Best one-handed Gaming keyboards of 2021

It can be deliberately said that;

One-handed mechanical keyboards or gaming keypads are specifically made for players who want to hone their skills to the next level, especially in competitive titles

When it comes to hardcore gaming, one of the vital components to any individual is undoubtedly the keyboard.

Now gaming keyboards themselves are available with a wide range of features and construction, making buying decisions quite complicated.

Some of them adopt wireless support, while others offer membrane coverage for smooth gameplay and accurate input. Conversely, one such category of gaming accessory is the single-handed keypad.

our top picked one-handed keyboards

It is the latest innovation in the industry that provides a compact, one-handed gaming experience.

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The great thing about these keypads is that they only utilize a single hand, allowing you not to move here and there and ultimately leading to precise shots.

Thus, if you are a Gamer who prefers to play online, you probably require a wireless one-handed keyboard to streamline your in-game motion. Or for typing work, see our top picked keyboards for typing.

With that said, here is our list of the top 6 best one-handed keyboards on the market.

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They are known for their performance, build quality, longevity, and budget, so no matter which option you go for, it won’t disappoint you. So, let us take a close look at them!

1)  Redragon K585 DITI

71C0QuZ2ijL. AC SL1500 - Best one-handed Gaming keyboards of 2021


·       One hand gaming keyboard with tactile keystrokes

·       Seven programmable macro keys included in its interface

·       5 RGB backlit modes for impressive illumination

·       Added support with detachable wrist rest

·       Convenient placement of USB port

One-handed keyboards gaming is explicitly designed for fast-paced gaming; however, most of the products out in the market are quite expensive for general consumers. On top of that, they lack the benefits of full-sized keyboards that are necessary to win any online game. However, that’s not the case with the Redragon K585 DITI.

It’s a fully functional mechanical gaming keypad that offers superb performance without any prominent loss. Whether it’s programmability, ergonomics, RGB customization, or added comfort, it got you covered. For this reason, we categorize it as the overall best gaming keyboard for single-handed users in 2021. Now, let’s look into some of the things which make Redragon K585 stand out from the competition.


Being a top-rated game keypad in 2021, the Redragon K585 DITI combines quality design with decent functionality & aesthetics. It features a slim yet highly portable body covering only the essential or action keys needed for hardcore gaming. This means you don’t have to indulge in clicking unnecessary inputs that take away the provided space and, ultimately, precision.

This top-of-the-line one-handed keyboard uses OUTEMU blue switches from Razor, which are iconic and audible in their function. They will provide you with that tactile feel while at the same time retaining any misclicks. Another cool thing about its assembly is that it offers an ergonomically stable USB Pass-Through Port. It is positioned in such a way that it won’t hinder your gameplay in the long run.


One of the things which we personally like about this keypad is its added customization. It is compatible with Razer software, so you can instantly tailor the rhythm of your gameplay and overall experience. It even lets you adapt light settings and other necessary macro functions, which is frustrating in most gaming keypads. Speaking of which, the Redragon K585 DITI comes equipped with up to 7 programmable macro keys.

Now you can set multiple commands to your profile and change them accordingly to the title without any hustle. Oh, and did I mention, this one-handed gaming keyboard 2021 also lets you RGB lighting. Depending on your preferences, you will get five different backlit modes that produce bright and everlasting visuals as you game.

              PROS                    CONS
Portable keypad for gaming with action keysIts macro keys are a bit far to reach
Equipped with a wrist restIrregularly shaped space bar
Plug and play support 

2)  Razer Tartarus v2

71r3ktfakgL. AC SL1500 - Best one-handed Gaming keyboards of 2021


·       It boasts innovative analog key switches

·       Robust ergonomics with tactile mechanical feedback

·       8-way directional Thumbpad for optimal level of control

·       Wide range of personalization

·       Console-oriented mechanics

If you are looking for a professional-looking one-handed keyboard and are serious about your gaming, you can’t go wrong picking the Razer Tartarus v2. It is among the best gaming keypads in 2021 that will definitely meet your expectations in the long run. From high-end ergonomics to tinted inputs and programmable key switches, it packs everything.

Besides that, the level of control it offers is on par with some of the premium full-featured keyboards on the market. This is one of the reasons why it’s praised on platforms like Reddit and accumulated thousands of positive reviews on Amazon. If you like Razor’s top-of-the-line products and want something exceptional, I highly recommend the Tartarus v2.


