text menu is located at the top of the main program window, toolbars are located on the left and right side edges. The icons of the “Demon” are large and will not cause any questions for a beginner: an eraser, pencil, text, geometric shapes – everything is well known from the Paint editor. However, despite its apparent simplicity, this editor works with multi-layered projects and quickly processes large files.

PhotoDemon does not require installation on a computer: the program can be run from a USB flash drive or portable hard drive.

Support for older operating systems is announced on the developers website. The editor worked without any problems on the test computer.


These are one of the best alternatives of Photoshop, if you want to save some bucks or just want to try something new then you should check those all. We have placed all these alternatives on our personal experience. Pixlr.com is on first place because of its countless features. If you are using another alternative, then please share them in the comments below.