The 7 Best keyboards for CSGO of 2022 (Recommended by PROs)

Here we’ve picked the best keyboards for playing CSGO, worth buying in 2022.

FPS gaming has become a new norm in the gaming world, with more and more companies shifting toward competitive titles in order to please their audience.

Our top-picked Keyboards for CS: Go

Even if you’re a novice CSGO gamer, you will be constantly bamboozled by enemies, which is kind of frustrating in the long run. A perfect gaming keyboard might help you in that situation.

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1. HyperX Alloy FPS

HyperX Alloy FPS keyboard

Key Features

  • Comes in a compact layout with a solid steel frame design
  • Available with full N-key rollover functions & anti-ghosting mechanism
  • Provides convenient placement of USB connecting ports
  • keys are fully backlit enabled with multiple RGB effects

If you’re looking for an all-in-one mechanical CSGO pro keyboard that doesn’t break the bank but still provides a reasonable performance, then the HyperX is ready to go.

It is made explicitly for Esport lovers and competitive players who are in need of a compact device that is super precise & responsive.

There are no strings attached to this model, and even a beginner CSGO player should be able to utilize it to the fullest. Now, let’s get into what other cool things this beauty has to offer;

Ergonomics & Keys

The HyperX alloy might not be the sturdiest keyboard in the business, but it still provides a solid design which is extremely hard to find in the sub $500 price tag.

With the aid of steel-frame construction and a removable USB port, it gives you plenty of options to look into in the long run. You will be absolutely impressed by how lightweight and compact this device is.

For reference, it weighs just under 2.5lbs and covers up to 17inches in length to give you the benefit of travel.

Besides, having a premium design, it is based upon Cherry MX Blue switches which are tactile and durable.

They are a number one preference for pro-CS: GO athletes as well due to the fact they offer an N-Key rollover function.

So, now you can use all the keys simultaneously and over-class your enemies! This will also make it easily tiltable, which is a dealbreaker in games like CSGO.

Notable Features

  • Being a full-sized keyboard offers textured keys to recognize your moments quickly. Sadly, it lacks RGB, but red accent lighting lets you get the most out of your match in dim conditions.
  • No matter how hard you pick the keystrokes, it will register your moments precisely.
  • Additionally, you will find little to no bezels within this gadget, which maintains its minimal stature.  
                  PROS                     CONS
All in one CSGO pro keyboardLack of provided media controls
Clicky and tactile switchesLimited RGB customization
Lightweight and portable 

2. SteelSeries Apex 3

SteelSeries Apex 3 keyboard

Key Features

  • A premium keyboard for CSGO that comes with whisper-quiet switches
  • Protects your gaming from liquid spill through Ip32 water resistance
  • A fully-compatible magnetic wrist rest for a pain-free experience
  • It gives you 10-zone RGB lightning to enhance your gameplay
  • Provided with several dedicated media controls

When it comes to quality and longevity, there isn’t a single manufacturer in the gaming realm that can compete with SteelSeries’ expertise.

They are known for providing premium gaming gear, and their latest line-up, i.e., Apex-edition, is no exception. It’s a fully mechanical keyboard that can suit the needs of almost any CSGO pro player.

Being backed by powerful hardware and an intuitive design, you can rest assured with this pick.

Not only does it look first-class, but it also shares a reasonable price tag, which you won’t find anywhere else in the market especially because of the recent pandemic. So just under $50, you will get everything out of this beast!

Ergonomics & Keys

Let me get this straight. Even being a budget keyboard for CSGO, the build quality of SteelSeries Apex 3 is genuine and polished.

It’s constructed through high-quality plastic material that doesn’t feel cheap, so you won’t find any issues. According to many consumers, the best keyboard for CSGO Reddit forms lasts much longer than expected.

If you’re the kind of CSGO player that gets a bit aggressive with its device, you can rest assured about its durability.

In addition to that, much like HyperX Alloy FPS, its built-in keys are tactile to the touch and whisper-quiet in action. They will maintain their function with over 20 million keypresses.