The Razor Tartarus v2 is the upgraded version of the Pro series with enhanced ergonomics and remarkable analog keys. Measuring 2.36 x 0.8 x 6 inches, it is undoubtedly a compact gaming peripheral with an intuitive design that will suit your online gaming needs. A quick glance at its build shows that it follows 19 keys that are arranged in a 5×4 casing. This arrangement resembles the left side of a traditional keyboard, giving you an edge over your competitors.

Additionally, Tartarus v2 uses performance-driven Mecha-membrane switches that are soft-cushioned and equipped with tactile feedback. You won’t feel dissatisfied no matter how often you use them. Another aspect of this best one-handed keyboard is the fact that its Thumbpad is tailored for console-oriented players with natural controls.


Razer Tartarus v2 is provided with 32 customizable inputs backed by mecha membrane switches, a quality D-pad, and an intuitive scroll wheel. This one-handed keyboard gives you the freedom to customize their inputs to any function you desire (incredibly complex functions). Whether you’re preparing for a deathmatch or simply looking to blast your way through any MMO, it got you covered.

Like Redragon K585, it benefits from Razer Chroma software support. This means that you can fully sync the RGB backlighting from over 16.8 million colors right off the bat. It even has an adjustable palm rest that can be set up in two different positions.

              PROS                    CONS
Soft membrane key switches that are quite durable & responsiveIt’s relatively expensive in 2021
Multi-directional ThumbpadRazer Chroma utility is not that straightforward
Adjustable backlit profiles 

3)  Logitech G13 One-handed Keyboard

81hTgnd037L. AC SL1500 - Best one-handed Gaming keyboards of 2021


·       Ergonomic one-handed keyboard with joystick

·       Onboard memory for saving game profiles in the long run

·       Equipped with 25 programmable function keys

·       Backed by an extra-long USB cable

·       Backlight customization

Gaming reviews are not appreciated unless you have a product from Logitech, right? If that’s the case, you will definitely appreciate the next game keypad on our list, which is the Logitech G13. So, as you know, Logitech is a renowned manufacturer known for producing high-end gaming gear. This particular product is their latest innovation that comes with a hefty price tag but offers quite a lot of bells and whistles at the backend.

It may not be your typical run-of-the-mill one-handed gaming keyboard because it is tailored exclusively for professional ESport gamers. That’s why from design to customization and versatility, it is quite exceptional. You won’t be disappointed once you have the G13 in your arsenal.


Logitech G13 is equipped with a contoured layout that will fit the needs of every type of gamer regardless of their handgrip and finger’s shape. For convenience, you can break apart this one-handed mechanical keyboard into four different components. Besides a standard wrist rest and keypad, it features a fully functional joystick as well as an analog-mini display. This integration justifies its price point as you can practice it on a gaming console without any hustle.

To separate it from the competition, Logitech has equipped this product with an explicit Game Panel LCD. This miniature display is prominent, which you can use to analyze in-game statistics or share messages with your fellow teammates in a Squad deathmatch.


This Logitech one-handed keyboard is deliberately made for long gaming sessions. You will absolutely praise its programmable options, which are at your reach in an instant without any compromise. Thanks to its onboard memory, it even gives the user the option to select one of the 5-game-ready profiles. Now you can tailor your gameplay as you desire. Moving further, this one-handed keyboard with joystick also has the option to customize LED backlighting.

However, keep in mind that it lacks any RGB setup, so you can only use this feature to suffice dim light conditions. Conversely, it comes equipped with a rubber base that stays stable for later use.

              PROS                    CONS
Contoured design for increased comfortSetting up this one-handed keyboard with a joystick is a bit complicated
Logitech one-handed keyboard with GamePanel LCDLack of RGB
Up to 25 programmable keys 

4)  Razer Orbweaver Chroma

715xMrB1x7L. AC SL1500 - Best one-handed Gaming keyboards of 2021


·       It comes equipped with a braided USB cable

·       Top of line Mechanical Switches with satisfying actuation

·       8-directional pad control for swift movement

·       Programmable RGB lighting with Chroma Software

·       Durable design

Coming at number 4th spot, we have the Orbweaver Chroma from Razer. The Orbweaver Chroma Keypad is another high-end one-handed accessory with a versatile and unique construction, which is generally a great deal for most gamers. It supports almost every type of operating system out there, so it has you covered whether you’re an IOS user or someone who likes to game on a typical window setup.

