List of Best IDE for Go Language

Here is the list of the very best IDEs for the Golang language that we think most Go language experts will feel comfortable with.

Golang is rising in popularity among programming languages, known as a big competitor of Python. Now prompting companies to witness its excellent capabilities for all their software needs. There’re a couple of IDEs for this language. You will find here listed below- free and paid. Read our review about each of them that will filter out your choice and bring you closer to fulfill all your needs as a developer to build your first Golang project.

Best IDES For Go Language

If you don’t want to read review all of them, just for that case. Here are our top-picked IDEs, Visual Studio code, eclipse, and Atom.

1. Visual Studio Code

vs code for go - List of Best IDE for Go Language

Visual studio code is a modern yet very famous IDE that is built by Microsoft and fully supports many Golang web frameworks.

An unusual code editor that effectively supports multiple operations including debugging, task operating, and rendition control. It is provided with all the amazing features that programmers need to have in the best and perfect IDEs that assist them in completing their tasks more efficiently and within less time. Here is the guide to install Visual Studio IDE

Features of Visual Studio Code

Wonder-full features of Visual Studio Code are as follows:-

  • It is free to use open-source IDE perfect for Go programming
  • It supports and helps in intelligent code completion, advanced syntax highlighting, snippets, and embedded Git.
  • It is a magical combination of a simple code editor with a basic build-edit-debug cycle
  • It provides an ease of games and app development for Androids and iOS devices.
  • It is featured with multiple code completion and editing features.


  • It is provided with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Compatible with all three operating systems are Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.
  • Efficient functionality provided by your favorite plugins
  • Syntax highlighter is especially available for Golang.
  • Git integration featured.
  • Eats up a very low memory.
  • Works amazingly with different environments.


  • Graph plotting interface is not good (needs improvement).
  • AutoSaved feature is quite annoying for some users.

2. Atom

atom for go - List of Best IDE for Go Language

Atom is a fully developed open-source editor or IDE that is perfect for Go programming. It is developed by GitHub and both experts and beginners can use it like a pro. Its operation is quite easy to use and learn that even those people who are less experienced in coding or programming can also use it handily. If you’ve ever interested in Python, then this is for you- How to use Atom for python.

It is widely featured with a number of supreme features such as Auto completion of codes, spell detection, duplicate content detection, varied themes, customized services, and a lot more things that a developer demands to have in a perfect IDE.

Features of Atom

  • It is featured richly with smart auto-completion
  • Also, it is provided with Find and replace tool that helps you finding an error and replacing it with correction.
  • It is incorporated with unlimited plugins, hence creating a complete library of plugins that are easy and manageable.
  • It offers a unique syntax highlighting for golang
  • Furthermore, it is provided with a C++ development feature.
  • It is much compatible with other editors and can provide effective editing in multiple operating systems.


  • Easy customization option is available
  • Color coding feature is provided
  • Debugging and reporting certain errors.
  • Functions very fast and saves a lot of time.
  • It is free to use and access
  • It has an excellent GIT integration.


  • The search engine doesn’t respond well sometimes
  • Uses high memory.

3. Eclipse

eclipse IDE for go - List of Best IDE for Go Language

The Eclipse is an integrated development environment ( IDE) that is used for development of many computer based or android applications and games using Go language, Java and many other programming languages. It is developed with multiple plugins. Also, there is an option of installing additional plugins if you want to. These exciting features has made Eclipse the most favorite IDE of programmers and application developers.

Features of Eclipse

There are many advanced features of Eclipse code editor but only a few of them are mentioned below.

  • It provides its users with a vast workstation that allows users to conduct multiple tasks simultaneously. Also, this single workstation is capable of storing multiple source files, images, and documents. Moreover, you have the option to choose the name of the file according to your desire.
  • The updating system of this IDE is relatively handy and effective, allowing the user to add plugins of his/her choice.
  • Additional features of Eclipse include useful and valuable JPA tooling, development of any web services, or editing an XML file.


  • Gets modified and advanced with the passage of time.
  • It is easy to use and install for many own
  • It is provided with a simple user-interface
  • A compact workspace is provided for users to save all their projects in a single space
  • Simple and easy to learn, no complex things to learn or understand
  • A proficient auto-completion tool is provided
  • It is provided with Maven integration.


  • Sometimes it shows delayed responses
  • It needs a restart every time after installing a plugin.

4. IntelliJ IDEA

intellij IDE for go - List of Best IDE for Go Language

IntelliJ Idea is an advanced, highly featured IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It is mostly used by software developers to have an ease in developing software. It provides you with full convenience in writing and completing codes, searching connections between symbols in Go programming.