Notable Features

  • First of all, it comes provided with a dedicated media control option, which is useful if you want to listen to music on the go.
  • A magnetic wrist rest is available with its purchase that is completely detachable for added comfort.
  • The only thing you will miss as a CSGO player on this device is macro keys, but as you consider its price tag, you can’t complain much.
  • Overall, SteelSeries Apex 3 is a good choice, preferred by professional athletes and loved by bright streamers.
                  PROS                     CONS
Professional-looking keyboard for CSGOAs compared to Apex 5 & pro, it lacks some features
Whisper-quiet gaming experienceIts switches can be susceptible most of the times
10-zone RGB settings 

3. CORSAIR K57 Wireless RGB

CORSAIR K57 Wireless RGB keyboard

Key Features

  • Low latency connection, which is a game-changer in competitive titles
  • A detachable wrist is provided with the purchase for the comfort of the user
  • Up to 6 programmable macro keys with easy configuration
  • Available under wireless support for maximum convenience
  • Made explicitly for CSGO pro athletes

If you are in for a superb-looking keyboard that covers almost all the bells and whistles that you might need to outclass your competition in CSGO, then the CORSAIR K57 is a product that is worth considering.

On paper, it might be one of corsair’s higher-end models, especially in the “K” series, which offers a ton of use cases for streamers or pro Esport athletes.

The reason why it’s again and again recommended by professionals is because of the fact that it doesn’t cost a fortune.

Yes, it’s a sub-$100 gaming keyboard, but when you account for the number of features it provides, it’s completely worth the purchase. Let’s take a glance at some of these aspects;

Ergonomics & Keys

Now the CORSAIR K57 might not be a mechanical keyboard, but design-wise, it’s an absolute beast. It is made up of a mediocre plastic material that is not top-of-the-line.

However, the upper portion of K57 is complemented by sleek finishing, which provides it an overall luxurious & clean look. Keep in mind that it will attract a lot of fingerprints, so be prepared to keep it protected.

In addition to that, the built-in keys are fantastic for the price tag.

The typing experience is also something to look for as it’s quiet and tacky. It uses blue/red switches which are also a great addition to a membrane keyboard like this.

They provide a smooth sensation, especially in those tough maps where players are ready to no-scope. They will respond quite well in those dire conditions, where you are on the brink of death.

Notable Features

  • The media keys located at the top right corner may be somewhat basic, but they deliver excellent results when it comes to adjusting the volume or navigating through music.
  • Corsair also has done a decent job in making this product customizable.
  • With K57 in hand, you can remap up to 6 keys on the go.
  • Besides programmable keys, it offers RGB customization, which is on par with some of the best CSGO pro keyboards on the market.
                  PROS                     CONS
A solid typing experienceIt’s not a mechanical keyboard which is recommended for CSGO
Six interchangeable macro keysWith RGB, it can only be used for 35 hours straight
Dedicated volume and media controls 

4. Razer BlackWidow Elite

Razer BlackWidow Elite keyboard

Key Features

  • A signature mechanical keyboard that is designed for competitive titles
  • Operates under 50 G actuation force for premium feel & support
  • Durable keycaps with military-grade alloy casing
  • Ergonomic wrist-rest that is completely detachable with magnetic support
  • Syncs RGB lightning throughout your gameplay

When we talk about top-of-the-line gaming peripherals, it’s no surprise that the Razer keyboard shows its appearance on this list.

The particular model we will be covering is termed as BlackWidow Elite, which was released back in 2012 but still is a number one choice for pro and novice gamers alike.

With a number of respectable features & a solid design, it is something you should keep an eye on whenever you spend cash on CSGO gear.

Besides having superb accuracy and support, it offers serious performance for traditional gamers.

Although it might not compete directly with Hyperx alloy fps, it still is a keyboard that we are glad to feature in our review.

Ergonomics & Keys

The Razer BlackWidow Elite boasts a seamless design that will catch the eye of many notable CSGO shooters.

It is a well-rounded build with a sleek finish and a robust outlook that can give you the peace of mind you rightfully deserve.

Other than an ergonomic design, it comes readily available in two switch types, so you can always have options on hand. So, try their Cherry MX green switches for a more rapid control or Cherry orange ones for quieter action and tactile feel.

