6 Best one-handed Gaming keyboards (Updated in 2023)

Now gaming keyboards themselves are available with a wide range of features and construction, making buying decisions quite complicated. Some of them adopt wireless support, while others offer membrane coverage for smooth gameplay and accurate input. Conversely, one such category of gaming accessory is the single-handed keypad. As there are gaming mice for big hands as well!

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6 best one-handed keyboards for 2022

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They are known for their performance, build quality, longevity, and budget, so no matter which option you go for, it won’t disappoint you. So, let us take a close look at them!

1)  Redragon K585 DITI

single-handed  Redragon K585 DITI keyboard


  • One-hand gaming keyboard with tactile keystrokes
  • Seven programmable macro keys included in its interface
  • 5 RGB backlit modes for impressive illumination
  • Added support with detachable wrist rest
  • Convenient placement of USB port

This top-of-the-line one-handed keyboard uses OUTEMU blue switches from Razor, which are iconic and audible in their function. If you want a pro gaming keyboard, this is the ideal product you should buy

It features a slim yet highly portable body covering only the essential or action keys needed for hardcore gaming. This means you don’t have to indulge in clicking unnecessary inputs that take away the provided space and, ultimately, precision.

2)  Razer Tartarus v2

one handed  Razer Tartarus v2


  • It boasts innovative analog key switches
  • Robust ergonomics with tactile mechanical feedback
  • 8-way directional Thumbpad for optimal level of control
  • Wide range of personalization
  • Console-oriented mechanics

If you are looking for a professional-looking one-handed keyboard and are serious about your gaming, you can’t go wrong picking the Razer Tartarus v2. Besides that, the level of control it offers is on par with some of the premium full-featured keyboards on the market.

If you like Razor’s top-of-the-line products and want something exceptional, I highly recommend the Tartarus v2.

3)  Logitech G13 One-handed Keyboard

 Logitech G13 One-handed Keyboard


  • Ergonomic one-handed keyboard with joystick
  • Onboard memory for saving game profiles in the long run
  • Equipped with 25 programmable function keys
  • Backed by an extra-long USB cable
  • Backlight customization

If you are looking for the best single-handed keyboard under budget. The following is the best choice so far, offering comfort, design, and all the essentials like a premium gaming keyboard. Logitech G13 is equipped with a contoured layout that will fit the needs of every type of gamer regardless of their handgrip and finger shape. Although the big-handed are more likely to grip better.

4)  Razer Orbweaver Chroma

Razer Orbweaver Chroma one-handed keyboard


  • It comes equipped with a braided USB cable
  • Top of line Mechanical Switches with satisfying actuation
  • 8-directional pad control for swift movement
  • Programmable RGB lighting with Chroma Software
  • Durable design

Coming at the number 4th spot, we have the Orbweaver Chroma from Razer. It supports almost every type of operating system out there, so it has you covered whether you’re an IOS user or someone who likes to game on a typical window setup.

Besides that, it works ideally for any online title up to date. So, from PUBG to Apex Legends, you will be unstoppable.

Let’s check out some of the aspects which separate it from the rest.

              PROS                    CONS
It binds mechanical key switches with a good amount of actuationThis one-hand gaming keyboard lacks resistance toward liquids
Perfect for mac usersSome extent of driver issues
Hand-sized palm rest included 

5)  ENHANCE Gaming Keypad

ENHANCE Gaming Keypad single-handed keyboard


  • Intuitive design with an ergonomic wrist pad
  • Available in 7 colors of RGB LED lighting
  • Operates under fully functional membrane keys
  • 3-year limited warranty with the purchase
  • Dual programmable macros

Coming at just under $25, it packs decent features that set you up for a great gaming experience. This accessory won’t have the latest and greatest bells and whistles, but it won’t disappoint you for the price point!

6)  NPET T20 Gaming Keypad

NPET T20 Gaming Keypad


  • One-handed mechanical keyboard with a simplistic design
  • User-friendly controls with decent actuation
  • Equipped with Anti-slip feet for added precision
  • It utilizes standard 104 mechanical Keys
  • Up to 12 Multimedia Shortcuts

Finally, at the number 6 spot, we present you with the NPET T20 one-handed gaming keypad. You might’ve not heard about its name as it’s one of the latest models on the market. But trust me, it still has the potential to be included among the top-rated one-handed mechanical keyboard without any second thought.

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