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No doubt technology is the reason behind the amazing success and development of the world bird a lot of credit also goes to the very hardworking developers and engineers who have worked really hard in order to make all these developments happen successfully.

Developers and engineers are also behind another development of the world which doesn’t get much attention but is an important aspect and is way essential in the real world. This development has made the lives of engineers very easy.

Because of this particular thing, the engineers can take their hands out of the process of controlling and designing of different manufacturing processes. We’re talking about the computer aided manufacturing technology here and this is the main topic of this article.

At the end of this article you will have enough knowledge about CAM and different free CAM software that are easily accessible and can be used for your machines.

What is CNC?

A Computer Numerical Control (CNC) programming empowers to make projects to run a machine device. Each piece of the machine needs its CNC project. The essential language for programming of CNC is G-Code.

Substitute to G-Code, there are Heidenhain and Mazak likewise being used. G-Code is customized so that it controls the development of a machine by changing the situation of x, y, and z-pivot. It is equipped for controlling the speed of pivot and pace of the motion.

What is CAM?

Computer aided manufacturing (CAM) basically means automatically manufacturing things with the use of computer controlled machinery and software. This development has helped in operating machines automatically which were previously operated using human resources or were used manually.

The traditional process of manufacturing required a lot of human resources and people had to set up the machines in various ways in order to operate them or make them work accordingly.

Computer aided manufacturing follows a different pattern. It operates machines with the help of software that instructs the machine to perform certain actions and directs it to function according to the needs.

It doesn’t require typing the instructions and uploading them to the software but you can even put up flowcharts and drawings and the system will translate them into instructions and drive the machines according to that.

You can even utilize the software of CAD in order to let CAM instruct the machines. CAM has become really essential in making things easy and automatizing a lot of processes.

Best free Cam/Cad Software

There are much CAM software that are not only open source but free as well and this helps in saving a lot of time, money and human source.

If the CAM you are using is free then you are getting only benefits out of it and there are 99 percent charges that you won’t have any cons for it. The best free CAM soft wares are listed below:


This is goal account software that is free CAD/CAM software for windows 10 and is utilized to make instructions and commands for machines of CNC. It was initially released in 2002 but since then many versions of it has been produced.

It is currently licensed under LGPLv2+. Using this software you can make 3D objects like laser cutters Mills etc. It is typically design for products related to mechanical engineering bird can also be used for other engineering’s including electrical engineering architecture etc.

as well. As it is free software you can even utilize the programming language Python in order to increase its efficiency and functionality. It is amazing software for setting up your machines via CAM.


It is another free and open source CAM software which helps in generating tool path for 3 axis machining of CNC. A huge variety of strategies related to tool path are supported by PyCAM.

It includes 2D and 3D models. It has many features. It can engrave fonts of a single line. It also has the feature of easily rotating, moving and even flipping the models.

It also automatically utilized different Pc cores and also helps in estimating the total time of machine for every tool path. This software is licensed under GPLv3. It can easily be run on linux, windows and MacOS.


Linux CNC is basically used to control machines of CNC. It typically is used on Linux and is free. You can operate printers, cutters and other different machines with the help of this software.

It is free and open source and can easily be used by anyone without   paying any hefty amounts of money. It has several graphical user interfaces which can be used through it  and it is also compatible with various interfaces for machine control.

Hence it delivers efficient results. As it gets a G code input, it processes the machine and produces the response. It is licensed under general public license version 2. It has various modern features including rigid tapping.

It has an active community of users and it can simply be installed on Ubuntu or Debian.


It is a better and easier choice for CNC milling based on parallel port motion control. In order to accomplish exact planning operation and timing the control is done and exceptionally improved C Using all the AVR chip features.

It only acknowledges G chord data standard and it has been tried with the product of various gam tools and has resulted in no issues. It also completely supports circles curves and other movements just like any other G code command.

It does not support variables and other macro functions yet we believe that inclusion of graphical user interfaces can improve work at interpretation of them in to easier G-code. It is licensed under the general public license version 3.


This software is free and open source and helps in producing a model of program for CNC, similar to 3 axis Gcode and visualizing the output in 3D.

It has the ability to simulate the CNC and hence helps in maintaining a strategic distance from risky and costly mistakes.

It is very simple to use and by taking a gander at the tutorials online you can easily run your own simulations within the blink of an eye.

It has many features including 3D visualization of tool path, editing of tool table and simulation of different shapes. It can be easily run on Windows, macOS and Linux. It was released under the license of GPLv2.


TrueMaster Pro is one more free CAM programming software for Windows. It is fundamentally intended to function with Lathe Machines.

This is marginally not the same as other CAM programming as it acts more like a machine regulator in which you require to input a Gcode (NC code) to process an item.

In this product, you can’t make the tool path like other CAM programming. Nonetheless, you actually have all alternatives to arrange machines as per material and plan. You can likewise have a look at the entire processing measure on its GUI.


Desk Proto is a free CAM programming software for Windows. It is free 3D CAM programming software that works with 3, 4 and 5 axis machines for milling.

Desk Proto permits you to make most complex 3D shapes by utilizing STL files, 3D drawings by utilizing DXF document, and 3D simulations dependent on photographs by using BMP document.

There are numerous applications of this CAM programming software and it can be utilized for things similar to designing of products, jewelry and other arts.

Besides this, you can likewise utilize it with any CAD program and with any processing machine to make the eventual output.


Techne CAD/CAM is a free open source CAD/CAM software for Windows. It is not only CAM but also free CAD software. Techne helps you in designing and creating a CNC code of a 2D model.

This software doesn’t let you install models from outside so you need to create models of your own. You can create models by utilizing different tools like Line cuts, shapes, add or subtract tool etc.

You can add different shapes and lines using the previous tools and make models of your own. You can also import a picture and then follow its outlines to trace and rapidly make a model out of it by utilizing the option of Trace Image.


It is due to CAM software that the efficiency and productivity of different machines has increased.

CAM systems speed up the entire process of production and help in creating prototypes rapidly and also help in optimizing different programs for increased productivity of machines.

They have made the work of engineers very easy and you can get entire yield of different products accurately and according to your needs without any human effort food stop you just need to update the design and then CAM will monitor everything out for you.

You can utilize the above mentioned free software and choose the one that is compatible with your system.

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