Besides that, it works ideally for any online title up to date. So, from PUBG to Apex Legends, you will be unstoppable. Let’s check out some of the aspects which separate it from the rest.


Besides providing high-end performance, the Orbweaver Chroma features a quality design with decent aesthetics. It is constructed through super-responsive keys that are pretty reliable and form minimal fluctuations throughout your online session. They will act seamlessly in those critical moments so you can track your enemy with precision.

Razer has also included their signature green switches within the Orbweaver Chroma. They operate under decent sound levels and give you that clicky mechanical feel as you game. In addition to that, Razer provides you with the option to change the look of your keyboard through their RGB Lighting. Use their Razer synapse feature and set preferred profiles for your keypad!


Like some of the premium models on our list, the Razer Orbweaver is quite packed when it comes to customization. It is provided with 30 Mechanical Keys, which are fully programmable along with their macro functions so you can get the most out of your buck. Besides that, it includes an intuitive thumbpad that is multi-direction in usage. This is an important aspect for any console player looking to strengthen their grip.

Some might not like this feature at all, but if you are into it, it’s a great purchase. Other than that, there is an adjustable palm rest along with the packaging. It will minimize your wrist hindrance so you can move precisely.

              PROS                    CONS
It binds mechanical key switches with a good amount of actuationThis one-hand gaming keyboard lacks resistance toward liquids
Perfect for mac usersSome extent of driver issues
Hand-sized palm rest included 

5)  ENHANCE Gaming Keypad

71qI8PnZmcL. AC SL1500 - Best one-handed Gaming keyboards of 2021


·       Intuitive design with an ergonomic wrist pad

·       Available in 7 colors RGB LED lighting

·       Operates under fully functional membrane keys

·       3-year limited warranty with the purchase

·       Dual programmable macros

One-handed gaming keypads come in different formats; however, finding a budget-oriented model is not always easy. Due to their compact design and other pro-gaming-oriented features, they come with a hefty price tag, making it frustrating for a budget consumer. However, there are still game keypads like ENHANCE that don’t break the bank and at the same time deliver exceptional performance.

Coming at just under $25, it packs decent features that set you up for a great gaming experience. This accessory won’t have the latest and greatest bells and whistles, but it won’t disappoint you for the price point!


ENHANCE Gaming keypad adopts an ergonomic design that is accompanied by a comfy wrist rest. It’s built with water-resistive materials and provides necessary drainage holes so you won’t have to worry about spilling your drinks over it. Even after long hours of gaming sessions, using this one-handed keyboard won’t induce strain on your fingers. Just choose the angle which suits you best and take down your opponents.  

Another cool thing about its assembly is the availability of a braided USB cable. It is quite flexible in construction so that you can feel as if you’re using a wireless one-handed keyboard. However, adjust it first if you plan on using it frequently.


The thing that makes the ENHANCE Gaming keypad a suitable contender for the best one-handed keyboards is its RGB lighting. Like many other premium keypads, it allows you to choose from seven dynamic colors as well as two intuitive backlight effects. So, now you can customize the look of your setup and get ahead of your competition. Other than the LEDs, you can also customize the individual key functions of this one-handed accessory.

It lets you experiment with custom macros so you can personalize your in-game experience. Now the programmable keys aren’t that many, which will disappoint most users. But for the price point, we can’t complain much.  

              PROS                    CONS
Great for playing FPS gamesThis one-handed keyboard isn’t that durable
Adjustable macrosIt lacks some high-end features
Easily programmable RGB 

6)  NPET T20 Gaming Keypad

NPET T20 One handed Gaming keyboard - Best one-handed Gaming keyboards of 2021


·       One-handed mechanical keyboard with simplistic design

·       User-friendly controls with decent actuation

·       Equipped with Anti-slip feet for added precision

·       It utilizes standard 104 mechanical Keys

·       Up to 12 Multimedia Shortcuts

Finally, at the number 6 spot, we present you with the NPET T20 one-handed gaming keypad. You might’ve not heard about its name as it’s one of the latest models on the market. But trust me, it still has the potential to be included among the top-rated one-handed mechanical keyboard without any second thought. It features a simplistic design along with the ability to adapt endless commands at your fingertips.