Speaking about keys, there is a substantial digital dial near the top surface of Razer BlackWidow Elite. It gives a quick way to adjust volume or change tracks as you require.

Notable Features

  • Not only will you receive onboard memory, but also be able to customize RGB lighting as well as key remaps.
  • If that’s not enough, then you will probably love the magnetic wrist rest that Razer offers.
  • It is constructed through plush leatherette material to offer maximum comfort.
  • Another great addition to BlackWidow Elite is the macro that can be configured for complex Keybinds. This will allow you to spend less time swapping weapons or throwing explosives.  
                  PROS                     CONS
A performance-driven designNot a durable keyboard in the long run
Available in multiple Cherry switchesIt lacks linear switches
One of the best keyboards from Razer for CS: GO 

5. Logitech G PRO

Logitech G PRO keyboard

Key Features

  • Ultra-portable and compact design that offers ten keyless stature
  • Provided with GX Blue Click switches for outstanding tactile feel
  • It fully supports Logitech’s LIGHTSYNC (G-Hub) software
  • Easy installation with the detectable USB cable at the backend
  • Esport-level performance & accuracy

At number 5th spot on our review, we have the Logitech G Pro Gaming series. As the name suggests, it’s explicitly made for Esport lovers who want to dip their toes in competitive gaming.

It satisfies the requirements of pro gamers with its compact design and powerful hardware, which is kind of hard to find these days.

No matter what the circumstances are, this prime keyboard for csgo will deliver up to the standards.

So, spend some extra on this premium device and buy it from Amazon today! The G Pro is also a lot more comfortable than your standard gaming accessory, so you can rest assured about its use case.

Ergonomics & Keys

I personally like the work that Logitech put into designing the G Pro. It comes from a Tenkeyless construction that is bound to perform no matter what the conditions are.

This ergonomic design also makes the keyboard lightweight and compact. You can take it in your bag, and it won’t budge at all. Besides having a Pro layout (pun intended), it boasts premium keycaps and high-quality switches, which are sturdy and reliable.

The Logitech Pro features Romer-G switches, which allows players to get the most out of their gameplay.

They are also more durable (70million clicks) & fast-paced (13X) as compared to traditional switches, so you can’t get wrong buying them right off the bat.

Notable Features

  • One of the cool things about the Logitech G PRO keyboard is its keystroke signal processing or KSB.
  • This revolutionary technology allows it to react much faster with greater actuation and lower latency, which is truly a game-changer for CSGO lovers.
  • On top of that, there is a detachable USB cable with this model, which makes it extremely easy to pair up with your machine.
  • Moving to the customization, it is fully operational through Logitech’s G Hub software. You can use this app to create explicit light sync patterns and save them on the onboard memory.
                  PROS                     CONS
One of the fastest CSGO keyboards to dateThis keyboard for CSGO can be a bit expensive
Compact & lightweight piece of hardwareEven after two months, users complain that the keycaps have rubbed off or worn out
Less than 10ms response time 

6. Razer Cynosa V2

Razer Cynosa V2 keyboard

Key Features

  • It’s an all-around membrane keyboard that is loved by gamers on Reddit
  • Capable of delivering anti-ghosting commands & n-key rollover functions
  • Backed by a Spill-Resistant body that is resilient in action
  • Programmable macros to execute complex commands
  • It lasts up to 8 million clicks in a 2-year warranty

If you want a product loved by millions due to its supreme quality and tons of potential across the board, you can’t go wrong picking the Cynosa V2.

It is another budget-oriented gaming keyboard that is ideal for CSGO streamers. Without spending heaps of cash, you will indulge yourself in modern gaming and get the most out of your experience.

One of the things I personally like about this model is its intuitive design that co-relates with current requirements. It’s not your average mechanical gaming keyboard.

It still follows the same pattern and can make you look pro among the CSGO community. With that said, let’s look at how well it co-exists with the given hype;

Ergonomics & Keys

Before we move on to its bells and whistles, it’s worth understanding that this is a full-sized keyboard, measuring 470mm in length.

