10 Best Google Chrome extensions for Web Developers

Sometimes it’s difficult to come up with a mock-up design and even tougher to convert that blueprint into a final web page. At that point the extensions come up with a helping for web developers, each has unique concept that make a task easier to finish off.

How To Speed Up Google Chrome

List of Chrome Extensions for Web developers

Here are some chrome extensions that you can start leveraging in your development process to decrease turnaround time, and make it bug-free.


color utility chrome extension

Colorzilla chrome extension is the best for web developers because, there are many researches done on page user interface and user interaction and it is proven that the color plays a very important role. If you are wondering what color patterns your competitor is using, and you are depending on the source code of the website to retrieve all the colors of the website. ColorZilla will make your task less painful. Install the ColorZilla extension and you will be able to see a complete color pattern of a webpage. It shows color of each element in RGB and hexa format.


font utility chrome extension

Whatfont is another a best chrome extension that you must have installed, it is related to web page UI that is the most important part in web development. If you like a font of a webpage you have just visited and you want to use it for your page. You don’t have to go through a big lines of code to find out the font type the page is using if you have installed WhatFont. Installing the WhatFont will show what font a page is using right in the browser.


css viewer chrome extension

As a name suggests, CSSViewer is one of the best Chrome extensions for web developers. It shows the property of element withing the browser without going through the complete source code in console. The process is very simple. Just install and activate the extension, and hover over the object to get the complete style of the object.

Code Cola

code cola chrome extension

Code cola also a best extension mainly, If you are a developer and have designed a website or a static webpage, you would know how many iterations you go through before you finalize the color, size margin ect. of an object. Change the attributes in the code, save the file and refresh the file to see the change.

Although, you can simplify the process by going through Chrome element inspection and changing the color there. But Code Cola enables you to change the properties through a GUI.

Once you install and enable Code Cola extension, you will see GUI within the browser. You can change the property attribute there itself without editing the code. This extension is best for you if you are not a programmer and you want a quick change in margin, color, size etc in you webpage.

Windows Resizer

web page testing chrome extension

Window resizer is an extension that is the best checking a webpage on different scales, If you have just developer an web page and you want to test the page in different resolution, this Chrome extension is your best friend. This is very simple tool to resize the window and viewport. It provides different resolutions to choose from. You can also configure a hot key decrease the testing time. It shows all the options within the browser on single click.


image adjustment chrome extension

PerfectPixel allows you to adjust the picture on a webpage, that makes it the best choice for developers. It overlays the layout image over the layout in the browser. This allows the page to be adjusted to within a few pixels. The extension settings control the transparency and position of the layout image.


page liner chrome extension

PageLiner is a great help for developers mostly when they want to place an object at specific location. Combining PerfectPixel with PageLines makes the development process less painful. It works by adding horizontal and vertical lines in the browser window – just like in a graphical editor.

Siteimprove Accessibility Checker

website validation chrome extension

The Siteimprove Accessibility Checker helps you make sure your HTML meets accessibility standards – that is, your page can be used by people with different capabilities and limitations.

Not the best one, but as a web developer you should have adopt this extension, mostly when you develop structure using HTML


page analyzer chrome extension

Have you seen a cool site and wanted to repeat some of the features in your project? Find out with Wappalyzer what technologies, frameworks and libraries are needed for this.

Web Developer

disable css javascript chrome extension

Powerful extension that allows you to disable CSS and JavaScript, remove images, check HTML and CSS validity, change styles, test forms, watch meta tags, resize the browser window. 

Basically, a Web Developer can replace almost all of the above extensions combined. The only question is convenience.

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