Besides that, it’s backed by plug-and-play support, so you won’t have to spend hours setting it up for the first time. NPET T20 is truly a remarkable model that I highly recommend for an immersive gaming experience.


Similar to ENHANCE gaming pad, the NPET T20 is a budget-oriented product that adopts a beginner-friendly design with responsive keycaps. Even at a low price point, its keys are multi-coated with laser carvings, so they can last a bit longer without fading away. On top of that, the keys associated with NPET T20 are resistant to sweat and offer decent crystal-clear feedback. So, whether you’re going for your final kill or suppressing enemy fire, it’s ready for action!

Gaming peripherals are hardly useful unless they have support for external stress. As that’s the case, then you will definitely praise this one-handed keyboard as it comes with an intuitive palm rest that is nowhere near being sturdy. Conversely, it doesn’t matter whether you use this peripheral for your left or right hand, as it offers support for both.


This keypad provides its users with 38 programmable keys and multiple macros to tackle the different genres of games. Binding multiple commands in NPET T20 is hustle-free, and you can activate them within mere seconds. Another great thing about this model is that all the programmable keys are located while considering high-end gaming needs. You will be able to access them along the rear end and get the desired results.

              PROS                    CONS
It features a standard mechanical layoutIts space bar lacks a mechanical feel
Adjustable 8-color LED backlightingLimited customization
Large yet comfortable palm rest 

Factors To Consider When Buying the Best One-Handed Keyboard In 2021  

H0cf41b7f01be4432b256b88b13eb2804E - Best one-handed Gaming keyboards of 2021

Like any other gaming gear, buying a one-handed keypad is not that straightforward, and there is often a criterion in choosing the best one out of the bunch. Things like design, setup, features and comfortability can make or break your gaming immersion, so you have to put a bit of thought into it before residing on a single product. Following things are necessary while purchasing a gaming keypad;

Type of Keys

The first and foremost thing you need to look for in a one-handed keyboard is the Key Type that it adopts. Now, generally speaking, in terms of gaming keypads, you will find them either in the membrane or mechanical formats. The debate between the best of them is quite tiresome, but to summarize it quickly, mechanical key switches offer some sort of physical resistance as you push them down. Besides that, they tend to generate a bit of noise, which can be helpful, especially if you are playing FPS titles.

On the other hand, membrane key switches are much squishier in construction, and you don’t have to provide them with much force in order to activate it. That’s why they are great for someone looking for tactile feedback in their gameplay. So, all in all, decide first which one will suit you the best before buying a one-handed keyboard.


To be frank, the greater your device’s programmability, the higher your chances of taking down your competition, especially if you plan on playing multiple genres of games. That’s why we recommend that you choose a keypad that can customize its macro keys. If it does include extra hotkeys or even a joystick, then it’s a plus, but for most gamers, the ability to program essential keys is a must, and your gaming pad should have one!

Ergonomics & Size

Additionally, you need to check whether the device you are selecting can give you an ergonomic feel or not. Does its size properly fit your palm, and will your fingers feel comfortable while using it later down the road. A great game keypad has a solid build that can easily withstand wear and tear, so the gear you are choosing should be accustomed to it.

Another thing in this regard is the overall aesthetic. Not only should it feel premium, but it also should look prominent. So, try to look for things like EGB backlighting and effects as well.


So that concludes our list for the best one-handed keyboards in 2021. To summarize it in a few sentences, the best product we have tested so far is probably the Redragon K585 DITI. It’s a high-end keypad accompanying almost all the features you need to kick start your gaming venture. From programmable macros to detachable wrist rest, it does have it all. Conversely, for budget consumers, models like ENHANCE Gaming Keypad are also worth the shot. It doesn’t compete directly with K585 DITI but still provides decent performance. Let me know which one-handed keyboard with joystick feels best for you down below!


Q1, What exactly is a one-handed mechanical keyboard?

For those who haven’t heard about it yet, a one-handed mechanical keyboard is a type of gaming peripheral that comes in a compact casing and contains only limited action keys compared to traditional full-sized models. This way, you won’t have to move your hand around much and take an edge over your competition.

Q2, Should I choose a keyboard or a keypad?

In terms of Keypad vs. Keyboard, both are suited for modern gaming. However, if you are a left-handed user and want key functions in a small setup, then keypad gaming is a must. 

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