Intellij idea is amazingly featured that’s why it is loved by the developers of Go programming. Let us have a look at its amazing features

Features of Intellij IDEA

  • Intellij Idea is fully enriched with various tools and easy-to-do operations that are indeed a plus for software developers.
  • This IDE is featured with an advanced auto-completion tool that helps you save your time.
  • It is equipped with a variety of building tools that comes out to be helpful while developing software.
  • Additionally, it can also be used to detect duplicate while programming.


  • Enriched with multiple plugins
  • Advanced auto-completion and duplicate detector
  • Easy to learn for beginners
  • Incredible integration for programmers.
  • Simple and easy code navigation


  • Consumes a lot of memory
  • Pricey for some users

5. VIM

VIM for go language - List of Best IDE for Go Language

VIM is considered to be an amazing IDE to use for Go programming. It has multiple features that you can count as the best features for which programmers always look for. It can be called an ultimate trust of developers using Go language. So coming straight to the point let’s discuss it’s premium features in detail

Features of VIM

  • The very first feature is surprisingly amazing. You can port your configuration from one machine to another once after starting usage of VIM for accomplishing the tasks. Also, you can access it from any other device too
  • VIM is a bit tricky-to-understand IDE. But a loving thing about it is that once you have learned it you will never forget its use.
  • It is easy to use and helps you produce more work in less time
  • VIM is extra user- friendly for those users who get irritated by frequent mouse usage. Because it can be thoroughly operated by using keyboards. All the functions are easily accessible through the keyboard.
  • It is lighter in weight and acquires less storage space.
  • It functions quite rapidly to save you from irritation of delayed responses.


  • Faster operation and lighter weight
  • Very easy to easy after learning it completely
  • It can work with customization, you can use it the way you want to
  • Superfast editing and modular capability
  • Influential key bindings.


  • It is difficult to learn initially
  • The auto-completion tool is not documented.

6. LiteIDE

liteide for go programming - List of Best IDE for Go Language

LiteIDE is very unique in its functioning and features. It is considered to be the best open-source IDE for golang that has a friendly user-interface. It offers a friendly environment to its users and allows them to customize up to their desired extent.

Features of LiteIDE

LiteIDE for go programming is best in its features

  • It offers multiple tools and services including Delve debugger, code management, gdb, and aids in building commands.
  • It provides a great plugin support
  • It uses Kate format for theme insertion and auto-completion
  • Simple-to-operate debug system
  • It has an intelligent MIME system.


  • It is free to access and use
  • Efficient yet fast development is ensured by LiteIDE
  • It is easy to learn and get started with
  • It is best for Golang development and its features are likewise compatible.
  • Provides a developed configurable auto-completion
  • Cross-platform: available for multiple platforms.


  • The plugins are limited in number according to some users

7. GoLand

Goland for go - List of Best IDE for Go Language

GoLand is a new yet modernized IDE specially made for Go programming develops to help them work in an ergonomic environment. Goland is considered to be the newest and most compatible IDE that is made by JetBrains and it is designed to provide various functions, plugins, themes, and autocomplete to offer them sheer convenience while performing any developing task.

Now if we talk about its features then its features are just excellent and true.

Features of GoLand

The incredible features of GoLand are as under:-

  • GoLand is enriched with multiple projects related to learning and education. This made it quite easier for beginners or new developers to learn Go programming very easily
  • It offers you all the required features to develop amazing software within no time.
  • It is provided with a maximum number of tools that you can use while programming in the Go language so there is no need to have any anxiety about installing more themes or plugins in order to start your app development.

Its amazing features have compelled more than 50 big tech companies to use this for their businesses that are purely based on developing software and apps. So this fact can’t be ignored while learning about its features


  • Lunging between files is very quick without any delays
  • Best for debugging and streamlining the development
  • Superfast code editor and code auto-completer with minimized risk of error
  • Saves a lot of time and eliminates fussy situations
  • Saves you from the hassle of installing extra plugins to get started with your project.
  • User-friendly, multiple customizable options are there to use.
  • Easy to learn and free of any complication


  • Sometimes it gets overloaded and starts using a lot of memory.
  • It still needs some modifications according to some users.

Wrapping it up

Golang is used at a very advanced level and by a vast range of developers either individuals or companies. It is thus used at a very big level because it is considered to be the best replacement for many other programming languages such as JavaScript, C++, and Python. It is much convenient than the others so gaining more popularity and users.

Here in this article we have picked and presented the Top class IDEs for Go programming that will surely make the life of developers easier because all the IDEs mentioned are enriched with amazing and exciting features. Now it’s time for you to choose the IDE that best suits your need and desire.

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