So don’t expect any kind of portability, as it will take quite a bit of desk space. However, this substantial design makes it look aesthetically pleasing with most setups.

As expected, the overall build is complemented with plastic with little to no metal faceplates or any kind of fancy finishing.

It’s also not the most rigid keyboard for CSGO in 2021, and there is definitely some flexibility. Now you won’t notice the flex while gaming, but it’s just something you need to look for.

It uses dome-style membrane keys, which for the most part, feel premium and responsive.

Notable Features

There are a few notable features with Cynosa V2 that Razer thought to implement in this model.

At the rear section of this budget keyboard for CSGO, you will find rubber padding, along with multiple tilt-level adjustments.

  • The same ease of mind can be seen in terms of its USB cable, which is not completely detachable but still straightforward to adjust.
  • Other important aspects include a full-key rollover, fully programmable buttons as well as spill resistance. It works well under the 1000Hz polling rate to give you those instant response times.   
                  PROS                     CONS
Protected from dirt and fingerprintsDistinctive typing experience as compared to a regular keyboard
Features game mode and backlit compatibilityIt can be a bit substantial in size
It sounds quieter than mechanical keyboards 

7. Xtrfy K2 Gaming

Xtrfy K2 Gaming keyboard

Key Features

  • It uses high-performance mechanical switches that are known for longevity
  • Over 1000 Hz polling rate that is accompanied by full N-key rollover
  • Rapid response times with the aid of super-scan technology
  • Per-key RGB customization for virtually unlimited possibilities
  • Better than Hyperx alloy fps in terms of the overall layout

The keyboard featured at the end of our list is non-other than the Xtrfy k2-RGB.

According to many critics, this isn’t promoted by a reputable manufacturer, but it’s still one of the best keyboards for CSGO that money can buy right now.

Also, being partnered with a small sum of Esport teams, they are pretty much serious about providing the best gaming experience possible. With a classic design and fast-paced operation, it is something you definitely need to consider if you are thinking about CSGO.

Ergonomics & Keys

It also feels quite genuine as you hold it and can provide you with the CSGO experience you deserve. Other than that, it is a portable option that can get the job done even in the most tedious conditions. Xtrfy K2 weighs just under 5lbs, which means you can carry it on the go.

In terms of keys, it uses Kailh Red switches as compared to your traditional Cherry MX switches.

These keys have a low actuation as well as an ideal polling rate, which means they can be extremely quick to react during intense gaming moments.

The same is translated into keycaps, which are extremely well-built and feel natural during use.

Notable Features

  • Among its noticeable feature is the ability to customize RGB lighting for each individual keys.
  • With Xtrfy K2 Gaming, you can choose from millions of colors, 13 backlight effects, seven preset patterns, and six typing designs and upgrade your gaming to the next level.
  • One thing I find disappointing in K2 Gaming is the lack of software to configure changes.
  • It can lead to quite a bit of frustration, especially when you’re setting up RGB. Besides that, it’s a great unit.
                  PROS                     CONS
Superb response times and great actuationNot the cheapest CSGO pro keyboard  
Configurable macros for added supportLack of utility software
Per-key RGB illumination 

Do You Absolutely Need a Mechanical keyboard For CSGO?

Need of mechanical keyboard

Generally speaking, almost every one of us prefers buying mechanical models over their traditional counterparts, but the real question is, does it really matter? Well, in a broader sense, no, it won’t.

  • You see, there is nothing wrong with mechanical keyboards as they tend to give better feedback and are usually fast-paced. However, they tend to cost a bit, which isn’t something to be proud of, being a CSGO player.

You shouldn’t be overspending on accessories that have little to no real-world implications, and mechanical keyboards are no exception.

In reality, there are a number of membrane-bound keyboards (like Razer Cynosa V2) that offer the same level of in-game performance and added features without costing a fortune.

You will receive the same click & feedback of a mechanical keyboard and get started with your CounterStrike kill streak.

So, naturally, I would advise you to choose between the alternate options rather than going full YOLO on mechanical keys.

But like I said before, it all comes down to your personal preferences and gaming style, so if mechanical boards fancy you, it’s worth spending extra dollars on them.